Please watch this.

If, after you have done so, it isn’t your favorite band/song/video, then I’ll need you to explain why.

16 thoughts on “Please watch this.

  1. That was even better than waking up this morning and finding that the Diva Cup really DOESN’T leak.

    this video > everything


  2. Unless it morphs into a completely different song after one minute and thirty-six seconds, I can safely say that I don’t like it.

    Why? Because it sucks, it’s stupid, it’s too electronic for my tastes, and I just don’t like it.


    1. Bonobobabe, you show a strange resistance to the hypnotic powers of the great techno god in the sky. Perhaps you possess the strength we need to defeat him!


    2. I must be tough! I made it all the way to the 2:36 mark before I had to bail.

      Different strokes for different folks! Personally, I lean more towards The Cocktail Slippers – ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE ( ) , The New York Dolls – GIMME LUV AND TURN ON THE LIGHTS ( ) and Reg Kehoe And His Marimba Queens – A STUDY IN BROWN ( ) featuring THE original headbanger.


  3. Not really. That was the decade that brought you the Smiths. Though the visuals are strangely reminiscent of Gilbert and George. I wonder if that’s where they nicked the idea from (G&G).


  4. Hey Nine Deuce,

    I’m pretty new to feminism. I didn’t see a way to contact you that’s why I’m leaving this here. I was wondering if you could write a post on how modesty/undmodesty are both just tools of the patriarchy to control how women dress and to not have to take responsibility for their actions and “uncontrollable lusts.”

    I apologize if you’ve already written a post on this and I missed it.

    It would also be great if anyone could could point me to posts on the same subject anywhere else on the blogosphere.


  5. “If, after you have done so, it isn’t your favorite band/song/video, then I’ll need you to explain why.”

    not enough women in bikinis shaking their stuff.


  6. 1980, you say? You have to give them credit- that is way ahead of their time. And the film clip is a real trip. I’m actually sort of charmed ^^


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