MTV: Sex, Drugs, and (almost no) Rock and Roll… FOR KIDS! (Part 1)

I’m staying in Atlanta for the summer. It’s often hot as fuck out, so I’m stuck inside once in awhile, where I have cable for the first time in about 3 years. I haven’t taken much advantage of it since I’ve been reading, writing blog posts, and doing a lot of schoolwork, but last night I did.

Let me start by saying that I know making fun of MTV is pretty easy. It’s obvious that MTV isn’t cool, that it ruins a lot of the coolest things about youth culture, and that it exists to the detriment of young people’s development. Although I agree with everything he said, I get terribly embarrassed whenever I hear recordings of Jello Biafra bloviating about how much MTV sucks. Listening to someone making fun of MTV is like reading old punk lyrics. It’s just so obvious, you know? But I have to.

Anyway, I don’t ever watch it, but last night I did and it was unfuckingbelievable. I watched three hours of it with another advanced scholar of 80s and 90s pop culture, and we were completely astonished at how insane things have become on that network, even in comparison with the asinine drivel we remember having seen on it as teenagers. Seriously, it blew my mind. I had to write about it.

As I sit here and listen to the greatest hits of Huey Lewis and the News (a fuckin’ hipster, I am), I am reminded of a simpler time. A time when parents didn’t want their kids to be promiscuous drunks, when hardly anyone got naked in front of strangers for no reason, when MTV just played questionable music videos instead of outright misogynistic borderline porn, when it was the men who were wearing attire that nearly exposed their genitalia and humping inanimate objects (Aerosmith, The Cult, etc.) in order to shock the audience rather than women doing so to avoid shocking the audience by not doing it. MTV was tame back then. As it is now, there isn’t a minute that goes by on MTV that doesn’t contain at least two of the following:

  1. People having sex. And I don’t mean the implication that people are humping, I mean video of people actually doing it, or video of people talking about having actually done it.
  2. Horrifically embarrassing stereotypes. These usually involve some woman or member of a minority group caricaturing himself/herself for the amusement of the audience.
  3. Emotional abuse. Nearly every program on MTV revolves around one member of a couple/love triangle/love octagon or a contestant for someone’s love being betrayed, humiliated, or emotionally abused.
  4. Alcohol abuse. The producers of MTV’s shows all know that booze = drama. Who will fall on the floor screaming, get naked in public, get in a fight, or fuck a stranger on camera when they aren’t drunk?
  5. Tons of T&A. Since most MTV shows are short on substance, they need footage that will kill time but also keep people watching. What works better for that than footage of the seemingly endless parade of women willing to hang out with hardly anything on? Footage of these women’s faces is purely optional as long as there are boobs in the shot.
  6. Total debasement of the parent-child relationship. Parents on MTV are their kids’ drinking buddies, slaves, cheerleaders, enablers, and bank accounts, not authority figures. They’re there to bankroll the party, not to bum it out with their concerns for their children’s well-being.

Now that the parameters have been laid down, I’ll get to the shows. In the course of my MTV viewing experiment, I sat through an episode of A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila, two episodes of The X-Effect, and two episodes of Date My Mom. I’ve also seen a few episodes of this season’s Real World recently. I don’t know which of these shows wins the Most Fucked Up Show on TV Award (previously held by The Swan), but all four are clearly produced by the devil (and I’m not just saying that because I had to sit through clips of Death Cab for Cutie on either side of the commercial breaks).

I’ll start with Tila Tequila’s show. The story, for those of you lucky enough to have escaped hearing about it, is that Tila Tequila, who is famous for being the filthiest animal on MySpace, is looking for a life partner. Tila Tequila is, quite simply, a sexbot. She was designed and built by strip club patrons who like ’em ambiguously beige-tan, petite, and dramatically reconfigured by plastic surgery, she was programmed by Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope to be their freewheelin’, free lovin’, chick lickin’ dream girl, then she got her own show. Either that or she did all that shit to herself knowing what appeals to the average dude and the average brainwashed young “chick” in order to get her own show. In any case, she’s ridden uber-commercialized, hyper-sexualized vacuity from a simple page on a social networking site to her own show on MTV, from where she gets to project her warped idea of femininity, morality, sexuality, and “love” to the preteens of the nation.

