Happy birthday to me! (Part 2)

Well, it’s been two years. I might be the slackinest feminist on the internet, but people come here anyway, so I must be doing something right (though I suspect that all I’m doing “right” is letting through annoying comments that people feel the need to come back to argue with).

What lies in store for the ‘chine in 2010? I’ve got a few posts in the queue, but I have no idea what awaits. I’ve outgrown my original mission, whatever it was, and I’ve yet to replace it with anything. I know I plan to add installments 10 and 11 to the porn series,  to finish up the Why I Hate Men series, and to continue dashing off snotty recaps of the television shows, commercials, and print ads I come across that strike me as misogynistic/insane enough to comment on, but I can’t say right this minute what the mission statement (or even the intended audience) of this blog would be, which I think accounts for my escritorial laziness of late. I’ve either got to refocus on writing regularly about pop culture in lay terms in order to convince thoughtful passers-by to be willing to notice misogyny, or I’m going to need to take the time to lay out some of the more complicated thoughts I’ve been having about feminism, world economic systems, the international order of nation-states, and frozen yogurt. The former seems a little redundant (though probably more effective in the grand scheme of things), while the latter sounds a bit too daunting on top of school and teaching. I’ll keep thinking about it.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading all along, who just got here yesterday, who contributes to the dialog by commenting and responding, and who supports the cause of dethroning the phallocrats. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, be it by linking to me to say I’m awesome, linking to me to say I’m a c-word, linking to me to complain about my comment policy or some particular comment, writing nice comments, writing nasty comments, writing stupid comments, writing paranoid screeds about me on pro-porn websites as if I’m the evil emperor of the internet, making awesome YouTube videos related to my posts, or making hilarious YouTube videos about what a dick I am. I appreciate it all, sincerely.

It all begins anew tomorrow.

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69 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me! (Part 2)

  1. It is ironic that the discussion with Sis is not happening on this entry: I couldn’t believe her bossiness, and now here you are wanting suggestions. I mean, really, whatever excites you rather than tires you to write would presumably be best! Here goes anyway.

    I have said it before, but I really like your “tips for combating misogyny” entries, and your entries about media: those go down excellently with a glassful of sarcasm, and one of them is what shocked me into looking into everything here. I like the immediacy of it, and I love the incisive wit that has somehow pooled through you and many commenters.

    On the flip side, I would value the “more complicated” (theoretical?) posts, even ones tangentially related to feminism; I don’t see enough written by feminists on the few other issues that affect us. Maybe it’s just me and my nerdiness, but I think you could teach even seasoned radfems something through your research in legal history or discoveries in troll-repellent yogurt. I’m not sure the current comment policy would work, though, if your posts required background from here or linked places. I didn’t realize that when you said “Feminism 101” you might have been referring to this blog, but pieces of it are a prerequisite for new readers for some of the more complicated discussions, and everyone will get tired of having to repeat themselves for their benefit. I suggest that that on that kind of post it might make sense to screen out the ones who comment before they read in order to allow room for readers to use their heads productively. That is, perhaps forewarn people to read your links before commenting, and don’t let them. I don’t think you’ll have trouble gathering interesting dissensions, especially if it’s not stuff that “seasoned radfems” have been over before.

    One more thing: it took me a while to get to things like your porn series last month, because I’m reading in order except for recent entries. I saw the “Best of Nine Deuce” links after I’d been reading for a while–they were in my “ignore ads” blind spot. I know, that’s my problem, but it might be nice if new readers saw a page for “where to start reading” or the about page said “start with the best-of-Nine-Deuce links” or something like that. The longer the blog gets, after all, the harder it may be for a new reader to grok.


  2. Well I have talked you up something fantastic behind your back. I wouldn’t care about the company you keep if I didn’t feel you’re so damn terrific you just have to be ours.


  3. I know you want discussion, but I think what they’re doing is hate speech against women. And I’m a believer in censorship for hate speech. I think that pretty much sums up why I get upset by some of what you attract. But I also get upset at your prodigious talent being frittered. And I’m not sucking up. I have worked a long time in publishing, but not so long I don’t still get thrilled at chops like *what you got*.


  4. Dear GXB

    I was talking *to* Nine, not just on her blog, but to *her*. I was also talking about something that is history between us, on her blog.

    What am I to call you if I shouldn’t call you Nine, then?


  5. Like I said on the other post, Sis, it did sound like an attack, and it does affect other readers–but seeing as it wasn’t one, I’m sorry to have interrupted.


