8 thoughts on “I live in New York. I know there are a lot of radfems in or near New York.

  1. I do not live in NY, though I’d love to rant with you live & in person. I am, however, a Bostonian radfem. Anyone care to do some patriarchy-bashing in the Bay State?


  2. i live in toronto but have planned since age 18 to move to new york after graduating teacher’s college. i plan to open an alternative school there.

    by the way, about the name of the facebook group “sex-positive leftists critical of bdsm” (which i posted a link to in an earlier comment), i don’t mean ‘sex-positive’ in the co-opted ‘third wave’ sense (which is more like sexploitation and domination positive!) … i mean for real sex-positive. yeah, we gotta reclaim that term!

    here’s the link to the group again: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=64053174528

    if you like what you read, can you post it as one of your links? i’d like to get the word out! :)


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