Tell Kyle Payne to Get off the Internet

Is anyone but me pissed that this fucking gutter ball is still on the internet pretending to be a feminist? I don’t want a goddamned convicted sex offender associated with my movement. I’ve sent him a few… ahem… strongly worded comments telling him I think he ought to do the decent thing and take down his site (or at least the sections of it in which he claims to be a feminist activist), but to no avail as of yet. He did eventually remove me from his blogroll after I requested that he do so, which I suggest any of you who he has linked to do as well, but that doesn’t seem like enough.

He knows we don’t want him on the internet posing as someone who cares about our human rights, but he thinks he knows what’s best for us when we don’t. He’s decided, on his own, that the greater good will be served by him leaving his site up. To help women, you see. Because he knows what’s best for women, knows better than we feminists do.

Am I insane, or is what I am asking reasonable? Is anyone interested in starting some kind of comment/e-mail campaign to try to convince this shitbag to do the right thing and take his filthy mockery of a site down?

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20 thoughts on “Tell Kyle Payne to Get off the Internet

  1. I don’t really think you can effectively get someone off the internet by posting comments to his blog.

    It would help, though, if you stopped linking to his blog. That just improves his PageRank in Google.


  2. I figured if he’s so invested in doing the right thing by feminists that hearing that we want him to take his site down might matter to him. I only linked to him so that people could send him comments should they choose to do so.


  3. I left him a fun message on his youtube “Introduction” video where he goes on and on about what a great crusader he is for women. I’ve also sent messages/comments to various feminist-friendly dudes who have subscribed to his videos. Hopefully they will step up and shame the everliving shit out of him.

    What the fuck??!!


  4. He’s already proven that he doesn’t give a flying fuck about women’s rights. Saying take your blog down in the name of actual feminism probably won’t do too much good.
    If everyone on his blogroll wrote about the situation and then demanded to be taken off of said blogroll, perhaps he’d get the hint that the feminist blogosphere doesn’t want him anywhere near us.


  5. yeah, he seems to be ignoring comments all around. he did spend about 3 hours (if i have the ip pegged correctly) on my blog today…perhaps he was checking out the “exposing kyle payne” list and seeing just how many women think he’s scum and how no, none of us, really want him giving us any “help”.

    but this dude’s ego is huge, so him taking down his blog? well, we can hope…


  6. I’m thinking it’d have to be a complaint to his server; obviously he’s not going to recuse himself. dunno if whoever’s hosting him would remove him just like that; usually it’d be based on offensive content rather than what else the person’s done, but…

    let’s see: oh, it’s wordpress. anyone ever complain to wordpress about a blog? I only know blogger/blogspot.

    As for the university: he’s a graduate already, so they’ve probably washed their hands as much as possible, it’s not like they can discipline him or kick him out at this point.


    the googlebombing seems to be helping a bit. and the good news is that practically no one was reading him before, so it’s not like he’s got flocks of people rushing to his defense or anything, online at least.

    Oh! and also, he vlogs at youtube: again, they usually only remove stuff based on content rather than “this person is a scumbag,” but ftr:

    and there he DOES seem to still be getting benign comments, even if it’s just a few: see the 4th of July one.


  7. –ah, and he seems to have removed your comment already, Izzy. surprise, surprise.

    I am thinking he’s got a future with Karl Rove’s PR company or something of that sort…


  8. …actually, you know how this should -really- be useful: the fuckbag goes to a lot of conferences that other people in the left/feminist blogospheres probably go to also.

    most recently: Conference on Media Reform in Minneapolis.


    and of course, he went to the anti-porn conf with Robert Jensen et al (can’t find link at mo, it’s been mentioned)

    …and, well, at least, now, everyone knows his name and what he looks like…


  9. you know i . have been just observing whats going on. yeah i am human. i have no idea whats become of my own posts. because i cannot evan fathom having a ‘conversation’ with young woman who are like you. all my relationships are with young woman who will probably be my boss. they are self confident. they are winning. and they will probably laugh at your victim talk.

    i WANT TO CALL YOU ON THIS> you DEMONIZE MEN who use their own names.

    hiding behind cute screen names like ‘deuce’

    who i ask you will take you seriously in the discourse of our time when you vehemnently ask for credibily behind silly masks?

    i just observe in horror how some women you know gare


  10. Gare – There is a difference between lacking self confidence and calling out rapists for what they are. We aren’t sitting here wallowing in victimhood, but rather discussing the manifestations of a misogynistic culture. There is a difference. But even if we were, wouldn’t we have a right to? If I’ve been hurt by someone, do I not have the right to say so?