  6. Happy Birthday (Blog Birthday?)!

    I think that no matter what you choose to blog about, you’ll have readers. People like the way you write, as well as your biting sarcasm, and will continue to enjoy reading your blog, unless you do a complete 180 and become an MRA or something.


  7. That’s it! I’ll make this an MRA site! But really, it’ll always be 90% about feminism, I’m just not sure from what angle. I doubt much will change at all. I’m just being a weenie because I have a short attention span.


  8. Happy Blogbirthday.

    Actually, Ms Deuce, I think you’ll find that *I* am the ‘slackinest feminist’ on the ‘net- no posts since November. Compete with that! :P

    I am (or so I have heard on t’ web) a very nasty piece of work, obnoxious, manipulative, stupid(!!!), cruel, hateful, ‘misandric’, prudish, a censoring bitch, destroying people’s sex lives… :) Now I was mulling this over, wondering what actions of mine displayed all these remarkably unpleasant traits, and how I could, um, learn and grow and become a nice person and win the respect of porn-consumers everywhere. I think I found the key to my thorough evilness and unfitness as a member of the female species:


    But having worked it out, I realised, to my eternal shame and dismay, that there is no cure for my affliction. It is biological. I am simply (ahem) ‘wired’ to be this way and there is nothing I can (or shall) do about it. I am also impervious to being ignored, and continue on my merry way, observing and critiquing, like the mega-bitch I am, despite the fact I am talking to myself (or am I?). It’s in my DNA.

    So, sorry chaps. You’re stuck with me.

    Give me this though: at least I have a sense of humour and the ability to self-deprecate. Thank fuck for that!


  9. I’m a lazy commenter but I love and appreciate your blog, too many times have I been arguing about something with someone else and said “Here, just read this, she gets it.”. Its amazing to know someone out there gets it.


  10. For what it’s worth I like when you link to articles regarding philosophy, world economic systems, politics etc. Your posts regarding pop culture are great too, to be honest at a minimum all your posts are good reads.


  11. Sort of cross posted (with additions) from the flirty girl thread because I am lazy:

    One of the things I love about this blog, in addition to 92’s writing, is the variety of voices, which I think gives rise to great, if sometimes heated, debates. I have learned a lot from the many different points of view expressed here, and have been challenged in my assumptions, and made to examine my positions even if I don’t participate in a given thread. Sometimes my mind is changed and sometimes it is not, but I value the process. I don’t feel that an echo chamber would have been as useful to me as I come to a deeper understanding of my own feminism, and I respect 92 for resisting the temptation to silence those who disagree with her. Still, monitoring threads that can get incendiary must be exhausting, and, as it is her blog, she must do what is best for her in the end.
    On another note, I agree with GBX that it would be beneficial to new readers if they could somehow be directed to prerequisite reading such as Feminism 101.


  12. Yay! You’re back! I’ve been checking everyday every couple hours because I really love your blog. You’re awesome happy birthday.

    Oh please please please please please please please please PLEASE update the Man-Hating series; man-hating is so hot right now.

    Get a vegan cupcake for yourself to celebrate! WHOO!


  13. I have a solution Laurelin and ND. With all this evol power we have, we should forget messing about on the internetz and just go for world domination.

    We’ll fight about who gets to be queen later.


  14. Well I’ve continued reading you 9-2. You – not the comments because of the usual arguments and justifications for women hating that’ve made me feel quite sick.

    And I haven’t commented for ages for the same reason. I mean, what’s the point in getting involved in the same argument with the same people that was running three years ago? My energies are better spent elsewhere (obviously the same can’t be said for those who are positing the same tired old “arguments” in an attempt to justify themselves) but I take my hat off to our mutual friends who have kept it all real.

    Keep writing please 9-2. I’ll keep reading – and you never know, I might even join in a discussion if the company doesn’t offend me!


  15. Personally, I’d recommend giving priority to talking about more complicated ideas and concepts realted to feminism, rather than reporting the sad state of popular cutlure.

    As outrageous as these things are, they’ll put out something at least as bad tomorrow.


  16. Yes! I agree with Polly. Laurelin, ND and Polly for queen of the world! (You can share the title.)

    Nine Deuce, I love your blog. It’s a little island of sanity in an insane world. Do whatever you need to with your comments policy, but please keep writing.


