The US Hates Women More Than Rapists

I’ve had an item on my to-do list since January that read “get domain mapping fixed for RATM” that I have scooted around on my calendar until this morning, when it became clear that I couldn’t continue to assume that the surge in feminist discourse in the mainstream media meant I could leave it up to others and go about my own personal business.

I’m REAL angry right now. I need time to formulate my thoughts and decide what I want to say about the future. Let’s talk about it in comments, though. Posts to come shortly.

18 thoughts on “The US Hates Women More Than Rapists

  1. Please oh please stop reducing this to identity politics. Most registered democrats stayed home because the party didn’t give them a candidate worth voting for, the party’s been hemorrhaging supporters for a while now, and all because of their rightwards drift. Their base is evaporating because they’ve transformed into the Neoliberal Republican Lite party.

    We’re not getting anywhere until we admit the party is basically a bag of dicks. The repubs are bigger dicks, absolutely, but who can blame voters for sitting out, or going third party, when it’s all become one big dick swinging festival. Really great to see you back again, btw!

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    1. White men invented identity politics when they chose to write the Constitution for themselves and exclude everyone else including white women. So bite me with your identity politics speech.

      I guarantee that when 2020 rolls around, white males will turn out in droves to vote for a white male centrist running under a Democrat ticket. All the huffing and puffing about progressive policy was a bunch of lying hot air, they didn’t mean even one single word of it, They just moved the goal posts so they would have an excuse not to vote for Hillary. But most of us aren’t stupid – we know it was 100% sexist bullshit from start to finish.

      You had a choice between Trump and preserving the basic human rights of several demographics. You chose to sell out human rights. I have nothing kind to say to you.


      1. I agree one hundred percent. Thank you, Meg.

        Just like “Hillary is a murderer so I won’t vote for her”, “Nasty woman”, “I have nothing against a woman president, just not her”(lies). All misogynist bullshit.

        Most of this country prefers a rapist reality show billionaire to having someone without a precious dick in the white house. They should just rename the country the United States of Penis Worship. You either have one, worship at least one person with one, or both. If you do none of the above and refuse to be a smiling fuck doll and/or nurturer of little penises/future penis pleasers, you will be considered persona non grata, and often even unemployable.

        I hate this world.


    1. That’s exactly how I feel. Stopped watching the news immediately. None of my hard work every mattered. Common sense doesn’t matter. Human decency doesn’t matter. Merit or qualifications don’t matter. Human status doesn’t matter. Pedophilia doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is white dick and only white dick.

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  2. I’ve thought about this a lot. Some of Trump’s popularity of course is due to his progressive stance on globalization (he seems to want a better relationship with Russia and work Syria to contain religious jihadi :”freedom fighters”,) unfortunately there is also a huge misogynist , circle-jerk mentality that I think contributed in no large part to his popularity. You can see the same attitudes that Trump holds towards women splattered all across the internet and social media and the saddest thing is that it was not limited to republicans.. This,, his completely repulsing attitude, (harassment, bullying) of women and his conservative , ideologically patriarchal tendencies (pro-life, anti-lesbian) is why I ultimately threw all of my momentum behind Hillary. I saw this coming from a mile away and am still extremely disgusted. that this piece of shit gets the satisfaction of having harassed and bullied his way into office. I plan to burn or/and hang an American flag upside down on my property sometime today. Just so others around me know that I am here and will not be cowed into silence. Thank you so much for speaking out! may I suggest a twitter/youtube channel ? We need as many voices as possible. We need you! Thank you again, for speaking out in this climate!


  3. I am so glad you’re back and posting. I love your mind and your spirit. We need to come together NOW like never before. We need to stop that fucker by any means possible.


  4. White women and particularly ‘white feminists’ have been the boogeyman on so many self-proclaimed progressive sites that Hillary’s loss doesn’t surprise me as much as it should. They are also blaming women in general for not doing our part to ensure Trump was kept out. Even women consider women fitting scapegoats when things don’t go our way. Nice.

    Aside from that – men hate women. This is the one constant that has remained unwavering throughout time. The USA in particular has been coasting on the illusion of a progressive nation, but for over 200 years still can not deign to ‘allow’ a woman to run the country? Hillary’s loss was a particularly devastating blow to women who are now overtly reminded that we are considered little more than an inherently incompetent sub-human species no matter how qualified.


