And the award for Worst Blogger of All Time goes to…

Sorry, y’all. I’m undergoing an ideological shift and I’m busy studying for orals. I’ll write soon, I promise. I won’t promise that what I write will make any sense.

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  1. You were sorely missed. Tell us more about your ideological shift. I assume it’s not too drastic and that you did not turn into a funfem or joined an MRA?


      1. “Sporenda – You got me. I’ve become an MRA. Stay tuned for a post on why women are all whores who lack credibility.”

        Can’t wait, .
        But is it really necessary to demonstrate the obvious :-)?
        All women have to whore (litterally or figuratively) at one time or another to survive.
        And it’s clear that women lack credibility since men never believe them.
        Except maybe when they say “you are the best and you have the biggest dick”.
        Interestingly, men believe women only when they lie.


  2. good to hear from you! had not read nothing new since may and i thought you stopped blogging. i never comment because too nervous but always i enjoy reading your blogs. sorry for bad english, i am japanese. my friends talk about porno, or women in society, rape, i like to ask question, “if men did not control society, would porno, women, rape be different?” they think this is weird question because they dont think anything wrong with women in modern japanese society. but sometimes my friends can see what i am trying to say and they think it is weird the pressure women and girls have from man to look very pretty or sexy but ironic that it causes rape from man who wants women looking pretty or sexy!(does this make sense in english?). sometimes i think our culture respects women, sometimes i think it does not. i like to read your blog. it helps me study english. hello from japan! ~(‘▽^人)


  3. I’m missing so much your posts Nine Deuce, that I’m re-reading some of them again (your anti-porn series is my favorite!) >_>
    and I never commented before because I’ve just started to read your blog a few months ago


  4. Great to hear from you, ND – glad you’re ok and like everyone else I’m really looking forward to reading new posts and having a good old-fashioned radical comment thread!


  5. Oh man, I came in and saw a new title and was tricked, for a moment, thinking it was a new post.

    WE MISS YOU ND. Come back to us


  6. Part of the problem here is that women are much like the proverbial Uncle Tom. They are afraid to challenge men with a viable argument. As a matter of fact they are so indoctrinated by the media, television & music especially rap that they are ignorant that gender slurs are exactly like racial slurs. Try asking your average female if they think gender slurs are the same as racial slurs. It seems that most would rather bask in a man’s approval then admit that word’s like pussy (to denote a weak man) bitch, slut, & ho demean, degrade, & disrespect the very core of a woman just as much as a racial slur does the same to a person of African descent.

    Better yet, try asking a man. He will either vehemently deny it or totally disallow you to bring a viable argument for it, by just talking so loudly over you so that he doesn’t have to hear what you say.

    I have asked both sexes to take the gender slurs out of a rap song and apply the n word in it’s place just to see how it actually sounds and have not had one admit that they think it’s the same.

    Back to my point. Most women do not even believe men are misogynistic. They’ve bought into the deception that men are just being the way they are because that’s the way they are. Women, unfortunately, dance like puppets for their oppressor’s acceptance rather then demand their respect.

    Rather then preach hatred towards men we would be better off trying to make women aware that they first need to demand respect and that they will not accept gender slurs any more then the public will accept racial slurs.


    1. How about the use of “fuck” to mean everything bad? They’re sure not talking about sex because “Oh, go get laid” wouldn’t be a replacement at all. And it’s not the male half of the sketch who’s fucked, not when a female is the other half.

      It hits me as a violently gendered slur, and it’s the flag of hip and cool, and loads of people can barely finish a sentence without it. And you’re just stuffy if you don’t like it, same as all the other gendered slurs.


      1. Hi there. I’m Sugarpuss, a regular user of the word FUCK. In a world that constantly chides women for behaving in an “unladylike” fashion (eg, human), I find it personally fulfilling (and stress relieving) to use as much profanity as possible (excluding female-hating words such as bitch, cunt, ho, skank, etc).

        Telling women what to do, and how to speak, sure as FUCKing hell isn’t the solution, mmmkay?