  17. As a 16-year-old budding feminist, your blog has really gotten me into calling out idiots on misogynistic comments, fueled my anti-porn argument for use against aggravating, entitled teenage guys, and inspired me to raise my voice to the shit that goes on. That much, I owe you. Plus, I always get a kick out of your hilarious posts; I even find myself using “dude” scornfully when talking to teh douchebros. Blog on, Nine Deuce! :)


  18. @YSA

    thank you so much for giving me a little bit more faith in humanity.

    Nine Deuce, this blog is fucking brilliant and it’s usually one of the first i check on my blog roll, you’re a huge inspiration!


  19. “As outrageous as these things are, they’ll put out something at least as bad tomorrow.”

    Which is exactly the reason someone needs to call it out…


  20. ND –

    Please keep writing whatever you feel like writing. Personally, I would hate to have to make a choice between the two potential directions you have listed.

    I found this blog a few months back and a moment of desperate frustration and feelings of extreme isolation – a growing visceral sense that I must be mad because the world was becoming so hostile to females and everyone seemed to be naming it as some sort of New Liberation.

    This blog is an oasis. I have since found a number of other commenters and bloggers that make me feel less alone, but this one is my favourite. I love the writing for the wit and the directness, all built on a foundation of solid information and voiced from a questioning mind.

    Thanks for everything you have written so far and I eagerly await what’s in store for 2010.


  21. I won’t be reading or posting if RE is allowed to post here. She comes to the highest hits radical feminist blogs with her women-hating posse to spread her message of fun! sex slavery fun! exploitation and torture is good. She comes here because it’s her job to popularize this sickness. She can’t do that on her blog whre it’s only the same three or four reaers and commentors.

    It’s no accident she shows up here. You’ve got the highest readership similar to the other blogs she and her posse eventually shut down.

    She and her friends will do to you what they did to a couple other radical feminists. Then you’ll have lots of time for pop culture reflection, at home with your phone unlisted and the cops on speed dial.

    Your blog is being used to promote porn culture. Ren and the sick filth that follow her don’t care if they convert you, they are using high hit blogs as advertising for their message. It’s called “grooming’. I suspect you know that term. You just maybe didn’t know you would be part of it.


  22. The thing is lizor, there were a couple of other blogs as good as this. I know, hard to believe. But they were scammed and the owners forced to shut down because of the viral traffic. Then blog life spilled into real. This is a criminal element.


  23. Happy blogiversary, 9D.

    Thanks for that link, polly. I missed that when it happened.
    It really is astonishing that so many men continue to think that “I don’t want to use you” is an insult.
    Clearly there is more to be done in the recognizing misogyny area.


  24. 9-2, I check your blog probably 4-6 times everyday. I’m a student as well, so I`m on the computer often (supposedly studying). I`m just so relieved that there`s tons of other powerful women out there who feel the same way I do about the world and the men who run it. You`re doing a great thing here – I`m sure most us would agree that you`re definitely someone to look up to.

    Happy Blogday!!!!!!!


  25. I found this blog a few months back and a moment of desperate frustration and feelings of extreme isolation …… because the world was becoming so hostile to females…..This blog is an oasis…….that make me feel less alone……

    Excellent. I couldn’t possibly agree more. (Although, minus the self-doubt).

    I’d recommend giving priority to talking about more complicated ideas and concepts realted to feminism, rather than reporting the sad state of popular cutlure.

    On the other hand, I couldn’t disagree more. The popular culture aspect is the hook (besides the writing itself) for approx. 100% of women and girls who don’t happen to be Women’s Studies academics. It is the most approachable and illustrative content and therefore very, very important to the newbie or hesitant-curious feminist.

    But whatever you decide please don’t burn out. What you do is important and very much appreciated.


  26. Happy belated bloggy b-day! I love your blog and am of the opinion that you can do no wrong. I hope you’ll go wherever inspiration takes you.

    If you wouldn’t mind a suggestion, since you have access to MTV, I’d be interested in reading your assessment of the show “Is She Really Going Out With Him”. I haven’t seen it (I’m afraid my head would explode), yet I am sad to inform you that the premise is “beautiful, sweet young women date obnoxious guys”. It sounds to me like they’re pandering to the Nice Guys ™ of Misogynyland, kwim?


  27. Happy blog-birthday. Thanks for writing your blog, in fact you are inspiration for starting my own. I used to be ambivalent about pr0n, but since reading your blog I feel a lot more informed. I appreciate that, a lot.


  28. “beautiful, sweet young women date obnoxious guys”.

    Sounds (as the pet shop boys would say) a lot like life. But also horrendous.


