Super Bowl Thursday: Bad-ass Dodge Ad Spoof

I know, I know, you’ve all had enough of the front page of a feminist blog being taken up with posts about football (two of which were written by dudes!), and I promise I’ll get rid of that photo up above and post something soon, but for now I’d like everyone to see this, a really good spoof of that heinously stupid Dodge Charger ad that Kendall and I mentioned in the Super Bowl live-blog.

First the original ad:

And the spoof:

* I clipped this from Kendall‘s Twitter.

In other news, I’d like to tell anyone who is “disappointed” in John Mayer’s recent behavior that the song “Your Body Is A Wonderland” should have tipped them off to the fact that he was definitely a misogynist, probably a racist, and maybe even a cat molester long before this Playboy interview.

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22 thoughts on “Super Bowl Thursday: Bad-ass Dodge Ad Spoof

  1. I love that spoof. I really hated a lot of the comments the viewers put though. They feel all discriminated against because womin are talking about issues that don’t completely revolve around men. WAAAH!


  2. I couldn’t face watching the ad when you first mentioned it, but I’ve just watched both. Obviously I had to pause the first one for a second to digest the true horror of men being forced to clean their own hair out of the sink and put their own pants in the magic cleaning basket, but I ploughed on regardless after a brief prayer on their behalf.

    Anyway, it was worth the pain of the first one just to hear the tone of voice in which the woman says ‘and I will feel *so fucking sorry for you*’.



  3. Hi ND, I just wondered if you were going to talk a bit about the Olympics. I live in Vancouver and it is horrifying. The mainstream media is barely covering it so I’m constantly checking the public reports for updates on the Vancouver Media Co-op website ( The media has blurred the distinction between protestors and rioters, sensationalizing the violence- however, the actual issue of the legacy of colonialism that’s evident in the treatment of the Aboriginal population in Canada, is what all the media outlets are really failing to cover. The estimated budget for security was 100 million but really, one billion was spent (installing 1000 surveillance cameras around the city, installing 16,000 US and British military to police the riots, helicoptors, etc.) when social services crucial for the community were cut without discussion and continue to be cut. My city spent six billion dollars on the Olympics. Windows of a department store (The Hudsons Bay Company) was smashed, newspaper and mail boxes were pushed over and there was rampant spray painting (of the anarchy sign, mind you). That’s all. That picture of the shattered display is paint, not blood. And it’s all because of some shit-disturbing anarchistic group using black block tactics. This was the doing of the rioters, not of the peaceful protestors. A couple of hours later, it was business as usual on the street. As for violence on people, that was mostly perpetrated by the military cops (videos can be found on the media co-op website). It’s only been 2 days. The combination of this violent radicalism with increasing militarism (the Vancouver Police Department announced that it’s no holds barred now) is kinda scaring me. I feel somewhat paralyzed. I don’t want to participate in furthering this spectacle, but I can’t just sit here behind my computer screen. I guess it would be great if you could shed some light on this issue because the mainstream media is working their ass off to hide this.

    (And by the way, last year the police announced that they had acquired sound machines- so you can understand my hesitation in participating.)


  4. Yeah, I loved Woman’s last stand, but I wish she could have zoomed off in a car of her own. Part II anyone? The male commercial was totally awful.
    Glad I’m not married to a man, yuck!


  5. the final declaration “i will drive the car i want to drive” made it clear that he was going to abuse her for demanding his civility by controlling the household finances. makes me want 2 just like him.


  6. The original commercial made me want to puke and I fucking LOVED the spoof, but there’s one part I’m sort of conflicted on. The lines “I will assure you that size doesn’t matter.” and “I will turn a blind eye to your ever-encroaching baldness.” My first assumption was that this was a satire of the way a lot of men talk about women post-[insert age at which women magically become unattractive; usually 30] being unattractive and worthless, etc. Challenging the whole “immortal dudeness” bullshit, where men supposedly keep their worth as they get older and women become unmarriable hags. But there’s also the possibility that it was just a cheap shot. I’m wondering if any of ya’ll have opinions on that?


  7. The first ad made me ill. Can we please make it legal to go around and just kick all MRA people in the face? The second ad was awesome.

    I’ve been complaining for YEARS about fat, stupid, unattractive men having beautiful wives on TV. Did anyone ever see that “Average Joe” reality TV show? I’d love to see a feminist rant on that. The “average joes” were, in fact, almost all old and exceptionally hideous (nowhere near approaching average) and a female model had to choose which one she wanted to date. Midway through the show they brought in a bunch of male models and they got to compete with the “average joes.” And of course the female got bashed for choosing the attractive model guy in the end (over the extremely RICH ugly guy.)

    Then they did a sequel show where the rich rejected guy from the first show got a bunch of supposedly “average” women he could choose from- except almost all the women were really thin and beautiful. There was exactly one older woman, and he sent her home on the first day. There were exactly two overweight women, both of whom he also sent home on the first day before getting to know them (despite the fact that one of them got on the show because she was one of thousands of people to fill out a compatibility survey online and was judged the most compatible match for him out of everyone who participated.) The fat, ugly rich guy was then congratulated when he sent back the bus of models that joined the show midway (oh, such a noble move, when the women you already have on the show practically look like models themselves.)


  8. I drive Dodge trucks because it makes me feel very manly, OK?!!!!! America is a free market and I can drive whatever I want, OK?!!!!! damn liberal tree huggers!


  9. m, I honestly understand it as seeing life through a male lens…remember most women view things through a male lens… in other words…the female may honestly not be upset about those said things, but the male putting emphasis on such trivial matters is the whole point to the spoof.
    If he can deal with cleaning up after himself for us (under the guise it’s important to women, which it is, but only because it’s common fucking sense to clean after yourself!) (heaven forbid he ever lived by himself and had to do it anyway, I mean he needs SOMEONE to blame…)then we can pretend to care about things he takes issue with that don’t really matter to us. get it?


  10. The male advert may be extremely disgusting and the spoof may be a great answer. However in the male advert he gets to drive off with a nice car. What does the woman get for having to put-up with all that male shit. Absolutely nothing. The spoof couldn’t be a better expression of what women have put up with.


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