See that photo up above?

I’m getting ready to leave for a few weeks, which I’ll spend sitting on the patio of one of the exact little beach huts you see there, on the island of Perhentian Besar in Malaysia. I’ll try to write a bit while I’m there, but I doubt I’m going to want to spend very many hours sitting at the computer rather than on that beach or diving, so I thought I’d warn everyone.

In any case, I have a really long layover on my way back home at Incheon Airport in Seoul, where they have free internet access, so expect a rash of posts on or about August 17. I’ll also be hosting the Carnival of Feminists on the 6th, so make sure to check that out. I’ll be approving and responding to comments daily. If you can’t bear the dearth of reading material, read something old or check out all the awesome writers on my blogroll (Jen, in particular, is going off lately).

One last thing: this place has gotten all out of sorts. I got a little drawn into the sex-positive argument and felt it necessary to lay a few things out in order to clarify my own positions and respond more effectively to those I disagree with, but that’s never been the point of this blog. I don’t expect that radical feminists will ever come to any sort of serious agreement with pro-porn/prostitution types. I do think some of us can be civil with each other, and maybe word each other up about a few things, but that’s about it.

So, since my aim when I started this blog was to win people over to my viewpoint, I’m going to focus my attention on people who might be willing to pick up what I’m laying down. That means you can expect more general posts and less on the internecine squabbles between feminists of sundry stripes. I’m neither an authority on radical feminist theory, nor a member of any elite squad of feminist theorists. I’m just a fairly radical feminist who wants to convince people who aren’t on board with me yet to get on board, and I’m going to get back to work on that (which I hope I’ve started on with my latest post).


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16 thoughts on “See that photo up above?

  1. So, since my aim when I started this blog was to win people over to my viewpoint, I’m going to focus my attention on people who might be willing to pick up what I’m laying down. That means you can expect more general posts and less on the internecine squabbles between feminists of sundry stripes.

    Yay! I wasn’t real fond of the turn your blog was taking, but it is YOUR blog, to do with as you wish. It’s just that there are already so many squabbles in the feminist blogosphere.

    I’ve always loved your blog from the first time I read a post of yours.

    I don’t read sex-pos blogs, except for when a post is linked from a radfem blog. I don’t see a point in reading blogs with viewpoints I don’t agree with just to get myself in a lather over things.

    The fact that you nipped this in the bud so quickly really shows what a class act you are. I really respect your wanting to keep yourself out of the muck.


  2. Yeah, I’m pretty fucking tired of what the discussion has turned into. These busters really do come from a strange place. I’m pretty much terrified of that Kennerson’s dude’s existence. Which I’m sure he’d say is because he’s black, when it’s actually because he’s a fucking gynophobic psycho.


  3. I know that I often find my rants on repeat when my opposition just doesn’t bother to try to comprehend what I write the first or twenty-third time. I don’t begrudge you of focusing on it, although it does get tiresome on the supply side if it’s all I focus on. Really, the opposition to what we do we encounter in our own social movement is saddening. I slap myself out of the funk and remind myself that we are the vanguard! Nobody gets what we say because nobody’s heard it before. And if we shuttup and stopped, they never would. And so, we keep on keeping on. Of course, your rants are awesome. I love them no matter the topic, even when I disagree in certain points.

    Also, I absolutely and utterly hate you for your up-coming awesome vacation. By “hate” I mean “am viciously jealous of”. If I was in such a beautiful place, I’m sure blogging would be the last thing on my mind.

    As a closing, I am really thrilled to see a plug for my stuff by you. Really, it’s incredibly flattering. Thank you ever so much. This is one of the few blogs I frequent daily and extensively (the rest I occasionally peruse and skim), so that’s a huge compliment to me. I’ll try to make sure I deserve it!


  4. Totally. I think we should make some fucking t-shirts and have like hand signals and shit so we know when someone we randomly meet on the street is in on the revolution or not.


  5. The island of Perhentian Besar in Malaysia? From the picture it looks like a beautiful place to go to.

    I hope you’ll have a great vacation, Nine. :)

    I’ll keep reading your blog, including some of your older posts.

    You have been and are being very courageous, Nine. Please don’t forget that.

    Jen- Your blog looks great! I will add it to my blogroll today. :)


  6. I’ve only been adding feminists to my blogroll since a few months ago (being a sex worker, most of my links are to other sex workers and john types) and must say I never knew there was so much squabbling between feminists. I mean, we’re all just feminists, right? Personally I think tacking “sex positive” in front of feminism looks silly, as if all other feminists were a bunch of prudes. I guess I identify with “radical” since my politics in general are radical (getting to the root of why problems exist in the first place). Unfortunately, most folks confuse radical with “extreme” or “going too far” or something. And “sex positive” feminist blogs seem to keep reminding us that “sex positive” doesn’t necessarily mean pandering to mainstream, misogynistic sexuality. The point is, we ALL want equality, respect, opportunities, etc. for women. The “sex positive” people want that too and I’ll keep reading their blogs even though I’m more comfortable addressing my own personal life from a radical point of view.


  7. Happy vacationing, ND! Sorry I’ve been so scarce lately…been bustling around in the ‘real world’ trying to make a dollar or two. Tiring shit, I tell you!

    Anyway, peace and love and flower essences.



  8. I got tired of Perhentian Besar, i’ve been there like, SO MANY TIMES. I’m going more exotic, I’m going to Dollywood this year. Nine Deuce. If thats your real fake name. Its great to hear you showing a little humility you know? Humanity. A little knowledge that screaming at people like Twisty does doesn’t change minds. People probably dont care about your surgery either. This is hilarious because in the early going you ‘didnt want to get too personal’, now your readers are inside your blouse. Get me out! Nobody says blouse anymore do they? Keep up this more human less hubris approach. Say it with me.. More humble less hubris. You are way more likable that way! Gare, riding the flume zoom


  9. I’m only after discovering your blog today, and I’ve just spent ages reading it. It’s only brilliant; keep up the good work. Hope you have a lovely holiday, and send us some postcards.


  10. P.S. I’m afraid I’m rather new to this computer stuff (there weren’t any in schools, and I small), so I actually don’t have a website, nor do I know precisely what a URL is. I hope that helps with your moderating. P.P.S. Although I’m a novice at all this blogging business, I also adore Twisty and Hell on Hairy Legs. I hope that clarifies things.


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