The Fyoochah

I swizzled a few things around on the site. I think it looks a little less clusterfuck-ish, no? I brought back my OG header image and added some new things to my “greatest hits” section over on the right. I also got rid of those stupid drop-down menus that make browsing the categories and archives such a pain in the ass and jettisoned a lot of the superfluous buttons. How many “add this” buttons does one site need, anyway? I’ve also decided that having a “donate” button makes me look like an asshole and is totally out of keeping with my vision of myself as an altruistic-as-fuck freedom fighter. I don’t want to go too ballzout just yet, but I’m also considering switching themes. We’ll see. I’ve re-written my about page and tinkered with my comment policy, so you can check those out if you give a shit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I wanna take at the ‘chine in the future, and I’ve got some re-orientation in mind. I feel like I’ve become too weenie-ish lately and have forgotten that this site is here for me to express my opinions on and that that’s its chief purpose. My discomfort was triggered when I read some post somewhere wherein someone referred to me as this site’s “moderator.” Yuck. Comments are cool and all, and I’m happy for each one that I get and don’t delete, but this isn’t a forum, it’s a blog. I’ve allowed negative attention to put me off of saying what I think (or at least to tie me up in arguments, which keeps me from posting my thoughts on things). It’s cramping my style and sapping my energy, and I think I’m going to skip it for awhile and stick to saying what I have to say in posts (though I still welcome discussion in comments). Unless I decide to do otherwise, that is. I do know that I’m done responding to dudes who don’t think we live in a sexist culture, because that position is too stupid to take seriously.

I’ve been looking at a lot of my old posts this week. In reading them, I get the sense that I went off a lot more back then, and going off is what I’m all about. I know that I’ve chilled out a bit as I’ve been forced to deal with nuance and stop pretending I’m the radfem Rush Limbaugh, but I don’t think I need to keep qualifying everything I say for people who pretend they don’t get what I’m saying or misquote me/take shit out of context to try to prove non-existent points. Besides, I can’t have people figuring out that I’ve got a sense of empathy and will buckle when someone tells me I’ve hurt their feelings. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, y’all. I’ve got stuff to do until Thursday, but then I’m on spring break (show us your tits!), which means I’ll have time to get to the 15 drafts I’ve got saved on this thing.

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13 thoughts on “The Fyoochah

  1. Glad to hear it. Your posts are well written, straight-forward, and funny, and I find myself reading the archives for hours every time I come here.

    I have often tried to verbalize many of the things you (seemingly) effortlessly express here, and it has been great to see views that so closely mirror my own, so thanks!


  2. I’m certainly looking forward to the “fuck y’all” attitude most prominently displayed, I believe, in the post about castrating rapists.


  3. I wish my raging was half as articulate and awesome as yours.
    I have no idea where I want my blog to go and I tend to just go off topic a bit. C’est la vie!
    I look forward to reading more here.


  4. Me and ND go way back, of course so do me and the chicken pox, so the value of that is suspect. I was ND before ND was cool, I remember her when she falsely advertised this site as a ‘rage’ music site.. thats how I got here. Ive been with ND back when she was an inside straight, and I dont mean George. I was there when she stole (I love yu dont forget) Twisty Fasters ‘yes means yes’ concept, who stole it from Valenti, who probably read it in John Adams papers .. for her famous castrate anybody with balls I don’t like series of posts, but as one of her more occasional followers I still cross my legs when I come here. ND. I love ya. Married yet, jerk? When last i was here she was marrying some net-bag but swearing off kids, which to me is the only way to be an authentic human being with anything to gripe about – kids turn feminism blog starlettes into real people. Maybe. ND is in college so knows not the real world, which explains why she degrades historical reenactors by comparing them to BD people. I still love you.. this is YOUR STYLE, if you can use it you can take it ! Shes prolly a 4 foot 2 oriental dwarflady who is full of hot air, puts up talk balloons the size of goodyear blimps .. I agree with her on the P screwing everyone. But now she doesn’t like Black Sabbath? Wheres my wedding invite? That was prolly cancelled last month ..


  5. Trinity and friends will spend the last three quarters of every thread agreeing with each other regardless of what any one else writes, anyway.

    You should post what you want and respond as you choose. Your blog, your rules and all.


  6. Um…don’t take this the wrong way, but in one of your other posts you mentioned that you were hoping to sway fence sitters other to your way of thinking. A “fuck you” attitude doesn’t seem to me to be something that would help you with this.


    1. It’s not a “fuck you” attitude I’m planning to adopt, but I’m not going to spend all of my time qualifying everything I say to avoid offending people who are diametrically opposed to me.


  7. I’m really looking forward to hearing more of what you think!! Men (or anyone) who don’t “believe” in sexism (what, like it’s the Tooth Fairy?) don’t really deserve your energy. You can waste a lot of time and energy trying to explain the obvious to people, but I think you have a lot more important stuff to say than that. This is your blog, you get to say what you want and publish what you want. You don’t have to justify yourself or explain yourself to any of these people. You don’t have to qualify everything you say. Anyone posting should have already read the rules, which are quite clear.


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