Here’s where I fulfill everyone’s “radical feminists are cat ladies” stereotypes.

Meet Samsquanch, everyone. I got him last week. He takes a lot of naps in between kicking everything’s ass.


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40 thoughts on “Here’s where I fulfill everyone’s “radical feminists are cat ladies” stereotypes.

      1. I figured by the bundle-of-fluff-ness. Mine started off about that small (I was at university at the time) and he’s coming on two years now. <3 English Blues. Mine attacks everything too.


  1. Okay the first and the third photos either need to have trigger warnings in front of them (ex. “may cause involuntary help-that’s-so-cute noises to escape”) or go straight to Fuck You, Penguin.

    Baby animals need to stop overwhelming me.


  2. The cat thing seems to be the only stereotype about us that’s true. Well that, and we’re too smart to have a bunch of kids.

    Sigh. I have four kitties right now, all adults. It’s so hard not to get another one, and pics of your cutie doesn’t help. He looks like he’s going to grow up to be one of those big, easy going male cats, which are my favorites.

    Congrats on the new addition to your family!


  3. Blue cats are special. I don’t think you’ll have many dull moments with this little guy.

    Is he an American Shorthair? He has a cute little short face.


  4. I think anyone with a heart loves kittens, not just feminists… My husband started out a dog person, but our kitty changed that.

    ND, he’s so cute. Getting kitten envy… I miss them being small and unco-ordinated.

    In the third pic, you can see what a badass he is.


  5. Awww!
    Samsquanch looks EXACTLY like my cat did at that age. Beware, he may grow huge! My cat (Mr. Peep) weighs an astounding 17lbs, and the vet assures me he’s not overweight; he’s just… like that. He’s not purebred, but she thinks he’s at least partly, if not mostly, Chartreaux (not to be confused with Russian Blue), and apparently they get big. Real big. Also, they talk a lot, which Mr. Peep does (hence his name).

    And screw the “cat lady” stereotype. My guy had a pit bull when I met him (a total creampuff of a dog; sadly, he died), and now he’s a complete slave to the cat. And literally every guy who comes to my house wants to have him. He’s just so darn fuzzy!
    Also, he fetches. Seriously.


  6. Naturally rad fems, being smart, will share their abodes with only the best of things: the cat. I live with three cats myself.

    Your kitten is adorable. I want to bottle the cuteness and carry it with me forever. I just squealed like a twelve year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert.


  7. I like pic 4 where he is relaxing with his “prey” having successfully hunted it. My now departed cat had a habit of stealing balls of wool to have in his basket when he was a kitten.

    Which was very cute.


  8. What a sweetie. I love animals. Sadly my baby kitty passed away this year. She was sixteen! She was full of love and peace and had no malice for anything. Now I have had a beautiful red nose Pitbull:) Please don’t listen to the’s all how you raise them. Mine is a rescue and is very happy to have a home. Enjoy your new kitty:)


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