  29. FemmeForever – I’m not sure why you are reading self-doubt in my comment. Some of us actually are alone and isolated – not immersed in academia or a town or city large enough to have the numbers it takes to establish a community and dialogue. Expressing a feeling of isolation does not equal self-doubt. While being isolated in one’s outlook can encourage second guessing oneself, that’s not me.

    I’m sorry to hear about bloggers being bullied off the web. Sadly, that’s not unusual when someone takes a position that probes collective denial. I know from experience that stating that the Emperor has no clothes can invite some violent reactionary wrath.

    As Auntie Lou always said: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean no one is out to get you.

    Thanks again for the blog and for to all the conversation.


  30. Sis:

    You know, sure enough, we’ve had some issues. Be that as it may, I read exactly one rad fem blog these days…ND’s…and as often as I disagree with her, well, I have also agreed with her on several occasions. And I think she’s funny.

    Shrug. You can call me sick if you want, won’t be the first time or the first person to do so. But “criminal element” is stretching it. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a gang of armed speed freak miscreants on speed dial or hanging out in my living room….and my primary job these days involves a gym. Nothing more sinister than that. Trust me, I wish I was getting paid to write anything!

    Sometimes I am amazed at the level of power you and others assume I have. Guess what? I don’t have that. And my number is also unlisted for a reason.

    All that said- if ND wishes I not darken her door, she knows where to find me.


  31. lizor I am talking about the online and real criminal acts toward radical feminist bloggers. I take your comment as dissmissive and name-calling, possibly arising from ignorance of the facts. It would be a good idea to get some knowledge about an issue before you comment.


  32. I for one would be sad to see Ren banished, if for no other reason than that it was upon her recommendation/link that I first visited this blog. As I’ve said before, I think Ren respects ND. They have much in common. They are both smart and passionate and funny and hot tempered. Sure there is conflict between them on many topics, but that friction helps to hone them both I think, and I for one have benefited from the consequent sharpening of argument.


  33. Sneeky:

    I would totally buy ND the tasty adult beverage of her choice in a bar of her choosing, I think most people have figured that out.

    Sis: If I am powerless, then why all the fear? And the who is the real criminal dance has been done before…guess what? Not it. No amount of spin is ever gonna change that….yet oddly enough, I’m not the one running and talking about how scary everyone is.

    Pfft. Shrug. I’ve had a literal hell of a last year and a half, its given me a whole lot of perspective. I engage with ND because I enjoy engaging with her and yeah, I think she’s smart and funny. I appreciate that sort of thing. Also, once again, she knows shes free to tell me to go to hell at any time and hey, I will. My happy blogday to her was just that- a well wish. I don’t hate her or want her to stop talking or any other such thing…contrary to (possibly) popular opinion, that really isn’t my style.


  34. @ lizor

    My comment says that my experience in finding this blog is identical to your experience in finding this blog. IOW, I am agreeing with you. Agreeing. The Only difference in the two experiences was this phrase

    a growing visceral sense that I must be mad

    which I don’t have as part of my experience. That is all I’m saying. My comment was not a critique or a criticism of you/your experience.

    And here I thought I was actually bonding. I am beginning to think it’s not possible to communicate even the most infinitesimal variance in thought without being cursed.


  35. Also, you know, if someone is gonna accuse me of honest to god criminal acts- I’d like some proof. That only seems fair and all.


    1. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again now: I have no idea what any of this shit is about because it all occurred before I existed on the internet, and as a result, I’d rather not rehash it here where I’ve got no clue how to moderate because I don’t know what went on.


  36. @Sis,
    Please forgive my confusion, but I don’t understand how I made your case for you. I simply expressed my opinion, as I see it, as to the dynamic between two bloggers, both of whom I enjoy and respect. But thanks for the awesome spell check! :)


  37. FemmeForever: As someone who disagreed with you last time, I’ll say it didn’t make me dislike you, so I hope you don’t give up on communication even though it’s hard to be positive! I am socially awkward in most contexts (a geek, etc.), so I don’t mind so much when I’m read the wrong way, but I think online forums/blogs make the social framework of interactions harder for everyone because of the unknown audience of one’s words combined with the difficulty of conveying tone.

    So anyway:
    “The popular culture aspect is the hook (besides the writing itself) for approx. 100% of women and girls who don’t happen to be Women’s Studies academics”

    I agree. I don’t know if it’s 100% or not (if you’re sure, then OK), but it is true for me, and when I said “I like the immediacy” I meant something like this: misogynist advertising is right there in front of us and around us where we can see the impact and the ideas it reflects. Judging by me and my friends, I think a reader may be hooked after thinking “what? Really? It can’t be that bad–I would never have believed it!” In a discussion of data and history, one isn’t forced to believe the sources, and it takes longer to check reliability (as much as one can), so it’s easier to leave. That said, academic posts would be awesome because (I’m a non-humanities academic and) by now I trust 9-2 to know her reliable sources.