    Kyle Payne uses his own name because he chooses to. He could call himself Dickface McDumbass and I’d still bring attention to the fact that he’s a rapist. I’m not demonizing him. He did that to himself when he sexually assaulted a drunk girl while claiming to be a feminist.

    As for my choice to use a pseudonym, I do it because I don’t want to have to temper my opinions because my name is attached to them. I am a radical feminist and I like to cuss. Those two things could be problems for me should my students or future employers be aware of them.


  11. woo, the big bad man coming in and taking afront to the fact that the women are using screen names! Like most people on the net do? For valid reasons?

    Simple truth is, if Kyle Payne hadn’t assaulted someone, chances are, none of us ever would have had reason or inclination to ever mention his name.

    And how do you know one of us isn’t already your boss? Or how young we are for that matter?

    Is that your real name?



  12. The beauty and power of the internet is that everybody gets her or his say. The solution is not for people to be silenced when their opinions aren’t rational, but for there to be a give-and-take discourse where those opinions can be refuted. Sometimes dorks run amuck, but that’s the nature of this double-edged medium. In any case, it’s troubling to hear anybody calling feminism ‘their movement’. The assertion that any one person (or point-of-view) can speak for something as globally important as women’s rights is a little ridiculous; and unfortunately, I hear feminism spoken of thus quite often in the blogosphere. It does feminism a disservice. Whether or not this guy is a particularly egregious example isn’t the point. I say, call him out on the bullshit, state your reasons, and leave it at that.


  13. The problem isn’t that the guy is a dork, or that he’s illogical, but that he’s a RAPIST and has no right to claim a place in a feminist movement. Do you even know what we’re talking about here? Don’t tell me what does feminism a disservice, tell the rapist. Actually, don’t tell me how to run my own website. It makes you sound arrogant, presumptuous, and ill-informed.


  14. SaveOurSkyline–
    Actually, if you knew anything about the variety of people commenting on this particular post, and calling out Kyle Payne in the long run, you wouldn’t be saying that the collective ‘we’ want any one person or point of view speaking for feminism.


  15. I told him to drown to death in his own cum, and various other obscenities.
    He’s a worthless excuse for a human being.


  16. If anyone else here uses Facebook, he has a page there. He’s the only Kyle Payne in the Buena Vista network, and with the same picture. You can’t view his page if you’re not his friend, but you can send him a message there as well.

    I wrote a note about him on my personal page. Alerting my feminist, rape crisis activist friends about him. The boy’s in trouble now.


  17. I don’t agree with the philosophy that people should be calling for some kind of removal of content, regardless of how heinous it is. I would extend this even to a rebuke of the current trends in many parts of Europe that criminalize holocaust denial. There are ideas that are reprehensible, but necessarily, if there is to be a free exchange of thought, even horrid issues need to be aired. Sure, ridicule it, show why it’s wrong, engage that viewpoint in a dialog and tear it to shreds, but the beauty of the marketplace of free ideas is that everybody, including the fucktards, get their say, and then conversation ensues, and people can make up their own minds. It’s not telling you how to run your website, it’s a personal opionion about the most efficient way to communicate an idea. I’m familiar with this blogger, and I agree with you, but I think you’ll get a lot further with him on the internet, and giving him hell, than off. These misogynistic philosophies exist in our society; there’s no getting around it. Not from this one source, but from many. They need to be recognized and confronted, not silenced.


  18. I have a policy of not linking to men’s blogs on my blog. This just gave me yet another great justification for not doing so.


  19. SaveOurSkyline–
    Ah, but he’s not ‘engaging’ with us, he’s deleting our comments, ignoring what we have to say, and pretending as though everything’s all wonderful and he truly is the Grand Saviour of Women.

    True, he can do whatever he wants as far as taking his blog down is concerned, and hopefully we’ve all done enough work so that anyone Googling him will see he’s an asshole, not a real feminist. But I hate that he is so completely misrepresenting what feminism is about; and I suspect that he is doing so for purely nefarious reasons.


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