Bratty, stupid male children are going to kill us all.

“Your all pusseys i have the right to protect my family. Ypu can keep being faggots and ill keep my guns.”

— Some guy I hung out with in high school in a Facebook comment thread about gun control (quoted without permission)

Yet another angry white man has made his frustrated sense of entitlement the public’s problem. Whatever “motive” the police ultimately release to the media to explain Stephen Paddock’s decision to shoot over 500 people at a music festival in Las Vegas last week won’t touch upon the actual reason he or any of the other violent men that hold the world hostage behave the way they do.

Before I get into what that actual reason is, let’s have a look around. Who is in charge of the world and its governing institutions? Outside of Rwanda and Bolivia, no nation on Earth is governed by a legislative majority of women, and even in those two countries, a man holds the presidency. Globally, in nations with parliamentary systems, women hold an average of twenty percent of those seats. In the US, women hold 19.4 percent of congressional seats and 21 percent of senate seats. We’ve yet to see a female president, despite the fact that several nations most Americans would consider “backward” when it comes to women’s rights (India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Ecuador, the Philippines, Mozambique, Liberia, Jamaica, and — again — Rwanda) have had female heads of state (though even they were stymied by male legislatures in all but one case).

Note that nowhere in this world aside from the Rwandan or Bolivian parliaments do women hold enough seats to get in the way of a male majority. In fact, men hold a supermajority of 60% or more of the parliamentary posts in every nation in the world but twelve out of 195 (Rwanda, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, Senegal, South Africa, and Sweden). I don’t suppose I need to inform anyone of what role women play in non-parliamentary/autocratic governments.

Even the UN, which is ostensibly focused on the inclusion of women in world governance, can only muster about a third of General Assembly seats with women in them. Among the major corporations based in G7 nations (the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy), 39% operate without a single woman in upper management, while women make up only 22% of upper management among the firms in those nations in which they are represented. And that’s after decades of campaigning that shamed them into allowing a few women upstairs.

Tokens aside, this is a man’s world, which is painfully obvious to every woman in it.

So, who are these “men” who run the world as they see fit? Are they gun-licking conservative Christians who believe women ought to be jailed for aborting fetuses? Yes. Are they gun-licking Islamic fundamentalists who hope to destroy as many people as possible before ascending to a heaven in which the population is made up of a miraculous 72 (suddenly willing) virgin females per male? Yes. Are they gun-licking vodka-swillers who believe domestic violence ought to be legal and long for the days when they mattered in the geopolitical order? Yes. Are they gun-licking rocket enthusiasts who do whatever the fuck North Koreans do with their days? Yes. Are they gun-licking, pillow-fucking, fedora-wearing nascent school shooters who spend their days issuing death threats online because women aren’t DTF on demand? Yes. (Even these cretins have somehow emerged as a political force that can’t be ignored anymore.)

But they’re also your dad, husband, brother, cousin, friend, neighbor, and cat trainer. The problem is, even most of the men who aren’t completely insane and reside closer to Tom Brady than Peyton Manning on the asshole scale (hey, it’s NFL season) end up throwing their lot in with other men when pressed, because men trust other men to represent their interests more than they trust women to. That’s because very few men can imagine a world in which women — given the reigns of power — wouldn’t seek vicious revenge on men for what they do to women. That says more about their behavior than ours, but it’s their reality, whether subconscious or not.

How did men get this way? Let’s leave biology aside and assume this is a nurture rather than a nature-derived problem (if only for the purposes of avoiding openly pushing for a mass culling). The cult of masculinity spans cultures and geographical boundaries. The specifics may be culturally situated, but in most cultures in the world, that cult urges boys to voice their opinions, to take up space, to impose themselves on the world, and to refuse to take no for an answer, even if it requires violence. Popular media teaches boys that assuming such a role will result in an embarrassment of material wealth and the poontang that flocks thereto. Men’s emotional development ends when they fail to move beyond the cult’s confines, which means we’re all surrounded by entitled children who are angry and have access to weapons.

This isn’t a problem that’s limited to the US. Our culture industries have coated the globe in media (action movies, video games, porn) that — while the shitty jokes may not compute — manage to teach the message that one becomes a man by fucking and either shooting a bunch of people or convincing everyone that you might. The pockets of the globe in which this violent cult of masculinity does not hold sway are infinitesimal and shrinking.