Like I said earlier, Tila, the story goes, is looking for true love. No one older than 13 really believes that’s what’s going on, but that’s the producers’ and Ms. Tequila’s story and they’re sticking to it. OK, fine, but doesn’t The Bachelorette already exist? What sets this show apart from Rock of Love (other than Ms. Tequila having hair and boobs) or I Love New York (besides the fact that I Love New York had Chance, the funniest dude on TV since Murdoch from The A-Team)?

The twist is… get ready… Tila Tequila is bisexual! She likes to do it with men and women. So half of the contestants trying to win the heart of this evil robot, trying to make the most of their Shot at Love, are men, and the other half are women. The men are the same kinds of men you see on any show with a similar premise: vain ‘roid monkeys with egos to put Billy Zabka to shame who are there simply because they, just knowing that they deserve to be famous, are looking for some small-screen exposure to get them started in the business. The women are weird, though. Most of them are similar to the women on shows like The Bachelor, although they manage to project even less self-respect and class than those women do, but at least one or two of them are actual lesbians. They usually get kicked off first, though. Who wants real lesbians ruining the Maxim-esque fantasy?

That’s right, I said it. Most of the women on Shot at Love aren’t lesbians. They’re women who make out with other women to make men want to pork them. They’re women who want to get famous and are willing to make out with a chick on screen if it’ll get them closer to that goal. I know that almost everyone on reality TV is there because they want to get famous (sorry if I’m ruining the magic for anyone), but this is easily the most egregious example of it I’ve ever seen. I suppose pretending to be gay isn’t any worse than pretending to care about someone so you can be on TV, but the combination of the two is a bit much.

But that’s not all. On most of these reality TV love match shows, the producers hesitate to bluntly insinuate that the contestants are having sex with the prize, but not so in this case. (Which is funny, considering the fact that most of these shows are intended for adult audiences, while Tila Tequila is on a network with a very young audience.) The only way they could make it more obvious that Ms. Tequila is having sex with every single contestant would be if they had a ticker at the bottom of the screen that showed the number of them she’d bedded tick up every time she closed a door on a camera. Now, I don’t know if she and the contestants are actually all getting busy, but that’s most definitely what we’re meant to believe, and I honestly don’t doubt it. Everyone on the show is drunk constantly, they’re all the kinds of people who believe life revolves around fucking, and hardly anyone is ever fully clothed. MTV producers, in all of their reality programs, seem hell-bent on getting as many people to fuck as many different people as possible, and this show is no exception. That means the contestants are constantly ensconced in opulent surroundings, they’re pumped full of booze, they’re always expected to be dressed up in “sexy” (if your idea of sexy is a stripper’s outfit) clothes, and they’re routinely asked to participate in overtly sexualized activities (bathing suit photo shoots, massage lessons, etc.).

Tila makes her decisions on who to keep and who to bounce on one criterion: how in love with her she thinks the contestants are. Fuckin’ A. Narcissism deluxe. You see, the contestants on these shows are in a weird position. They get almost no sleep, they eat poorly, they’re drunk all the time, and they have absolutely no privacy. It’s no surprise that they end up a little emotionally vulnerable, which makes it easy for Ms. Tequila to use her sexuality (consciously or not) to manipulate them into thinking they’re in love. If she fails, they get the boot. The weird part is that these women who are pretending to be gay actually seem to develop feelings for Tila Tequila. I don’t know whether they’re actually in love with her or if their feelings are really just intense admiration for someone who has earned a black belt in sexual manipulation, but they seem pretty stricken, so it’s really kind of gross to watch them get emotionally abused on national television.

What bothers me about this show isn’t that people are being hosey, that people are engaging in thoughtless casual sex, and that people are buying into the idea that Tila Tequila is after true love. What bothers me is how manipulative the entire premise of the show is and how sanctimonious the message seems to be. Basically, MTV is telling us that if we don’t think fucking 30 strangers is the best way to find love, we’re closed-minded homophobes, real reactionaries. You know, because the fact that people are pretending to be gay or bisexual and giving the (young, impressionable) public disgusting, caricatured, one-dimensional representations of the members of those communities is no big deal. Because believing that there should be something to love other than liking to fuck someone is totally passe. Because the path to liberation for women is lined with random wieners and public same-sex make-out sessions. Because the way to determine whether someone is a worthy human being is to see whether you can use your sexuality to manipulate them into thinking they love you.