        MEN are the problem. Stop blaming the victims (ie. women). Yes, it would be great if more females stood up to men, but they are afraid of retaliation. Men are in control of EVERYTHING. They hold a position of power that no woman could ever compete with. Picture Luke Skywalker facing Vader, armed with only a spork (and no force to help him out). Yep…that’s the situation.

        The use of profanity isn’t going to help or hurt our already dire circumstance. That’s some pretty FUCKing small potatoes, if you ask me. I personally don’t sweat the small shit.


    2. Alright, I’m mad as hell and full of caffiene. That means heads are going to fucking roll! For some reason, the above post didn’t quite sink in, last night, when I skimmed over it. But, as I walked home from the convenience store, this morning, the implications of it hit me like a two-ton barrel of toxic sludge. I began to rage fiercely, and rushed home like an unstoppable Amtrak train, with the intent to set this asshat straight.

      Dear Brenda Star,

      It is not women’s job to educate men on how to treat us with respect. If you believe that shit, then you are no better than they are. This is just more victim-blaming, concern trolling crap-o-rama. It seems awfully suspicious to me that your last paragraph is a suggestion to stop hating the dudes (you know, the actual tyrants who hold the keys to our shackles), and start holding other victims responsible for their own oppression. I smell a handmaiden….and, possibly, a penis under them there knickers.

      The fact of the matter is, you’re full of shit. Can a fly demand respect from a spider? Can a deer demand respect from a mountain lion? And, since you’re found of slavery analogies, can a slave demand respect from their master? Are any of the underdogs in these scenarios in a position of power to make such demands? FUCK NO! Just the very idea that you believe that the average woman could do such a thing, and not suffer dire consequences, is incredibly stupid & naive.

      You see, there is a very big difference between a woman who is afraid to act, and a handmaiden who enjoys serving men (eg. telling radfems to stop blaming men) in exchange for whatever crumbs master brushes off his table for them to lap up off of the floor. The average woman is trapped in a fucking nightmare that she doesn’t know how to escape from. You’re suggesting that those who are helpless, hopeless and uninformed are the Uncle Toms of our sex…I beg to differ.

      YOU are the traitor. You’re the one who thinks men are like children who need to be taught how to treat another human being, and that it’s ever woman’s duty to play surrogate mommy to these hateful fucktards. You’re the one who blames women for their own oppression. You sound just like Bill Cosby (a real life Uncle Tom), who blamed the entire black community for any racism they may experience (eg. stop giving your babies weird names and they wont be treated differently). Wow, just wow.

      Lastly, I would like to say that I personally don’t take any crap from men…but then, it’s a very unique position in which I find myself. Two things separate me from the average woman:

      1. I have nothing to lose
      2. I’m not afraid to die

      These two things are also why every man should fear me. ;)

      Unlike the average woman, I can afford bold actions. There is no family or friends. There is no man living with me, whom I must answer to. There is no job to lose. No face to be lost. No reputation to keep. No opinion, beyond my own, that matters. No cares. No fear. But it’s not easy being me. Most women couldn’t dream of living such a bizarre & isolated life, and that’s okay. In a way, I am privileged to possess the type of mentality that can pull it off. While I often feel incredibly frustrated by the lack of females putting their foot down, I understand that most women aren’t in a position to do so. The world is so cleverly brainwashed to only sympathize with the male perspective, that anything a female person says is pretty much considered irrelivent. Words are a waste of time, when your audience is tone deaf, and armed with a gazillion tomatoes.

      Men respect each other based on who has the most physical and/or systemic power. Women have neither of these, so there will never be any respect from men, no matter how loudly we may protest. There is no fear factor. Respect us… or what? We’ll put alum in their turkey pot pies? LOL Truly a frightening consequence. Men only respond to viable threats to their comfort & safety. True fact.


      1. Wow, that was well spoken!! You are brave and I very much admire the strength & power & thought which you put in forth in your statement! Very seldom do I hear women that are willing to open up so implicitly about what is real. This is an intellectual discussion that i have been been waiting for! While we do have very different views on how we react to the deplorable situation we find ourselves in you’d be surprised at how much I agree with the foundation of what you feel about them. See how I wouldn’t even give them the benefit of calling them their proper title? I simply called men “them” like they are just nameless pieces of dust floating around that you later sweep up & pour collectively into a bin called trash. This is an evermore subtle way of calling them what I think they are and it gives me pleasure to strip them of their identity so succinctly without them ever catching on to my true meaning. I dunno, it just makes me feel smugly superior that they’re to stupid to realize that simply just referring to them as “them is an insult. I don’t know why because they’ll never grasp it as such. I guess it’s self serving but it gives me a ridiculous feeling of mirth.