Here in the US, where we hold the patent on this globalized vision of masculinity, we’re seeing it play itself out to its bloody, gruesome conclusion. A huge generation of boys raised on violent porn, SSRIs, and first-person shooters is coming of age and realizing that a resume comprised of Call of Duty stats and a sick collection of unopened, limited edition energy drinks doesn’t bring in the babes. And they’re fucking PISSED.

Not all men are this guy:


But not all of them aren’t. In fact, I’d surmise that thoughts like these lurk beneath the beards of most male feminists and more than 95 percent of the general male population worldwide.

It isn’t as if I haven’t written before about an adult brat killing a bunch of people because he didn’t get his way, but it’s only gotten worse and looks like it’s leading the species off a cliff. People like ol’ “nasolabial folds” (who I’m sure would bro down with Elliot Rodger were he still with us) above have elected Donald Trump to usher us through one of the tensest periods in modern history, and the result is as terrifying as everyone predicted.

While earnest dorks stop elderly men in Army Veteran hats to pat them on the dick for their “service,” then bop over to the gun shop to pick up a bump stock for their AR-15 before heading home to jack off to a swastika and anime “tiddies,” their God Emperor is leading the world toward a nuclear war and the next Stephen Paddock is planning how to exercise his Second Amendment “rights” on Jason Aldean fans (contrary to what most people think I believe, bad taste in music shouldn’t be punishable by death).

Several optimistic journalists have argued that Trump’s presidency and the epidemic of mass violence are the “death rattle” of white male supremacy. I’d be jazzed if they’re right, but I doubt that white men will go down (i.e., accept anything other than a position at the top of a hierarchy ordered by their whims) without taking the rest of us with them, which is what I’d bet all of Dennis Rodman’s Potcoin will turn out to have been Paddock’s* motive. This right here is what the cult of masculinity and the worship of male violence leads to: the end of the fucking world.

I suppose we could all move to Rwanda or Bolivia, but that seems logistically problematic.

 *Even if you believe any of the many conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting, my argument still holds. (Unless you’re treading into new territory in which feminists are carrying out mass shootings to make men look bad.)



18 thoughts on “Bratty, stupid male children are going to kill us all.

  1. Are you still a socialist? Marx said gun control is reactionary. How will we overthrow the ruling class and make a better social order with a working class that does not have access to weapons and the enforcers of the bourgeois state and gangs monopolize access to weaponry?


    1. I guess I’m still a socialist (though I’m not very hopeful about the prospect of socialism succeeding). I’m not arguing that guns are the problem, but rather the culture of male violence that sustains the weapons industry.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re back! Amazing post as always. I’m hope things are going better for you.

    I am trying to think of a response to add something to the conversation, but for now I’ll just say this: women, for the most part, have always tried. We have always tried to help men and to lift men up to a higher purpose than being an abusive psycho. Even non-feminist women have told me that they do everything they can to raise their sons right and that they want their sons to turn out better than their fathers (I believe them because everyone has a stake in not having a potential murderer under their roof). Feminist women get involved in feminism not just because we want equal rights, but also because we want to see men become human beings that are capable of refraining from harming women, children, and other men.

    Women have always tried and tried and tried and we’ve gave and gave and gave; all to have our best efforts thrown back into our collective faces. Men hate women – they hate their mothers, their wives, their girlfriends, their female friends (if they are capable of having female friends) and their female co-workers. Men have rewarded the women in their lives with contempt, ridicule, disdain, and abusive indifference to our suffering. There are also the anti-feminist men who have done nothing but respond to feminist efforts with harassment, threats, accusations of “pussifying” them, and taking away their “right” to stick their dick into anyone whenever they want, even if consent is under dubious circumstances.

    Disgusting male-centric trends like the “alt-right” and other manosphere MANifestations have revealed that there is no level too low to sink, no price too high to pay, and no amount of gaslighting and lies too repugnant to stoop to as long as men win and feminism loses. To add insult to injury, men will then turn around and tell us that we didn’t try hard enough or “do enough” to achieve equal rights, even though they were right there in our way preventing any and all attempts to do so in the first place. In other words, they KNOW they are doing whatever they can to stop us and make us miserable every fucking step of the way, making any tiny move toward progress like pulling teeth or having a root canal.

