Radical feminist kegger in Atlanta?

It seems, as I look around at my comments, that there are more than a few radical feminists in Atlanta, where I’m spending the summer. It’s always been my dream to have a feminists-only kegger. I don’t know that such a thing is really a possibility, but maybe something similar is. Pisaquari, are you in?

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6 thoughts on “Radical feminist kegger in Atlanta?

  1. To locate rad-fem potential party-goers, you probably should bee-line for the women’s bookstore in Little Five Points–it was called Charis in the 1990’s. I have not been in Atlanta for years, so if this bookstore isn’t there any more, my apologies for the suggestion!


  2. A Radical Feminist Kegger?

    Wait–hold the button–how many radical feminists are hiding out in Atlanta?

    Okay, so the idea is a kegger? Hm. I fear I am the dreaded Party Soberee but I am fun ( I think) nonetheless.

    I am in whatever the beverage.

    Level Best: Charis is indeed still there. Quite quaint.
    It is not what I’d call a radical feminist hang out but what is? Could possibly scrounge up a few more contenders.

    Just let me know when/where/what I should bring.


  3. Hey – I’m up for it! I almost can’t imagine a radical feminist kegger, but I’m so there. I’ve been feeling like my own little feminist island lately, it would rock to connect with a few others.


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