        Now, the blaming the victim thing. I understand why you feel the way you do about what I said, but honestly doesn’t it make you angry when women don’t come to the aid of other women who are speaking out against men who are denying there is any type of discrimination, debasement, degradation, disrespect or contempt against women simply because they are women? I have spoken out many times and have endured the tomatoes slung in my direction countless times with no hope of aid from my sisters and all I have asked is to be respected. Nothing more. I don’t think that being called sl-t, ho, c-nt is a small thing because that is the very foundation upon which they (men) build their church of contempt upon. You are right when you say that they have the control. They are deaf. They are dumb but when they reduce my sisters, our mothers, and the very core of our being into a cum receptacle made for them to use like a whore by labeling us with their indoctrinating slander, they are stripping us of our very right to feel respected like every human being deserves. You are right when you say they are afraid and well they should be, but on the other hand this is effectively silencing those who should speak out regardless of fear or reprisal, ridicule & shame. You are right, I don’t reach for very high aspirations so maybe I do fall into the very category I’ve accused other women of. Maybe I am a type of Uncle Tom. But for me, and you have also alluded to this, I despair of ever changing the way I am viewed by them and my anger has evolved into something less volatile because the anger has affected me in a way that hurts my spiritual self. Not because it pleases them but because it brings peace to my soul. I feel like challenging them is useless. It’s like throwing pearls to swine. But again the one thing I do challenge them on and will stand against them for is reducing my sisters to symbolic cum bags for their dirty assault on the very core of who we are. It’s all I can do. I can’t change the despicable way they view us, but I can point them out as what they are, vile hypocrites who do not practice what they preach. Some call this Double Standard, but I will expose them for what it is. They practice the most abominable form of hypocrisy ever invented by man. They are so jealous that it drives them to absolute fury that women theoretically get to choose who they want because women preside over their carnal animal desire and they cannot. Women master their desire and are human and Christlike in their desire to choose what is best for people as a whole at great sacrifice to themselves. That we do not behave like beasts infuriates them more then anything else in this world. The knowldge that they are not Gods & lords of everything like they think they should be drives them to persecute and torment the objects they despise. Systematic rape by armies is a class A example of their desire to dehumanize and control women who are so spiritually higher then they. So you see, I do not lack contempt for them and I do blame them for how little we stand up to them, but I feel like more women need to stand up and reclaim the right to demand respect even in very small ways. Change will probably never happen in this world but at least we can claim that we demanded respect, and not cower in the corner at the prospect of abuse.

        Can you relate to any of this? I’m very interested in hearing what you think. I enjoyed your rhetoric and I can absolutely say that you, in my opinion are not an Uncle Tom. You have the courage to speak out and I find it refreshing.

        May I close on a final note. Jesus was one of the few men who ever respected & loved women and who believed, because he made them, that women were not less then man. He did not address the issue of equality in an outright manner because he was confined into the era of which he was born. His mission was to provide salvation to the world because his salvation would restore human beings to their rightful position at his side. He was a type of woman. Everything about Jesus was symbolic of femininity. He had compassion, he loved, he healed, he poured out his blood for the others, he put him self last as women do. He sacrificed himself for his children as women do. He demonstrated all the attributes of woman yet he was a King. He did not abuse his power he gave himself for the good of all. Blood & water gushed out of his side when a Roman spear was thrust into it. Blood & water.. Just like what comes from women when she gives birth. He gave birth to resurrection like a woman gives birth to a child. He did not hate her, debase her or humiliate her. He put himself in her position. He knew what it felt like to be a woman. He was hated, persecuted and humiliated in every possible way. The only way he was not humiliated just as a woman would be is in the fact that he was not physically raped. I’m not exactly sure why but I think it has to do with holiness and it being a boundary that was not allowed to be breached because it is the ultimate act of evil. The absence of rape is probably a proclamation on behalf of women that rape is not allowed under any circumstance in the kingdom that will come.