    Here’s what I should have said the first time: Nine Deuce, your blog already drew me in and I’ve learned something from every entry on it (still only read about 2/3), though I’ve agreed only most of the time. So as far as I’m concerned, you already know perfectly well how to do this right. Happy bbday!


  38. Thank you everyone for the compliments. They’ve made me feel quite important, which I’ll try not to let make me feel too important. But seriously, thanks. Those comments were all very nice to read, and a welcome break from shit like, “You need to get laid, you cat-loving bitch.”

    I’ve got a semi-large plan in the works.


  39. Delete this if you just think it would make things worse Nine Deuce.

    Sis. I get called names by all kinds of people on the internet (big wow). However it’s people like you, in fact SPECIFICALLY you on one occasion who have threatened me and caused me to delete blogs. Not because the threats scared me but because the unsanity of people like you depresses me so much it makes me think there are better places to spend your life than on the internet.

    So stop trying to scare Nine Deuce into compliance with threats of what the bogie man will do eh? It stinks, and it’s what men do to women. IE it’s misogynist. Nine Deuce is already well aware of the threats feminist bloggers get from stupid men.


  40. Happy blogday ND! I always read your posts and I sometimes skim through the comments, but I don’t usually have the stomach for all the MRA-ing and fun-femming that goes on. Hope you finish the man-hating series soon.


  41. ND,

    While I am a feminist who is at least what I would call “radical-leaning”, I don’t always agree with you other other radical feminists (I don’t always agree with anyone that I’m aware of). I do very much appreciate your blog, however. It is one of very few I read these days. And I agree that what you are doing is important. There are only a handful of blogs on the internet that really address the harms of extreme misogyny, porn, etc. It is very true in my experience that women who blog openly about the harms of patriarchy and most specifically the sex industry do tend to get run off the internet. Dealing with the steady stream of misogynistic and abusive comments from both men and women can easily become unbearable. I do hope that you will continue blogging. Or if you do decide to stop, I hope that you will decide to leave your blog active/public rather than erasing it.


  42. FemmeForever,

    I did not take offense and did, in fact, recognize the bonding. Because I have been experiencing isolation to the extent that it has given me moments of self-doubt, which I hate, it makes me a bit sensitive. I guess I was wondering “How the hell did she pick that up?” So please, don’t take me the wrong way. I really appreciate your identifying with my frustration. GXB is absolutely right in stating: “online forums/blogs make the social framework of interactions harder for everyone because of the unknown audience of one’s words combined with the difficulty of conveying tone.” Sorry for the confusion.


  43. ND, leave out this if it is adding to the inflammatory tones here, but I have to take the bait.

    Sis – WTF? Ever hear of Divide and Conquer? You direct a patronizing little note to me, then you go off when I give a sympathetic and polite reply.

    Look, I have had 4-am death threats and had my home vandalized as a result of speaking out against certain fundamentalist elements, so don’t preach to me about real criminal acts. That’s what I was addressing. Read my post. I said I was speaking from experience. There is nothing in my post that would reasonably incite the wrath or disdain you have expressed.

    You are bothered by people who submit posts that are “dissmissive and name-calling, possibly arising from ignorance of the facts”? Why don’t you look in the mirror? You are projecting. And your projection undermines and derails the discussion by turning it into a pointless “Good people” vs. “Bad people” mud-slinging session.

    It doesn’t sound like ND is interested in censoring REN’s comments, which I am very glad of.
    Besides, two days ago you declared/promised: “I won’t be reading or posting if REN is allowed to post here.” It would appear that you didn’t actually mean that as you are still here shitting on other posters.


  44. It’s threats from you that made me leave the internet Polly.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to make nine deuce do anything. I’m trying to point out why certain posters are dangerous.


  45. I’d like to add that Polly also came on the scene after what happened to feminist bloggers who were chased off the internet over online abuse becoming real. I’m not talking about a difference of opinion between feminists, I’m talking about criminal behaviour.

    Witchy knows what happened. Read her comment.

    I am not trying to make you do anything Nine. I like what you discuss and how you do it.

    I can’t say more without abrogating privacy.


  46. Sis, people know the truth about what happened, so I don’t give a shit what lies you tell. And if you’ve left the internet:

    Why are you still here?