  5. I’ve been checking this blog every week since I discovered it in 2014. Your posts mean a lot to me and I am really glad to see you back! I hope you are happy.


  6. I have been checking this site every week since 2014 when I discovered it. I am really, really glad to see a post! Your posts mean a lot to me.


  7. I am much saddened to see that even today, as your world is descending into chaos right in front of your very eyes in absolutely every aspect, Human Females are still talking about pointless male things such as “politics”, “identities”, “economy”, “parties” and whatnot. I absolutely, genuinely mean no disrespect at all to any of my beloved Sisters anywhere in Life, quite the contrary, but if you truly desire change, it is time you CREATE it. Destruction is the only way. You need to cleanse the shit out of your world, dear Human Females. Waste not your time in the distractive strategies the males are using to keep you blinded, waste not your Goddess energy into discriminating each other, participating in the male system, the “man-chine” as you have brilliantly titled this blog. Forget about “patriotism”, “countries”, “cultures”, “nationality”, “races”, “colours”. They are yet other mind-control tools used by your parasites (the males of course) to keep you distracted whilst they literally suck you off of your Goddess energy. We are Females; We are the Infinite Goddess; we need not be reduced to measly male titles and categories.

    Men hate Women, and it goes far deeper than most Women realise. Men are truly, deeply, spiritually, existentially, extremely jealous of Females’ capacity for Creation, not in the pregnancy-related type of Creation, but in our very Goddess Essence; we are Creators. We manipulate Light herself and are able to tear and create effortlessly through the illusory fabric of timespace, creating Infinite Worlds, Creatures, and Beauty. One need not be savvy in quantum physics to understand and see that Life is Eternal, Infinite Love between Females, and that men themselves are just Females whom have lost touch with their Goddessly selves. When the HELL are you going to wake up hoomans? I won’t be there for thousands of years to remind you of this; one day the Angels will get freaking sick of you and will just destroy this whole world altogether, making your evolution more painful than ever, if not impossible! Wake the shit up already!!! It is so ridiculously simple! Right in front of your distracted asses!

    Sorry for the little rant, but am I sick of the slowness of the pace this world is going at! I could have literally incarnated 10 billions of times, awakened trillions upon trillions of other Beings to their Infinite Femaleness, and this world would still be as stuck as it is now. Reclaim your Goddesshood NOW or be raped for another few thousand years! Kick the past behind you, throw everything the man-chine have ever taught you into the trash, where it belongs. Reconnect with Yourselves, and other Women, look WITHIN and find the Female Warrior Spirit and WIELD YOUR WEAPONS! Destroy this male world to the core! All of it! Transcend it ALL! Or you know, sit on your asses, wait for a pole shift and restart with males by your side…AGAIN. It is entirely your choice, and no one will cosmically judge or shun you for your choices; We just hope for our Human Sisters to make the most Beautiful choice, to create an Intelligent World free of ugly machines and stupid parasites; as We must all eventually evolve within our own path.

    If you do not resonate with picking up your arms and going to war, don’t worry, We all have our role to play in the Game, and I wish the best for all of Us. <3

    My best regards to You all~


  8. Feminist spend way too much time on trying to please men and trying to convince them that we are equal. This is a total waste of time. Men will never give up their privilege not for us not for anyone.

    Men are a cancer. Trying to negotiate with cancer will not make it go away. Cancer must be destroyed. Male supremacy must complete eradicated.

    Feminists often talk about problems this cancer is causing us in way too political terms for fear of offending men.
    first we must get rid of all politeness towards these vile parasites.
    then in stead of just discussing the problem we need to discuss possible solutions. By continually discussing solutions this can eventually lead to these solutions being implemented.


