The 62nd Carnival of Feminsts!

Hello, everyone. I’m Nine Deuce and I’ll be your host for this here thing, the Sixty-Second Carnival of Feminists. I’m really excited about this collection of posts and the opportunity to host the Carnival of Feminists and get some exposure to what’s going on across the spectrum of feminist ideas. I’ve found some excellent new blogs that I’ll be checking regularly, as well as some kick-ass posts from blogs I’ve been frequenting for awhile. Let’s get to ’em:

Shutting Down Stereotypes

Renee at Womanist Musings takes issue with CNN’s recent documentary on the lives of black mothers for placing men at the center of the discussion, as well as portraying American black women as a homogeneous group by ignoring the experiences of all but heterosexual cisgendered women.

Lindsay over at Female Impersonator discusses the ever-controversial f-word. Why, oh why is it so shameful to state publicly that you think women are human beings?

Money Blue Book discusses the phenomenon popularly referred to as the “Queen Bee Syndrome” and women’s workplace experiences with female bosses.

Cruella of Cruella-blog, in an awesomely sarcastic post, takes the Daily Mail’‘s Anna Pasternak to task for dredging up, once again, the “career women are destined to live lonely, unsatisfying lives” bit.

Whatsername of The Jaded Hippy takes issue with feminists who go out of their way to tell people that not all feminists are fat, hairy, or ugly, pointing out that making such a statement is a way of displaying what she calls beauty privilege.

Fannie over at Fannie’s Room analyzes coverage of Indy Racing League driver Danica Patrick’s recent altercation with  Milka Duno, arguing that the coverage of the incident highlights the differing standards in media coverage of male and female athletes.

Women Across Cultures

Stargazer at The Hand Mirror recalls her journey to Mecca and Medina for the hajj, where one experience highlighted the difference in the ways boys and girls are raised.

At Unmana’s Words, Unmana gives us her take on the Mahabharat, as presented by Ekta Kapoor.

Women and the Law

Marcella Chester at abyss2hope discusses the definition of rape and who gets to decide whether someone has been raped. I recommend you also check out the accompanying post on women reporting rapes.

August at How to Be A Pregnant Lady argues that government interference in women’s reproductive rights is such an invasion of our privacy that the burden of proof that abortion ought to be outlawed should lie with those who are anti-abortion.

Harpymarx welcomes the news of a legal reform in the UK that will disallow the “but she was a bitch!” defense for men who have murdered their wives.

Women’s Health and Sexuality

GrrlScientist brings us her analysis of the potential consequences of the Department of Health and Human Services’s attempt to redefine certain contraceptives as abortion, a terrifying move that we all ought to be paying close attention to.

Earlgreyrooibos at This is What A Feminist Blogs Like discusses the limits insurance companies place on their female clients’ reproductive health choices by forcing them to choose gynecologists from within a limited network.

Julia Kaye at Womenstake reports on the new “abstinence thong,” quite possibly the most paradoxical garment on the market today.

Austin Klein, on Austin’s Atheism Blog, discusses the anti-abortion argument that a fetus has the same rights as a human being, explaining that such a view conflicts with the rights of female human beings to decide whether to allow their organs to be used by a fetus.

Well, that’s it for this time. Be sure to check out the next Carnival of Feminists at The Mind of Genevieve.

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12 thoughts on “The 62nd Carnival of Feminsts!

  1. Earlgreyrooibos at This is What A Feminist Blogs Like discusses the limits insurance companies place on their female clients’ reproductive health choices by forcing them to choose gynecologists from within a limited network.

    That’s not really some specific feminist issue, considering insurance companies and HMOs have been doing that, for both sexes, pretty much forever. You go to the doctors they want you to go to, or you aren’t covered. It’s not just women’s “reproductive health”, it’s every aspect of every insured person’s health, period.


  2. I swear, Genevieve, I’m not a dumb asshole, though I look like one. First I forget to include the link, then there’s a typo in it. I apologize, and it’s all fixed now (though a little late). I’d like to officially blame Malaysia, bad internet connections, and my inability to read and write.


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