    It is clear to me, more than ever, that if men are capable of changing then the only way that will happen is if men choose to do it on their own. It is clear they aren’t going to listen to us. Unfortunately anyone who has been in a toxic relationship knows that there has to come a point when you throw your hands up and admit that person is too fucked up to keep trying. IMO that is where we’re all at in Patriarchy except it’s a worldwide problem with nowhere to run. Women are stuck in horrible relationships with men, whether those relationships are working, academic, romantic, political, or otherwise.

    I wish I could be less doom-and-gloom, but I think it’s important to document the fact that women have always tried and men always tried to destroy every effort we made. Men are paranoid gynophobes that assume the worst about women no matter what we do. There’s nothing we can do about man-babies taking over the world because men themselves decided that women didn’t deserve the political and financial power necessary to “do something” about it. Men have only ever made the concentrated effort to maintain total and power and control, therefore, they’re the only ones who can take full credit for the world being the shithole that it is.

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  3. I still think that there’s something women can do – namely, nothing – for men, that is. Do radically, absolutely nothing for men. As we can see from Meg’s comment, trying and trying and giving and giving has made things much worse. Not merely no better, but much worse. That is because it channels LOTS AND LOTS of positive female energy into the male organism, which converts it into negative energy with which it then abuses, breaks down and savages females. It’s even a law of physics – energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed in form. They use women’s own energy, changed in form, against women. As a matter of fact, women’s energy is the only energy they have. They have none of their own. Men both are and are not like cars. Like cars, if you don’t fill them with gas (energy) they’re not going anywhere. However, once you fill a car with gas you can get into it and drive it where YOU want, but with men, once you fill them with “gas” (energy), they go where THEY want.
    The other part of women putting so much energy into males is that females, especially when they are children and most need it, don’t get enough. The raising of girls is just not sufficient as it is, even when a lot is done. A study of men and women asking for raises from their employers found that the men were a lot more forceful in asking for what they wanted than the women. Women are not inherently less “forceful” than men. The reason they come out that way is that they are not “fed” enough in terms of time, energy and attention while growing up, by either parents or the society, which actively saps girls energy. In order to “feed” girls enough energy to actually WIN against males and destroy patriarchy, women would have to invest their parental time, attention and energy almost exclusively in girls, not leaving much, if any, time for boys. (Girls also need women more for other reasons, such as, briefly, that we are the only ones they have to look to to see how to live as a woman in the world.) Boys, on the other hand, I was told, are done violence to by not identifying with the project of nurturing (as it is almost all done only by women), so if men were to become the exclusive nurturers of their own sex, and do it well, it would be a great and happy outcome for men and boys. Win-win.

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    1. This is possible.
      My father worked overseas while my mother ran the family business and raised me and my younger brother. Gender roles were not enforced so my brother witness me being a geeky tomboy.

      As an adult he has the up most respect for women that if I tell me him women are the dominant sex, he will agree wholeheartedly. He constantly tells me how men and their actions disgust him and he doesn’t understand their toxic masculinity. He was raised by very strict mother too. Now he is successful in what he does, lives on his own and currently looking a girlfriend with similar views and prefers the women to show her true side rather than comform to feminine stereotypes.

      Man-babies will call him a pussy but my mother raised a strong son who strongly supports women being strong and I choose right with my husband who always wanted a daughter than a son cause he too, raised in a household of strong women and his father being the basic man child shithead example of toxic masculinity, he prefers to have a daughter so he can teach to fight and be strong and capable to support and protect herself.

      I believe I have living examples of men who seen the damage of toxic man children and examples of women who are strong and grew up with a completely different mindset that the norm.

      I think families need a women as the head of a stable household that have male and female children and have no gender roles in that family. It can possibly raise a proper man and not these man-babies having tantrums across the fucking globe.