        It is no mistake that a woman first recognized that he was the awaited Messiah. It was no mistake that they had the courage to never falter or leave him in his time of trial. They watched as their beloved died so painfully on the cross. They waited for him to die and were there to clean his body and prepare it lovingly for burial. They endured the most menial disgusting task of washing urine & feces off a King that most of the world did not recognize. I would say that men probably thought themselves to good to do such things and yet those despised the most in the world did this thing for love. A woman first saw the risen Christ and what happened when she ran to tell the men? They did not believe her because she was a woman.What I am saying here is that women were afforded the highest privilege that has ever been given to a human being. It is testimony that God loves and respects women and that they will not be excluded from anything that God has to offer in the next world. I can not wait for the day that God reveals this truth to the men of this world. Imagine the shock on their faces when they have to admit finally that they are no more than we!!


        1. “It is testimony that God loves and respects women and that they will not be excluded from anything that God has to offer in the next world”

          Religion (any religion) is per se dangerous to women, it weakens their mind, it denies their dignity as full fledged human beings and kills their fighting spirit by prescribing them the very “virtues ” that allow men to take advantage of them–compassion, forgiveness, docility, altruism, mothering etc.
          And it treats them openly and officially as second rate citizens; catholicism is still the only group in the Western world that prohibits women to access even positions of minimal authority.

          What you write about Christ is just the teaching of the Church; in reality, nobody knows for sure who exactly the Christ was. Historically, there are no reliable sources on him, just hearsay,
          Since he is a blank screen in terms of reliable historical data, you can see anything you want in him: a feminine character, or a manly man, a Jewish prophet, a socialist revolutionnary, a pacifist etc.
          To each his own Christ according to one’s individual fantasy.

          And saying that God loves women is the acme of absurdity: really, how blind (and masochistic) can you get?
          if God really loved women, he would not allow men to exploit them, , trafic them, enslave them, rape them by the millions, kill them (only in the US about 1100 women killed each year by their companion or ex), etc etc.
          If that’s love, I take hate anyday.


        2. Shit on a shingle! It’s a never-ending wall of text! I’m sorry, but you lost me at paragraph number 563.

          However, it is the last portion that has caught my eye, as I type this response. I’m seeing the words “Christ”, “God”, “Jesus”, “Kingdom”, and other Christian fodder that is BANE to a wild Pagan such as myself. You see, your male deity doesn’t exist. As evidence, I point to the fact that female is the default sex. All life begins as female, therefore, if there is indeed a higher being that created us or watches over us or spies on us or whatever, it is most assuredly female. The one male god myth was created so that women would never question male authority. If everyone believes that god is a man, and the first human created was a man, and woman is essentially nothing but a divinely modified McRib, then the chances of us ever being treated with dignity & respect are 100% NIL. All part of the man-plan, you see.

          I don’t worship or acknowledge your Jehovah, sorry. My patron deity is the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.


          1. Sugarpuss, that’s very cool :) Bring the ‘wild pagans’ on! I love it. Definitely identify with a lot of that philosophy myself.

            Have you ever seen ‘The Wicker Man’ 1973 version? Not the 2006 one with Nicholas Page. The latter is completely gynophobic. But I have to say, I need to see the same fate befall your average Christian as the fool detective in that film.

            There is one goofy scene with a naked innkeeper’s daughter. Kind of expected in the film industry, especially then. But otherwise it’s a lot of fun. And filmed in Scotland!


            1. I’ve seen bits & pieces of it. It’s actually one of my mother’s favorite movies. She watched it so many times, and we have had such a bad relationship, that I don’t particularly care to watch it in it’s entirety. I would usually go to my room when it was on. LOL That always pissed her off.