Yeah, that’s what we want to tell our impressionable young women and men. And we wonder where the Suicide Girls and sex-positivism come from.

To be continued…

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36 thoughts on “MTV: Sex, Drugs, and (almost no) Rock and Roll… FOR KIDS! (Part 1)

  1. Oh dear sweet fucking bastard child of god, I had a certain white trash ex-boyfriend that was a complete cocksucker who sincerely believed that true feminist girls were the kind of “strong, trashy, don’t-give-a-fuck” alternative types with tattoos and numerous sexual partners/experiences, and who came from broken homes involving pervy stepfathers. You know, the kind of tough-girl sluts that call other girls “bitches and pussies”, but will shut up and submit to the guy with the most tattoos. I was the first girlfriend he’d had with a decent education and a relatively mainstream upbringing compared to the girls he knew, and I was consistently at odds with what his idea of a strong woman should be. What a little bitch! Thank fucking god I outgrew that “oh boo-hoo, I’m tired of being a baby yuppie, I wanna be cool and counterculture like people in Gen X novels who smoke and pop pills and experience interior monologues while trapped in meaningless sexual relationships” phase. Guys like him are such societal cocksuckers, I sincerely do not place any human value on him or his trashy kind.


  2. Eh well first off, I’m not an elitist. I withdrew from high school before going to art school (which is why he thought that I was in his field of dating) before being able to transfer to a decent university. What he didn’t understand was that I was terribly “bourgeoisie” yuppie by upbringing/values despite my bad academic standing.

    I’m angry at the situation because of how easily he was able to insinuate, through the silent corroboration of the pervasive pop cultural statements and influences of both music (he was in the punk/hardcore scene/bands) and pornographic culture, that my own ideas of feminism and even self-worth were less significant than his idea of feminism, which he had adopted from his mother. She was, apparently, a former punk rock runaway who was sexually promiscuous, abused, and probably the 70’s version of a Suicide Girl before she broke into the middle-class through writing marketable (libelous) fiction. It was a very bad feeling to constantly be compared to this woman who was not a feminist in any way. Unfortunately, her son seemed to believe that his mother’s lifestyle was what true feminism was made of, and that my own rather academic and moderate one was not genuine at all. It’s a very, very bad feeling, and I am very glad to be rid of it all. I’m glad I was tactless enough to tell him how poorly I thought of his mother and her cheap fiction. Most of all, I’m glad I never let him keep any pictures of me because he’s the kind of guy who would post them on the Internet under forum threads with titles like, “PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.”



  3. He sounds like just about every jagoff I went to high school with. It’s pretty difficult to find dudes who aren’t either these kinds of assholes who think that being into porn where the women have tattoos makes them iconoclasts or sports fans who think Hooters is a good restaurant.

    I didn’t really mean that you needed to elaborate, by the way, though I’m glad you did. I knew what you meant, I was just joking because you sounded as xtreme (!) as I do about that kind of thing sometimes. It was a corny old man joke, sorry.


  4. Ah gotcha, no worries.

    Internet ranting: anonymous one-sided therapy.

    Internet extremism: “Dear diary: today I was a badass. I showed those motherfuckers, I showed them good.”


  5. I can’t believe that people actually spend the finite hours of their lives watching that shit. I thought TV was horrible back in ’03, when I turned it off for good, but this….I don’t even have words for, really, other than that humanity terrifies me more with every passing day.


  6. Did you see anything about the first season? One of those ‘real’ lesbians made it to the final two (of course she was passed over for the guy) – Her name was Dani, I think she was a firefighter, I know she was adorably cute and very butch. It was almost uncomfortable to watch her interact with the crazies on the show. She seemed so sincere and she wasn’t drunk all the time. I saw a commercial that highlighted the ‘parent visit’ episode from this season 2 – Tila was deepthroating a dill pickle in front of the father of one of the remaining lesbians (like, wtf??!) And she was all giggling and like ‘this is just how I eat pickles!’ it was revolting. She’s revolting.


