I know, I’m blowing it.

I’ve just finished my exams and still have to grade a shit-ton of final papers and write two papers of my own, so it’ll have to wait at least two more days. Until then, go check out this bad-ass post at Crankosaur’s.

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3 thoughts on “I know, I’m blowing it.

  1. That IS a great post. I’ve truly never understood PETA’s idea that “Okay, we’ll take a cause most people think (rightly or wrongly) is pretty way out there, and then we’ll put naked or near-naked women in cages, and then they… won’t think it’s way out there!”

    More likely they just get people hanging around staring at the SM-y show. Which doesn’t exactly do anything to prove their point to the people going “Look at THAT, George!”


  2. I loled when I read the first sentence. I love animals and care about them, but I think PETA makes animal rights advocates look bad. “Peta – Where only women are treated like meat.”

    You’re definitely not blowing anything. Take your time. I’ll still be here.


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