Good job, Roeder.

And no, I don’t mean good job for “ridding the world of a baby killer.” I mean good job for proving to everyone that the radical anti-American stance is hypocritical in every sense, that it is fundamentally anti-life and anti-woman, and that it is completely ideologically fucked in every regard.

It didn’t look so good for us pro-abortion types there for awhile. What with Supreme Court challenges and sneaky back-door state laws intended to limit women’s access to health care by requiring doctors to submit women to emotional manipulation and such, I feared that you motherfuckers might just be weaseling my rights out from under me. Seriously, you guys were gaining some ground there. You had me worried, because your duplicitous machinations were all under the radar for the most part and you seemed to be getting away with it. Thanks for bringing it all out into the open, Roeder. Now the public can see what you motherfuckers are really all about, and I think it’ll bring some much needed perspective to the discourse.

I’m sure you figured that your little act of terrorism might do your cause some good, that it might prevent other doctors from providing women with health care services that the law says are our right, but you were wrong. You and Bill “Fuckin’ thing sucks!” O’Reilly. You see, you’ve single-handedly proven that opposition to abortion is really about restricting women’s freedom and bodily sovereignty rather than some schmaltzy belief in the “sanctity of life.” I mean, it’s not as if no one was aware that most fetus-lovers are for the death penalty and all about overseas wars of aggression — and hence completely hypocritical — but you’ve really given our side some ammo in the form of proof of  just how malicious and full of shit you misogynistic miscreants really are. 

Let’s think about the whole late-term abortion issue a bit. First, anti-Americans love to pretend that late-term abortions are being performed as often as navel piercings and that the women who have abortions in the third trimester are a bunch of heartless, irresponsible whores who one day just up and waltz into a doctor’s office eight-and-a-half months into a pregnancy and say, “Hey, as a joke, why don’t we go ahead and abort this fetus?” As if, dude. If you can find me a doctor in the US who performs elective abortions in the third trimester, I’ll buy you a Lynrd Skynrd box set (or whatever bullshit music the militia men are listening to in northern Michigan these days). I’m not going to get into an argument about elective late-term abortions here because they don’t exist; Dr. George Tiller’s own practice’s website states that the clinic only performs therapeutic abortions in the third trimester. Know what that means? It means it’s only done in cases in which continuing the pregnancy would threaten the mother’s life or her health. Am I to understand that you anti-Americans would have the mother die or suffer a debilitating injury rather than abort a fetus? Where’s that “sanctity of life” shit when it comes to the mother? I’d really, really like to hear the answer to that one.

I suppose you’d say that if God wanted the mother to live rather than the fetus, he’d have allowed that to occur. Which brings me to my second point: the argument against abortion that is most often proffered by anti-Americans is the ol’ “Thou shalt not kill” bit from el Beeble. Now, I know that several fetus-and-JC-loving types have come out to condemn what Roeder did, but there are just as many who are hoopla-ing the fuck down tonight at the news (and I’m pretty sure Ann Coulter and Bill O are among them). That means that it’s time for us all to face the facts about what “Christianity”  really means to the vast majority of people who are most likely to be out hooting and hollering about what Christians they are. Christianity and the Bible do some pretty sweet work for bigots of all stripes, because they get to pick and choose which of the conflicting messages contained within Christian ideology to adopt and which to eschew. So, what Christianity has become, in effect, is a proxy through which shitty people excuse their most egregious and inhumane actions, a relativist mess of hate and violence and resistance to logical thought, such that this dumbass and the people he hangs around with were somehow able to convince themselves that it was not only A-OK to break the main commandment, but that it was OK to do so in God’s house. That’s right, he shot Dr. Tiller in church! So, here we have a “Christian” entering a Christian place of worship to murder another Christian in the name of Christianity and of God himself. Jesus would surely be bummed to hear about that. 

And that hipocrisy leads me to the third problem I have with the radical anti-American position. You see, I’ve always been a bit incredulous when I hear the claim that, by taking one life, these terrorists are preventing the taking of many lives. Bill O’Reilly, in an effort to attempt to mitigate some of the blowback he’s received for basically instigating Tiller’s murder, has been claiming all day that Tiller performed 60,000 late-term abortions. That’d be about five per day, seven days a week, without missing a single day, for 35 years. Riiight. But even if that had been the case, each of the late-term abortions Tiller performed prevented the death or injury of the mother. So here we have the real nub of the radical anti-American stance: fetuses are worth more than female human beings who have had sex. If God decides to punish a woman for having had the audacity to have sex or be raped by allowing her to die or suffer serious injury as the result of carrying a fetus to term, then fuck her. Christ. The only way to intellectually redeem that fucking argument would be to oppose medical care altogether as interference in “God’s plan,” but we can’t have that shit, because that would hurt men. No, what these pieces of shit are saying is that killing a doctor that would save the mother’s life instead of that of the fetus is totally copacetic, because she’s just a woman, not a “human life” like a fetus, which has the potential to be a man or a woman who remains a virgin.