  7. Nine and Chlorophyll, I love you both! Me, omg, me too. (“…humanity terrifies me more with every passing day.”)

    I haven’t watched MTV in ages, although I’d heard the words “Tila Tequila” etc. being kicked around the web. I had no idea… It’s horrifying. I’m just … paralyzed with shock. And I’m no prude, trust me please!

    Thanks for the excellent post, N.D.


  8. Wow. I have to confess: I watch Tila Tequila. I watched the first season, was annoyed when she didn’t pick the butch lesbian (though it’s totally apparent why she didn’t — that’d be affirming every dude’s worst fears about women and feminism), and am sorta watching the second season. I hadn’t thought about the show in this way before. I mean, I picked up on all of these things that you’re talking about here (except for the sleep deprivation, though now that I think about it, it’s totally obvious), I just had never put them together like this. The show really is a showcase of different abuses all in the name of “love.” No wonder we’re all so fucked up if this is what love is supposed to be like. Thanks for writing this. Looking forward to the next installation!


  9. My favourite part:

    “Because believing that there should be something to love other than liking to fuck someone is totally passe. Because the path to liberation for women is lined with random wieners and public same-sex make-out sessions.”

    (more, please!)

    I thank the Goddess above that I don’t have cable :D


  10. I absolutely refuse to watch MTV. There’s nothing of value on it. I also hate Tila Tequila with the flaming passion of my real (and thus, not socially acceptable) bisexual soul.

    I totally feel you chlorophyll. I dated a lot of assholes in high school and college, and nearly all of them thought my “bisexuality” was a gimmick to titillate their pornorific minds. I also find it awesomely funny how the same men that find it so awesome that I’m open with my sexuality (not really, I don’t think I’ve ever slept with someone without knowing their family and the name of their first dog) are totally freaked out when they learn the only person I’ve ever truly loved, in a romantic and sexual fashion, was my best female friend in high school who broke my heart by moving to California. Kissing other girls to impress dudes? Hot! Falling in love with a girl that you still think the world of? Eww, real lesbianism, get it off!

    It totally blows dudes’ minds when you confess that you are bisexual, a serial monogamist, and think that you have a relatively low sex drive compared to the free-porking and booze-saturated college norm. But, but, bisexuality is supposed to be sexy! Why don’t you have a belly ring and edgy tattoos? Why won’t you talk about all the kinky things I assume you like to do and have done on the first date once you confess that you are bisexual?


    Don’t get me started on that stupid song that is on the radio that goes something like “I kissed a girl and I think I liked it”. Let’s see how much you like it when you attend Homecoming with someone of the same sex and the chaperons try to kick you out for “being obscene”, or how the photographer at Prom moved you and your lesbian date to the back of the picture even though you were both the shortest.

    Being gay or bisexual isn’t a gimmick, and it certainly isn’t fun. If you think it’s fun and socially awesome, that’s because you’re doing it wrong and I am 100% certain that you are not really gay or bisexual. Loving women is not what I do to impress my boyfriend or a group of shitfaced men, it’s who I am. It’s also who I am more than heterosexual, because somehow once men figure out that I’m more about loving people for who they are rather than worshiping at the cock alter of manliness (I am so unimpressed by gender), and I can and will dump them for someone of either sex that isn’t a douchebag, suddenly my bisexuality isn’t cool or awesome.

    In conclusion, fuck MTV, fuck Tila Tequila and her stupid fake name, fuck my asshole ex-boyfriends, and most of all, fuck everyone that thinks the newest hip facet of female sexuality is feigned bisexuality. That shit is not cool.


  11. I stopped watching MTV when it became another porn channel. It’s just… Gross.

    I don’t think the british MTV gets Tila Tequila, and oh sweet jesus, it’s so totally mind blowingly wrong I can’t believe that it’s allowed on air, on a station that kids watch. It’s a total “Think of the children!” cliche moment. The fact that it must get ratings is just… Argh.

    And I cannot agree with Jen more, I’m so fed up of people thinking bisexuality isn’t a real sexuality, but just something to entertain guys with. And women like “Tila” (I bet her real name is Jane or something) seem more then happy to adhere to that stereotype with full force and just make it that much harder to gain any form of respect.