          2. Well, I wasn’t really asking you to believe me, I was just conversating & telling you what I believe. Pretty much nothing provokes me except men. Besides, as far as the religion thing goes, we are all here to choose. We can just stick to the hate men thing if ya like. Believe me, I hate them as much as you. I seethe hatred for them so much so that it oozes out of me. Ugh.. but it like totally consumes me if I think about it too much. On the other hand if you and others readers would like me to just go away and stop posting ,I don’t care about that either. Staying around to conversate really serves no purpose if I’m just pissing people off. My goal is to simply have a conversation with people who at least share the intense feeling of hatred I have for men. I feel no kinship with any women I actually know. They don’t even see men as oppressors. At least you feel the same feeling as I do even if we don’t share the same view on it. Believe me, I’m venomous in my hatred, you don’t even know.. If your curious enough to ask me to tell you exactly what I think of them without any philosophical interjection I will but it’s pretty ugly.


              1. Yeah, I know. It’s actually quite pathetic, considering the teaching is to love all people. I shouldn’t have used the word hate here, but I get so angry about it. You’ve given me the reality check. Now I’m thinking to myself, great way to represent.. Ergg


      2. You hit on an important truth there I think, Sugarpuss. Typically, women who’ve made a difference in this society are what most would label ‘outsiders.’ Yet, what does a female ever gain from being an ‘insider?’ Less than nothing, actually. She can only work within the same tired paradigm.

        I’ve often said that I think women would do better without the nuclear family unit. I sure could have done without mine! I could have done without all the rapeyness and victim-blaming, their incessant breaking down of my will as a child.

        As an adult, and having a real chance to stick with my own perspective, I had the space to finally breathe, to be a little more hardcore in my interactions with the world if I felt like it. I no longer had to be the ‘nice girl.’ I even gained a voice and had some of my writing published.

        There is a reason that female heroines in sci-fi films (for example) often have none of the attachments that ‘civilian’ women have. When a woman has so many obligations, and is so put upon to be ‘the shining example’ of her community and the pillar of society, how can she even think straight? All of that bullshit has to be blasted away in order for any female to be capable of taking action and having real agency in the world.

        I hate it when I hear about ‘communities’ or families bragging about having a woman’s or a girl’s best interests in mind. All she tends to get out of those arrangements is to be fattened like a turkey and deemed community property.


        1. Yet, what does a female ever gain from being an ‘insider?’ Less than nothing, actually. She can only work within the same tired paradigm.

          Yes, and when they become a part of the system, they don’t change it…it changes them.


          1. Hey, just dropping by to say I’ve also missed your comments Sugarpuss, good to see you back x) your witty, sarcastic sense of humor is awesome!


  7. @Sugarpuss:

    (As a note: not a follower of the Abrahamic religions at all; strong agnostic/what many would call an athiest lurker here. Another disclaimer:am a male, which is why I lurk most of the time, rather than post.)

    Firstly, apolgies for lecturing, my intent is not at all to belittle or put down; just offering a counterpoint. Claiming women are the default form of life is scientifically inaccurate. A lot of species actually have default male development pathways, rather than female, such as butterflies and many species of bird. As well, in mammalian species, claiming a “default” is rather strange, considering that embryonic development cannot proceed with a recombination of DNA, and when that happens, there is(without complicating factors such as nutrition, epigenetic selection, etc.) a fairly even chance of male or female embryonic development. Sorry about that; the slight bit of scientist in me was slightly rankled.

    As to religion, @ Sporenda

    I agree that ORGANIZED Abrahamic religion is very dangerous to women, with most, if not all, churches and sects having a very anti-women message and doctrine(advocating domestic subjugation, feeding seperate spheres arguments, abortion stances, etc.). I also agree that a fundamentalist or literal reading of Abrahamic texts would lead to those conclusions; this is why the Catholic Church, Ultra-Orthodox or Haredi Jews, or Islamist/Sharia obsessed Muslims are full of misogynistic vitriol, along with a whole host of issues with racism, classism, anti-LGBT sentiments, etc.

    Now, I’m not going to touch the supernatural aspect of belief; if someone wants to believe/has evidence for their religious feelings, that is fine. However, even if you don’t believe, is it not possible to draw some positive lessons from the teachings of Christ, or even from Muhammed or the Torah? Especially teachings on compassion and altruism; extending aid to those who need it is a laudable trait in anyone, female or male. Divorced fo the baggage of 2,000 years of misogyny, and the urging to be passive, humble, and accepting of injustice, the Christian message of compassion seems a positive example.