Only someone who truly hates women could even entertain the idea that the life of a fetus might be more important than the life of a woman with a family and friends who would be devastated to lose her. 

Mr. Roeder, you may not have known it when you were planning and carrying out the terroristic assassination of a man who has done nothing but protect and preserve the health and lives of female human beings, but you’ve just proved yourself and your movement to be utterly insane, stupid, incoherent, misogynistic, and evil, and you’ve done so to a massive audience that I could never have hoped to reach. Good job, dude. 

The assassination of Dr. George Tiller, who dedicated his life to protecting our right to safe reproductive health care, should serve as a catalyst for a new offensive against those who would take away our human rights. Please, all of my dear readers, think about volunteering some of your time or money to an organization that protects women’s right to safe and affordable reproductive care, or about writing a blog post or a letter to the editor in support of our right to choose. We have the public’s attention right now and we should take advantage of this opportunity to make our voices heard. Our bodily sovereignty and our right to determine our own destinies depend on it.  

My deepest sympathies go to Dr. Tiller’s family and friends. I almost feel ashamed for writing such a polemical post on the occasion of his murder, but this event proves just how vicious the opponents of women’s human rights are, and I hope Dr. Tiller wouldn’t disapprove of my choice to speak out against them.

11 thoughts on “Good job, Roeder.

  1. RIP Doctor Tiller.

    Right now, as I sit in my spineless skin, I completely and utterly regret my decision to go into post-conflict international law to advocate for women rather than become a doctor and perform late term abortions.

    Because as of yesterday, the number of people willing to do that in this country just went down 33% by one single act of terrorism designed to tell women in this country, you aren’t human you fucking whore.


  2. I’m glad you wrote this; don’t apologize for the passion of the post. Like you, I hope that this horrible murder of a man who was facing possible death every day to help women disaffects the lukewarm into seeing what the forced-birthers are really about. It’s all about control of women.


  3. Nine Duece, marry me.

    Seriously, thank you for putting in words the absolute rage and frustration that I and other feminists have been feeling over the past few days.

    Level Best, you are so right. Granting reproductive freedom would undo thousands of years of patriarchy and, God forbid, acknowledge that women are actual fucking human beings (pun intended).

    I hope Roeder goes before the toughest, most feminist pro-choice judge in the nation for this disgusting act of oppression.


  4. I’d say this incident makes me re-evaluate my stance on the death penalty, but that would only make him a martyr.

    Instead it just makes me wish I hadn’t been suckered into thinking science and math were too hard for me to do despite testing well in them. It’s too late for me to go back and be a doctor now, but it’s not too late for me to encourage any daughters I have may have to love and hopefully go into science.


  5. “…fetuses are worth more than female human beings who have had sex.”

    There it is. Say it again and again. To everyone you meet.

    I believe that misogyny, the politics of female sexuality, and the irrational value placed on the “potential” of a fetus’s life (under ANY circumstances—all life is sacred, blah, blah, blah… except for women the lives of woman who fulfill their feminine duties by having sex with men, of course) constitute the crux of this problem. The actual medical procedure of performing late-term abortions is, I think, secondary to the underlying ideologies of whore-ness and baby-entitlement that incite so much hatred, fear, and violence on behalf of “believers.”

    And we can all work on changing these stubbornly ignorant views of human life and behavior. With everyone we meet. Everyday.

    If we can help others overcome these mental barriers, late-term abortions and abortions in general will become less controversial and more accessible. And the Dr. Tillers of the world will not have to live in mortal fear. Nor will there be so few of them.

    Basically I think politics, not medicine, is both the problem and the solution.

    9-2, your passion is warranted and in no way disrespectful…IMHO. Thank you for the post.

    (My apologies if this is an awkward or not particularly eloquent comment. My brain is tired.)


  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Forced birthers hate women and that’s all their bullshit is about. Scratch a forced birth, find a misogynist. Oh wait, rewrite that. Look at a forced birther and there’s your misogynist. Terrorism like theirs is unacceptable regardless of the “cause”. They revolt me.

    Holding Dr Tiller and his family in my thoughts at this time. Thank you for speaking the truth.


  7. Don’t be ashamed for writing this; I’m glad you did. It puts together all the ideas I’ve been trying to tell people I’m pro-choice, but with better words.

    Pro-life is not all it claims to be; it’s really just pro-fetus.


  8. Thank you for this – I now have even more come-back for those who would argue with me against being pro-choice. Control freak much?

    It’s also very difficult for me not to get very upset/irate/lose all faith in humanity discussing this issue that should not be an issue. Great post.


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