    Another great post ND, shall look forward to the next installment.


  12. Well, thank goodness I’ve never watched Tila Tequila. The few snatches of MTV I have watched involved “My Super Sweet 16” and “Engaged & Underaged”, both of which were painful. PAINFUL.

    I don’t even understand the appeal of reality tv. It’s like WWE, it’s all fake. How does this entertain people?

    What sort of strange role models are we manufacturing these days? Because, well, anything not controlled by the media and the big corporates doesn’t really see the light of day.


  13. Kim – I’ve been told by more than one person not to use that word. If you want to discuss it, post it on the page where I use it. It has nothing to do with this post.


  14. Jen and Chlorophyll, you are both made of awesome. Fuck Tila, fuck performative bisexuality, and fuck that highly painful show. I admit to watching the first season (and having a crush on Dani), but the ridiculous shit these people go through (and I know they sign up for it) is cringe-inducing. My coworker loves it and I’m just *shudder*ing.
    I just found this blog and I’m into it. Yay for me!


  15. this is the second time Ive seen that cartoon on the internet in a week. Its disgusting, femme-hating and biphobic. So is this post, frankly.

    I agree with a lot on this blog, but its hard to square the visceral hate for Tila Tequila with protestations that you dont blame women for thier self-objectification.

    And while I’m sure some women on the show are faking–its reality TV–it seems like you think that only butch women are lesbians.


  16. Femme-hating? Does that mean I’m butch? Biphobic? Does that mean I’m a lesbian who hates bisexuals, or a straight woman who hates bisexuals?

    I’m none of the above.

    I know there are lesbians who aren’t butch, but I can also identify someone who is pretending to be gay to get on TV. I don’t hate Tila Tequila, I think she’s a symptom of a cultural trend I hate. I don’t give one fuck about Tila Tequila, except that I think she’s a bit absurd and is a bad role model.

    As to blaming people for their own SELF-objectification, I don’t blame anyone for anything, but I do allow Ms. Tequila human agency, so yes, she is responsible for her own SELF-objectification.


  17. as we well know, people from an oppressed group can still hate other people from the same oppressed group!

    mostly that stupid cartoon pisses me off.


  18. The one chlorophyll linked on June 24. It’s obviously your fault that someone linked a cartoon in the comments, and it obviously is a reflection of your politics, ND. *rolls eyes*

    I still don’t really get what “femme-hating” means, myself. And I don’t get why discussing ONE woman who is not truly bisexual but pretending to be bi for money and fame is all of a sudden a decry against ALL bisexual women.


  19. yeah, you’re right. I was admitting that I was pissed off by that cartoon and influenced my reaction. Though I still think saying that Tila Tequila is a “filthy animal” and a “sexbot” goes against the stated intentions/plan for this blog.


  20. I don’t have to give every woman a pass for her shitty behavior just because I’m a feminist. Tila Tequila is an asshole. She manipulates the people on the show and expects them to remain faithful to her while they know she is having sex with a ton of other people. She’s the most self-centered and narcissistic person I’ve ever seen on TV.

    She’s a problematic role model as well. She thoroughly objectifies herself in pursuit of male attention, she sits as a prime example of the problem of women warping their own sexuality to please men, and she pretends that the whole thing is empowering, that she’s some kind of example that women ought to want to emulate. Too bad only about 1% of the population meets the criteria to be able to do that, and that’s after tons of plastic surgery.


  21. When I do let someone know I’m bisexual (mostly trusted teachers and mentors and close friends), they don’t tend to pornify it, but then I don’t fit the image of a conventionally attractive woman (and also I pick my nose in public slightly more often that most other people) so maybe that is why I don’t get that so much in part, but then I haven’t told all the pornsick dudes in my class about it, so who knows how they’d react (they talk about porn in lessons BTW, and one of them makes fun of the pain women experience during childbirth). A lot of dudes don’t like real lesbianism, not to mention that some of them still treat any bisexuality as just experimentation you engage in to piss off your dad like a good little embodiment of freudianism, which all these dudes know is totally true, they expect lesbians to be really feminine, like two women being sexually interested in each other is a display of concentrated femininity. I don’t think that having a high sex drive has much to do with it, I do, but I’m solosexual (pornlessly), and will remain so unless I find somebody who I’m 100% sure wants to have sex with me, and who I’m also into. As for that “I kissed a Girl” song, I like the song musically, but find the lyrics to be sexist and while I think the song operates on a more complicated level than the performative lesbianism one, the attitude of the singer is still objectifying.