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  4. Nice quote there, ND. That sums up the entire problem, doesn’t it? Anything less than being a life support system for a gun is being a “pussy” and we all know how “pussies” are somehow inferior to being a dick.
    To respond to the issue of socialization, I wonder if anyone has considered the possibility that it’s women who are being socialized for submission while men are emboldened to be whatever they want to be, whether they want to be a sensitive painter or a mass shooter.
    No matter what a man does with his life, he is rewarded for being male. It doesn’t matter if he’s a nerd, a steroid pumped jock, a slick businessman/con artist, or a politician. Men are rewarded for simply existing while women are rewarded by how well we serve Patriarchy and submit to male power. The value of a male is unconditional. People will find something nice to say about a man even if he’s a genocidal tyrant (happy Columbus day?). Women, on the other hand, are disposable. Women have to walk on eggshells and a tightrope made of razer blades lest we be punished for stepping one inch out of line.
    People literally worship males and maleness, but I’m not convinced it has anything to do with masculinity. While it’s true that men pressure other men to be less masculine, that doesn’t translate into men having less political representation, less pay, or overall less influence in society. Men get away with sexism, abuse, rape, and murder whether or not they perform masculinity. Doubly so if they are rich, white, or otherwise hold status among other males.
    In sum: men are babies partly because they are coddled by society and rewarded for breathing. If men are emotionally stunted it is because they are used to doing whatever they want and never being challenged about it. Men are not only free to be who they are, they are given the power to police women’s behavior as harshly as they want, making it all the more likely they become sadists who get off on women’s suffering. As a result, men have become violent nightmares and are dangerous.

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  5. “earnest dorks stop elderly men in Army Veteran hats to pat them on the dick for their “service,”

    Fuck you’re funny. I’m cracking up at work while I’m supposed to be, you know. Working.

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    1. I know, I loved this, too. I actually had a neighbor stand in my dining room and wait for me to “thank him for his service.” That would have been a freezing day in hell. I’m glad I didn’t know I was expected to pat him on his dick as well. I have to go now and puke my guts out.

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  6. Yes, they may well kill us all. As a preventative measure, I wonder sometimes if men should just take a lot of psychedelics. That would seem to me, a good way for them to forget about their mega-galactic egos for even a few precious moments. Then again, my experience is that they come back as even bigger assholes than before tripping on LSD, or shrooms, or what have you. Steve Jobs was a great example of that, what with his experimentation phase in India. Sadly, there are still people out there who think he was the Messiah. What a horrible waste of acid!

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    1. Hunter S. Thom(p)son, anyone? Isn’t he the like the golden god of Fear-and-Loathing-idolizing, uninspired male wannabe losers and unlimited dudebro quotation source? To me, he just sounds insufferable in every possible way, and of course, probably a latent or not-so-latent woman-hater.

      Other than that, brilliant article. It hits the nail on the head and precisely and articulately sums up everything spot-on. Thank you for that. Thank you thank you thank you!!

      I would also like to add that there actually might be somewhere to run to. Sisterhood IS powerful. Female bonding, it seems to become clear, might be a huge untapped and crazy powerful resource for all of us.
      Nothing in the whole world can ever, ever come close to the comfort a woman can give you about a shared experie of say, sexual assault or even rape. Nothing. Ever.
      While this might be nothing new, the idea of us women having the same sense of community and support as males do in this world, the same sense of safety and take-what-you-want, do-what-you-want attitude, to me seems unfathomable – Because every record we might have of it today, from some misty pre-patriarchal time, of course would tell of a very different societal foundation that can hardly be compared to any of what we live in today.

      Yet on the other hand, the internet and feminism have made it possible for women’s collective rage, frustration, strength, comfort, humiliation and distress to be acknowledged all over the world in a way and on a scale, and, imho more importantly, with a whole new matter of course, that has never been there before.
      This feels like a glimpse of how the invincible god-mode that has been sticking males together since the dawn of entitlarchy, might feel while walking this earth. Only within women, it feels more refined. More apt. Nicer.

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  7. The most violent places on the planet are places where women are the most disenfranchised or completely absent (For example, the Middle East under Taliban control and male prisons) so I am unsure about the thesis that women trying to help men makes matters worse. I think our temperaments along side male temperaments actually help to decrease male violence. I believe that without us, men would devolve into complete barbarians. THAT SAID, I do not think that we should continue to put our energy into men. If all women took their energy back from men we could use it to organize and create a better world.

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  8. Great article. Nothing to add except some applause at this succinct summary:
    “A huge generation of boys raised on violent porn, SSRIs, and first-person shooters is coming of age and realizing that a resume comprised of Call of Duty stats and a sick collection of unopened, limited edition energy drinks doesn’t bring in the babes. And they’re fucking PISSED.”
    NAILED. IT. Scary, depressing and hilarious – well done, love your word wizardry!
    Actually, I do have one thing to add: I feel like there should be more convo about how SSRI’s increase rates of violence – both suicidality AND homicidality. With SSRI’s being prescribed like candy, it’s not surprising that violent outbursts are on the rise…of course, cheeto-head Trump ruling the land only fuels the fire.

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