Goddamn, I’m sick of this shit.

I’ve been extremeley busy for the last week or so, so I’ve been unable to participate in the semi-vicious circle of BDSM bloviation. Not that I’m all that interested in doing so (I’ve said what I have to say and the whole thing isn’t likely to end in a giant group hug). I’m working on two posts right now, which will probably appear sometime within the next few days: one being my take on A Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins, and the other being Porn Part 10: Nine Deuce the Sex-Positive Feminist (it’s not what you think). I’ll most likely wait on that last one for a little bit, though, because I’m so fucking tired of talking about sex that I think I’m turning into Morrissey (isn’t he supposed to be asexual?). Until then, don’t miss this.

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14 thoughts on “Goddamn, I’m sick of this shit.

  1. Morrissey claimed to be asexual for a while, but a lot of his music has always dealt with or alluded to sex. I don’t think he’s a good reference point for a person who doesn’t talk about it. If you wanted to start talking about it much more cryptically, though, then you’d be onto something.

    I’m always surprised at people whose feelings about the Smiths and the solo material are so polarized. I would guess that there are many pleasures to be had in the Moz catalog for any Smiths fan, but maybe I’m… oh god… wrong.


  2. Awesome. I loved your earlier posts about “Double Shot” with Tila Tequila. Really, those shows are so idiotic…And there’s nothing I love more than reading posts that tell it like it is.


  3. RE: LOLCats
    Do you know that the “translations” there aren’t connected at all with the original Russian text? I speak Russian and liked the original text better in many cases.


  4. “I’m still wondering about the horror movie post… Or did you do it in the mean time and I missed it?”

    That sounds interesting whether it’s discussion of the genre or railing at the whole “Look, another bloody, dismembered woman in lieu of an actually frightening plot!” thing.

    I APPROVE. :)


  5. YAY! Morrissey! (Although, like Ren, I much prefer the Smith to solo Moz.)

    Re: asexuality: I think at one point he said that he was asexual, and that he was (or said he was) celibate for a long period of time. He said something about finding sex repulsive, iirc. Then, later, he said he was bisexual.


  6. re: JRN: “If you wanted to start talking about it much more cryptically, though, then you’d be onto something.”

    Yes. Please, oh, please, though, do leave munitions out of it! (very subtle joke-type-thing you will only get if you’re familiar with an infamous lyric he wrote a couple of years ago)


  7. Morrissey talked about sex all the time

    “Why pamper life’s complexity when the leather looks good in the passenger seat?”.

    He just didn’t talk about his own sex life (and yeah he did have one, even when he was in the Smiths).

    Wish he’d stop supporting bloody PETA though.


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