  9. Ok this is my tenth time this past week checking for more comments. Why aren’t more women posting here? Do women as a group really have so little sense of self that they do not take this sanctioned- by- the -people ant-abortion, predator in chief as a personal affront? If the shoe were on the other foot men would be forming militias right now I can guarantee you. Remember how they criticize and did their best to discredit/degrade Clinton’s every move/cough/outfit/existence?! That’s what this is really all about ; women like us who take power for themselves really are not supposed to exist as far as they are concerned. We need to network with each other the way that men do, and attack and discredit mra viewpoints/ misogynist men in positions of power as relentlessly as they tar and smear ANY woman in a position of power. We need not worry about stooping to their level as taking the high ground has not worked anyway. We need not give concern to being “civil” as there is literally NOTHING WE COULD DO THAT WOULD CAUSETHEM TO VIEW US IN A WORSE LIGHT.THEY ALREADY PORTRAY US A S IRRREDEEMABLE WOULD-BE MALE EXUCUTIONERS ANY WAY SO ITS BEST NOT TO KOWTOW TO DEMANDS FROM THE MAINSTREAM THAT FEMINISTS BE CIVIL IN THIER DISCOURSE ANYWAY. They attribute killallwhitemem# and lectures about the violence of “misgendering” to feminists as a whole and they couldn’t give a shit less about the finer distinctions between more traditional radfeminism and libfems and libfem -supported causes when they are trying to deliberately discredit us. There is an mra by the name of Milo Yiannopolous ( wtiter for many articles featured in Steve Banonn’s newsite breitbart) that regularly blames everything from the islamization of Europe, trans using female bathrooms, and violent blm activists on feminism. He also likes to tar all feminists (and any woman he does not like) as dykes and is greeted with uproarious laughter from his mostly male audience. Funnily enough even though he is often tarred as a racist he never uses the word nigger when disparaging blacks because he knows if he did he would not be able to claim the moral high ground when attacked but he love slinging slurs at lesbians who, (in his eyes) are responsible for all of the ills of the world.While people openly condemn his racism I ear nothing about his arguably worse disparagement and borderline harassment that he reserves solely for women. Where is GLAAD to condemn his lesbophobia? Apparently feminists are supposed to be wringing our hands over the possibility of gay boys offing themselves over being called a faggot but when a man with a microphone is calling lesbians dykes and telling us to “suck a dick you’ll be happier” suddenly all I hear is crickets. This is where being quiet and “civil” about our own concerns got us. No. The time for civility is over We should all protest all mra lectures at college campuses from now on and with force if necessary. Remember, even a white nationalist mra like Milo won’t use the word “nigger” because they know that it is a prelude to attack, but they feel comfortable enough to make “jokes” about” bitches” and “dykes” on stage because they all know that if we react aggressively no one will defend our actions instead it will be taken as a vindication of their beliefs that we are all violent angry man -haters and no one will come to our aid. Instead people will tell us we deserved the abuse and tell us to deal with I, to “take it.” That is what this is really about they want to make a show of force and put us in our place they want to be able to say anything and for us to just have to “bend over and take it. They want to be able to provoke us in a way they would never dream of doing with any other minority group. No. Enough is enough. It’s time we made our own show of force. Its time they are forced to listen to us. It’s time we make them just “take it” whether they want to or not.


  10. I am an 18 year old girl living in New Delhi and I have spent most of my life in Uttar Pradesh which is a state where in some districts girls are made to live in seperate sheds when they are menstruating and girls NEVER dare to venture out once it is dark as it is certain that you’ll be harmed. Simply by virtue of being a girl my life is a veritable chamber of horrors and my family and friends despise me talking about feminism or simply pointing out discrimination based on gender. Compared to other girls I am hugely privileged and constitute the well off 10% of the population. My best friends mother was coerced into aborting 10 female foetus when she used to live in Bihar and when she moved to New Delhi and gave birth to another girl after having two daughters her husbands family made her strangle the baby with her hands. Since I am a middle class teenager living in Delhi hence I suffer from both ancient Indian patriarchal forms of oppression AND the overt objectification of women and a pornified pop culture brought in thanks to globalisation. This double whammy of oppression has obviously affected me deeply and people around me are mainly annoyed by me saying anything and my asshole classmates tell me that they will do something to “set me right” and I don’t think ther can be anything worse than being a young girl in North India. If I scream at my brother for beating me up he asks me “Why are you screaming so loudly I haven’t raped you”. So I know this is a very sad consolation but if you ever get really frustrated with your life remember at least you’re not a feminist in India.


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