  47. Well listen Polly, why don’t you post what I did or said? You’ve got a blog, you can do it there so it doesn’t inconvenience Nine.

    In the meantime, I’ll wait for Nine’s “new blog” announcement, thanks anyway.

    Post it Polly. In my recollection of the contretemp, you were banned from that site over it, and I was not.

    Post it.


    1. I don’t know what any of you are talking about (and I haven’t got all day/the inclination to review pages and pages of ancient internet history to find out/piece it together — in the grand scheme of things of import, personal problems between people on the internet rank pretty low for me) and it’s too hostile for my taste, so that’ll do.


  48. Heya, I was really happy to find this place via a rather random route (looking for information on prostitution in Australia would you believe) and you were the first Australian feminist blogger I found. I don’t post replies mostly because of the hostility above and it’s constant presence. I know a lot of my personal views wouldn’t go down well with people like Sis for example…


    Your blog is awesome and thought inspiring. I hope there will be a place to read the thoughts you share for a long time to come. Thanks for taking the time to write for us.


  49. Those comments were all very nice to read, and a welcome break from shit like, “You need to get laid, you cat-loving bitch.”

    I’ve never understood why such a weak, sophomoric insult as “you need to get laid” is supposed to cut to the quick. Even if the targeted feminist hasn’t been getting any lately, using sex as a palliative for alleged emotional distress would be pathological; that’s what an addict would do. A sane, rational person would seek out therapy or a (legal) pharmaceutical solution for emotional imbalance. They may as well say, “You need to become a sex addict, you cat-loving bitch!”, which doesn’t make any sense.

    “Cat-loving” is undoubtedly a compliment of the highest order, so that doesn’t make any sense, either.

    “Bitch” is a positively hackneyed playground epithet and not worth one raised eyebrow.

    I’m so sorry, 92, that your trolls are of such low intellectual caliber. It must be disappointing in a perverse kind of way.


  50. “beautiful, sweet young women date obnoxious guys”.

    Sounds (as the pet shop boys would say) a lot like life. But also horrendous.

    Ha! Yeah, it sounds exactly like life, but it’s also a crazy internet meme that’s bleeding into real life. There are these sites that celebrate beautiful, purportedly “sweet and sane” women dating (usually unattractive) arrogant jerks. It’s like fodder for the Nice Guys of the world, I think, who can then turn around and use the photographic evidence to shore up their puke-inducing “Women Are Crazy Bitchez And That’s Why They Won’t Sleep With Me/Women Only Want Bad Boys/Nice Guys Always Finish Last” arguments. It could also serve as a morale booster for the unattractive, arrogant jerks of the world, I suppose.


  51. Actually, if you take “You need to get laid, you cat-loving bitch” literally, presumably it equates you to a female dog in heat who needs to find a tomcat to mate with. :) I’m sure that reading is beyond the mental agility of the insulter, though, if that’s a real example. There must be a good comeback about preferring cats to pigs, or “only pigs like you are sex addicts, not cats and dogs” or some rephrasing thereof. Or just (to a male) “no, in the name of men’s ‘rights’, I should give *you* first chance at being screwed by a tomcat”. I’m spending too long on this!

    Put an icon up at Gravatar and it should provide it whenever you enter the right email address. I intended for my icon to work somewhere else, but I’m happy it surprised me here.


  52. Hi ND can i just interrupt your blog for a brief public service announcement, my computer just got hit by some file sharing programme from ‘underworld’ when I approved a comment that had gone into spam. As as security measure I nixed, or should have nixed the blog so hopefully people’s details are safe, and can’t go back to that wordpress account, for the same reason, so anyone claiming to use it isn’t me.

    It’s utter pants but those are the kind of nutcases that are out there. And no, before Sis starts, Ren En had nothing to do with it. I think the fact that I was linked on something that got posted on an MRA site might have done though. So my advice to anyone, if you’ve got a comment in spam, don’t approve it.

    The comment came from ‘ a concerned citizen’.

    I’m typing this from a mates house until I can be sure my computer is secure.


  53. actuallyihatechocolate
    January 29, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    I’m a lazy commenter but I love and appreciate your blog, too many times have I been arguing about something with someone else and said “Here, just read this, she gets it.”. Its amazing to know someone out there gets it.

    Kinda same with me even tho I did posted a few times….I showed a few ppl this website or stole some of Nine´s brilliantly worded sentences.She describes what I wanna say or think in a much more witty,intelligent and eloquent oh and funny way.


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