    1. Thanks about the end part where you admit the message of compassion is positive. In hind sight I should have left the religion out of it because my main need is to have fellowship with other women who at least get that they should be angry about it. By the way, I don’t attend Church establishments at all. I have never found one yet that will admit that women have any foundation at all for anger against their counterpart. I’ve found only denial, arrogance & self righteous indignation when I’ve pointed out even a very small truth. Women’s dignity is not dependent on their approval. I am an outsider there.


    2. Claiming women are the default form of life is scientifically inaccurate.

      No, it’s not, you fucking imbecile.

      It has been shown that the undifferentiated gonads are destined to become ovaries unless acted upon by TDF (testis determining factor), which is genetically encoded on the Y chromosome. Therefore the default sex of the human embryo is female.

      A lot of species actually have default male development pathways, rather than female, such as butterflies and many species of birds.

      You’re a butterfly?

      […]the slight bit of scientist in me was slightly rankled

      Well, I guess you’ll just have to stay “rankled” (lmao wtf?) since I just disproved your BS armchair-scientist stance.


      1. LMAO I can’t believe this idiot didn’t realize I was talking about HUMANS…and the majority of other lifeforms. I guess he thinks god is Mothra or something. :D


        1. Personally, I’d rather see male pregnancy in humans. Oh, what a day that will be, if it ever comes.

          Here’s the promo:
          Coming soon to a city near you…Male Pregnancy!

          Watch in amazement as conservative dudes eat their own words, do a complete 180, and legalize abortion at a speed rivaled only by a rogue hoard of roadrunners with inflammatory diarrhea.

          Gasp in terror as the 1% who Choose Life® attend toilet-birthing classes, where they learn, among other interesting things, how to remove their freshly birthed sprog from it’s fecal encasement.

          Shriek in disbelief as beer becomes a WIC eligible item.

          Teeter with nausea as post-preggo PUAs feign inability to lactate, and demand a wet nurse.

          Sneer with contempt as dads-to-be throw baby showers at Hooters.

          Convulse with disgust as MRAs assert that there is no difference between a baby bottle and a cock, and preach the nutritional superiority of semen over breast milk.

          Faint in shock as infanticide by duct tape becomes a daily occurrence.

          Break out the popcorn!


      2. If I did anything to offend you, I apologize for that; however, could we keep this civil? Making jokes about my word choice or religous beliefs adds nothing to the conversation.

        As to your point, I concede that an embryo’s gonads, without TDF, will indeed develop into ovaries. However, the only way an embryo will develop in human beings is through gamete combination. In nature, there is a roughly 50% chance that that gamete recombination will result in an XY genotype or an XX genotype, disregarding smaller confounding factors. In an embryo with an XX genotype, there will be no TDF. However, in an XY genotype embryo, unless there are issues with the Y chromosome, it will be encoded.

        Essentially, my point is that the determination of “default” in that study seems off; why is an embryo with a Y chromosome with encoding issues or an XX embryo considered the “default”? One is an instance of a mutation, and the other, the XX genotype, is just as likely as the XY to occur. In the case of “normal” embryo’s, it appears both are as likely as the other, so default seems poor word choice. That’s all.

        As for your comment on God: I don’t believe God is anything, frankly, but I don’t want to touch that with a 10 foot pole, or even a longer pole, for that matter. Your religious beliefs are your own business, as are mine.


        1. […]could we keep this civil?

          Could you kiss my ass? You started this whole “I’m gonna prove how much smarter I am than this dumb female by flexing my non-existent scientific muscle” thing, so you need to stop whining and take your punishment like a good cock.

          Making jokes about my word choice or religous beliefs adds nothing to the conversation.

          Damn. Somebody give this snot-sucking jerkwad a hankie! Considering the fact that I’ve been insulted by men more times than I care to count, and in ways FAR HARSHER than you’re receiving from me, I find your plea for mercy both revolting & pathetic. And it will be entirely IGNORED. Plus, you don’t even have a fucking religion to make jokes about; you have stated that you’re an atheist. So please, just cut the crap.

