14 thoughts on “To the piece of shit who got to my page searching for “hot naked 12 year old women”…

  1. I thought Michael Jackson was dead? (sorry couldn’t resist).

    I just used to get cow related searches like “have any cows gone into space”. But then I invisibilised my blog to search engines. I should probably turn it back on actually, just for the laughs.


  2. They’re probably the same morons that got to mine by looking up “www.fuck.com”, “fucking in public”, “grandfather fuck smallgirls” etc etc.

    Seriously, there are some screwed up motherbitches out there.

    On the plus side someone found my wp by searching “Fuck Karl O Callaghan”, who is my states police representative person. That last search gave me some hope.

    “shellshock 2 scared the shit out of me”
    is the best though

    @ PollyStyrene, some serious lols at the cow search key!


  3. “They’re probably the same morons that got to mine by looking up “www.fuck.com”, “fucking in public”, “grandfather fuck smallgirls” etc etc.”

    Or the one who found mine by searching for “prepubescent labia photos”. Forget police anti-paedophile units; it seems the most efficient way to track paedophiles is to start a feminist blog. Along with syndicalist702, I’m not surprised but appalled.


  4. I’m going to pretend to myself that when paedo’s land on feminist blogs, they read what’s been written, their eyes open wide in this new found knowledge and they quit their evil ways.

    I’m not going to dwell on the reality that probably scan your page for a millisecond, go back to their search results and within seconds will be looking at some image some scum has posted on the internet.
    Scarey eh.

    Keep your feminist blogs going – you never know, they may save the souls of those not too far gone!


  5. Err if you see “Hot naked french hentai” listed, it wasn’t some ‘asshole man’ just my asshole partner being silly while I was on the laptop so you can disregard that.

    …For the record though, the image results weren’t related to the search and were more hilarious than anything.


  6. I found your site by googling ‘I hate men’ when I was having an especially shit day. So it ended up being good, actually.


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