I’ve just been made aware of the existence of…

… the greatest website in the world. Good, clean fun that you can feel free to peruse at work. Thanks, Marc.

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7 thoughts on “I’ve just been made aware of the existence of…

  1. Hmmm…OK, the photos are particularly bad, but sites like these leave a bad taste in my mouth. I really don’t find it cool to ridicule people purely based on how they look.


    1. I’m extremely empathetic, so I think I know what you mean. (I can’t even watch Gong Show-type stuff; I’m too embarrassed for the contestants.) However, I’ve been to this site on occassion, and I think teh funny isn’t so much in how these people look, it’s in how they think they look.

      And (for me, anyway) the humor is definitely rueful— I’ve got some mid-80s to mid-90s public school picture-day shots that I sure wish my mom would lose. I’m talking about full-on acid wash, paper-bag waists, two-toned LA Gears (with two-toned socks) and insanely oversized Hypercolor t-shirts. No, I don’t know what we were thinking. Sadly, that was the desired look. So I look at those pictures and I’m like, “Oh dude. Been there.”


  2. Yeah, the people in the photos aren’t even ‘ugly’… they just are funy pictures. Lol @ the christmas photo with the fake mountain scene.


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