          However, the only way an embryo will develop in human beings is through gamete combination. In nature, there is a roughly 50% chance that that gamete recombination will result in an XY genotype or an XX genotype, disregarding smaller confounding factors. In an embryo with an XX genotype, there will be no TDF. However, in an XY genotype embryo, unless there are issues with the Y chromosome, it will be encoded.

          Word salad, tossed to perfection. You don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about. This argument isn’t about the likelihood of an embryo developing into a male or female sexed person, this is about the X chromosome being the foundation of human life. Go take your shirt off and look in the mirror. See those under-developed breasts? What we know as “man” is really only half a man. Y is the male chromosome, and If your chromosomal configuration is XY, you & most other men are only half male. Yet, a woman being XX is fully female. So, basically, men are nothing more than our evil, overgrown, mutant sisters with giant clits. LOL This theory would certainly explain all of the hate & jealousy that female-bodied people have experienced throughout history…and continue to experience.

          Essentially, my point is that the determination of “default” in that study seems off

          Listen, Bozo…the only thing “off” around here is YOU. Everybody in the fucking world, who possess even half a brain, acknowledges that female is the default sex. Hell, it’s even mentioned in the film Jurassic Park. It seems that dinosaurs, undeniably the most powerful creates to ever walk this planet, also began their life cycle as female. So, please, go back to jacking off with your Fisher Price Micro Explorer Set, and leave the hard science to the adults.

          […]default seems poor word choice. That’s all

          I’ll be fucked. THAT is what put the stick up your ass?! All of this nonsense & tantrums has been over a perceived misuse of the word “default”? That would be defined as a category F5 nitpick. You’re over there splitting public hairs over bullshit, while I’m in the middle of, what I thought to be, a dispute over the actual legitimacy of human life beginning as female. Geeeesh! That’s all, huh? What a fucking troll.

          As for your comment on God: I don’t believe God is anything, frankly, but I don’t want to touch that with a 10 foot pole, or even a longer pole, for that matter. Your religious beliefs are your own business, as are mine.

          Emphasis added to highlight the glaring contradiction.


            1. Whoah Sugarpuss, when it comes to cutting down to size obnoxious, whiny feminist forums trolls, you are an example to us all.
              Do you teach classes? :-)


            2. Urist clearly can not stomach the thought of being female, even for a few months, in utero. Even in the instance of a “normal” XY male, the keystone testosterone surge (triggered by TDF) doesn’t even occur until eight weeks into the pregnancy; even the brain is structurally female until this occurrence. So much for *another* man’s ‘scientific’ opinion rooted entirely in misogyny and wishful thinking.


              1. Urist knows nothing about science, aside from what he learned while watching a pirated copy Star Trek, in his mom’s basement.


          1. Apparently the concept of “civil disagreement” or argumentation is something entirely lost on you, which is rather unfortunate. Insult me if you’d like; however, could you seperate the insults from your actual arguments? That tends to make discourse far easier.

            As for the X chromosome being the foundation of human life: that statement is rather meaningless. The foundation of human life is a functioning, full genome with two sex chromosomes, either an XX or an XY. What the presence of TDF and the masculinization(or defeminization, depending on your terminology) of fetuses “proves” is that sex-determining mechanisms exist on the Y chromosome. MAking any sort of value judgement about the “foundation” or “default” state of life from that is rather strange.

            Pseudo-scientific claims of “half-maleness”, giant overgrown clits, etc: here, you are again making value judgements not supported biologically. A man is not “half-female”, they are male, by the definition of having an XY genotype. IF they were “half female”, you’d expect the result of extra X chromosomes to be feminization; instead, you get developmental disorders. The evidence just isn’t there.

            I apologize for not putting the words “or lack thereof” when talking about religious belief as it applies to athiesm; I thought that was fairly obvious, but if not, consider it amended.

            Lastly, this isn’t a poltical argument, and so I’m not sure why you’re injecting politics into it. The default pathway of fetal development is a medically and biologically interesting question, but has about as much relevance to feminism as Mitochondrial Eve does: none.


            1. Apparently the concept of “civil disagreement” or argumentation is something entirely lost on you, which is rather unfortunate.

