Update from Tokyo: Nine Deuce on the Loose

I’ve always wanted to make that dumb rhyme. I apologize to everyone for my absence. I’m on vacation right now and can’t be bothered to argue with people who feel oppressed by my vagina ownership (see recent comments). I’m in the Tokyo airport on a layover right now and don’t feel like writing other than to say Japan has the world’s best selection of soda flavors. I’ll get on it again soon, I promise — and I’ll be approving comments at least once daily — but for now my main concern is getting these three days of travel over with and getting myself settled on Pulau Perhentian Besar (look it up, I promise you’ll want to come meet me).

13 thoughts on “Update from Tokyo: Nine Deuce on the Loose

  1. I lived in Japan for a while when I was a kid. The place definitely has the best selection of sport drinks with poorly-thought out names. My favorites were Calpis (say it out loud) and Pocari Sweat. Yum.


    1. My uncle gives me airline passes, and I spend less money in Malaysia and Indonesia per day than I do at home, even including places to stay. If one isn’t a priss, one can be pretty comfortable for US $25-30 a day.


  2. a couple questions, 9d.

    one — what ever happened to the series “the world hates people with vaginas”? i noticed you started a new series about man(sculinity) hating, but i hope you’ll also be continuing “twhpwv” series?? (please?!)

    two — did you get the essay? i never heard back from you. i figure you’re probably busy, but a part of me is unsure if it ended up in your spam filter or in your inbox. if you did get it, can i look forward to getting an email with some feedback one day? i know this wasn’t part of the deal, but your opinion on feminism is very highly respected by me, as are your abilities as a writer, so it would be much appreciated. even if it’s just a line or two.


        1. Margaret from Jezebel reports:

          According to Copyranter, Israeli ad agency McCann Digital launched the “Get An Ugly Girlfriend!” site in Hebrew and English along with a Hebrew-only facebook group to promote the fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages.

          So this is what the Zionists are up to when they’re not busy starving Palestinians to death, eh? Why am I not surprised…


  3. :3 Let me know how the chicken flavored Icecream is! A friend of mine from Japan told me they had it, though she might have been joking.


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