              Do you not see the hilarity in a male-bodied person accusing a female-bodied person of lacking civility? Is it not the members of your sex who constantly find themselves in the thick of a severely disgusting situation, of which they initiated? Is it not the members of your sex who complain about “politically correct” agendas, when women ask men not to use misogynist language? Is it not the members of your sex who expose their genitalia to children? Is it not the members of your sex who invented war & torture porn? Is it not the members of your sex who claim they cannot control themselves, sexually, around women who aren’t covered in eight layers of clothing?

              LMFAO! A man…chiding me for not being “civil”. HAAAHAHAHA! Meanwhile, back at the keg party….

              Insult me if you’d like

              If you’re insulted, that’s not my problem. I’m not responsible for your feelings. Also, I’ll say whatever I please; I don’t need your permission.

              however, could you seperate the insults from your actual arguments?

              If I was saying this very same thing on a primarily male blog or forum, I would be told “Fuck off, bitch”. So, the answer is NO. You’ve grown accustomed to having your ass kissed because of your maleness, so it’s a shock to you when somebody talks to you as if you were a female. And that’s just Too. Fucking. Bad. Cry me a river and drown in it.

              That tends to make discourse far easier.

              For who? You? Damn, aint that just like a man…expecting a woman to make him comfortable (usually at the expense of her own comfort). If you don’t like the way I express myself, you can always STOP READING MY COMMENTS. What a fucking brilliant idea, yes?

              As for the X chromosome being the foundation of human life: that statement is rather meaningless.

              About as meaningless as enforced castration for quarrelsome men…

              I am not even going to bother with the rest because it is nothing but a gigantic pool of cess. You’re doing the same fucking thing you did in your previous reply; arguing semantics. You are creating a debate where none exists. You ignore most of what I say. You deny ESTABLISHED SCIENTIFIC FACTS. You are a stubborn idiot. You put your fingers in your ears and refuse to acknowledge reality. You are a Charlie Nobody who expects everyone to believe your theories over those of actual scientists. Please fuck off and die of ass cancer, because I honestly do not want to interact with you any further. You make me sick.


            2. “What the presence of TDF and the masculinization(or defeminization, depending on your terminology) of fetuses “proves” is that sex-determining mechanisms exist on the Y chromosome. Making any sort of value judgement about the “foundation” or “default” state of life from that is rather strange.”

              Plenty of other actual biologists have no problems using the word ‘default’ when referring to the female sex. The female egg is XX and if no Y chromosome is present in the sperm cell, the XX female results, hence default. What about this is so difficult to understand and accept? It’s not up for scientific debate.

              Although, ‘default female gender’ certainly does fly in the face of the Abrahamic texts’ insistence that *men* are the default. You claim to be an agnostic/atheist, but Christian apologists (in my experience) always seem to argue their points very personally which leads me to believe you are not as ‘faithless’ as you claim.


  8. Hey 9-2, this is random and it may sound dumb but if I were to make a petition to stop production of the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, would you support it? I know I shouldn’t care but I do. There’s so much wrong with that book and I dont want it pushed into the mainstream and popularized. The main character has an abusive relationship and its a terrible misrepresentation of a BDSM lifestyle( or at least that’s what I’ve heard from the people that have been in them for a while). Christian Grey is a horrible person that’s abusing Ana but I’ve heard girls call him a hero and they’re being taught that if you give an abuser enough of your love, he’ll change and they think this horrifying relationship is sexy. Some of them are actually looking for a “Christian Grey” and even if they’re not successful in finding him, its the thought that this an ideal relationship to them is what bothers me. Although its just fiction, it is having an effect on people and I feel its a huge step back for women. I know it shouldn’t be that big if a deal to me but I’ve tried and can’t get over it. I don’t want this being glorified on the big screen. It may be too late anyways since they’ve already picked out the cast and everything but I don’t know. Im just tired of this. Anyways, its just a thought. Sorry for wasting your time.


  9. Please check out my great important blog with a lot of great information on the harms of the horrendous Fifty Shades of Grey book and film series,


  10. I’m really surprised that you never responded to deedee82 about Fifty Shades of Grey since you wrote great series on the harms of sexist,woman-hating,violent,male dominated BDSM and pornography.


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