  22. Do you remember when the Real World was actually cool and had, like, real people on it? I remember so, so, so vividly watching the Boston season in middle school. While Boston was actually right on the edge of when the Real World started to take a turn for the worst, it was still ok. This was the first year I was allowed to watch MTV, so I had missed out on the previous seasons. Boston will always hold a special place in my heart because it took my Real World virginity.

    Anyway, I remember in the first episode of Boston, where they showed clips of their admission tapes, and there was Montana rubbing lotion on her pasty, thick legs, talking about how she’s a feminist and doesn’t shave her pits. It was amazing. Would that EVER fucking fly now?

    Seriously, what happened? It used to be at least tolerable.


    1. I stopped watching MTV sometime in the mid-90s and didn’t start again until about 6 months ago, so I missed that one. But I truly cannot imagine a feminist cast member on MTV today. I thought the new Real World would be good because they got a cast that was going to do something besides get drunk and fuck strangers, but it’s turning out to be pretty boring. I suppose the Iraq vet guy is kind of entertaining, what with his writing poems and songs about Iraq (and other things, including wishing he was his girlfriend’s tampon) and his obsession with 9-11. I kind of thought watching MTV for unintentional comedy was passe for awhile because it was too easy, but I’m into it again. Especially From G’s to Gents.


  23. Dani was very sweet and ever so achingly genuine, despite her surroundings. I wanted to rescue her from that insanity before she got her heart broken. You know, point her in the direction of a motherly, lesbian feminist. I’m not at all surprised that she wasn’t the “winner,” and that there was a second season.

    Honestly, I was oblivious to the performance of bisexuality. As I was coming out, I kept reading about bi-phobia and the marginalization of bisexuals and transgender folks within the IQTBLG community. I was trying to think of an instance of performed bisexuality and couldn’t come up with anything (not being familiar with porn). And lo and behold: Tila Tequila gets a show. I see.

    Why on earth would people pretend to be queer–something that I’d been trying NOT to be since I was six? (don’t worry, I’ve since dealt with the majority of my internalized homophobia) Do hetero women so desperately need sexual validation from men? I thought, that’s really sad.

    Now it just pisses me off. So, awesome– check it out: prejudiced straights hate us once they realize we’re not just making up our attraction to the same gender, and prejudiced queers hate cause we’ve got ‘teh heterosexual privileges’ (And we’re lovin’ it, right!?? – -Hmm, nope, not so much. Bi Invisibility is a damning closet I only visit when in hostile Bible-belt range).

    Both groups think bi’s are flakes since we’re just faking it, like Tequila’s straight girlfriends (and that stupid comic-strip is the perfect example of bi-prejudice). Some queer people think its easier to make a pit stop at bisexuality on the way to fully coming out as lesbian/gay. This means, I too must be confused or in denial of my lesbianism…I just need to sleep around a bit, then I’ll figure it out! Honestly, I would love to “just” be a lesbian. But life ain’t tidy like that (also for this reason, I unfortunately cannot be a Fundamentalist Christian. It’s so much easier not to think). My world isn’t about “Either/Or”–it’s about appreciating people all along the gender spectrum and especially those outliers who plot themselves on other planes.

    Tila Tequila and Co. have co-opted my sexual orientation. But that’s probably for the better, since the concept of bisexuality implies that gender is binary. Too bad, pan-sexuality makes it sound like I wanna hump everything, including the living room couch. (Although, if you could see those sexy cushions, mmm, baby…) That’s why I don’t call myself bi/pansexual; instead, I say I’m Queer.

    (My sincerest apologies for all the punctuation.).


  24. You know what makes me laugh a load? The fact that now you can’t even be open about being bisexual without somebody screeching that you’re faking it; or that you’re not old enough and don’t ‘understand’ your sexuality.

    Another thing that gets me, is how if you’re bisexual girls seem to see you as a slut/pervert. Or at least, they do where I live. I told, maybe, two of my closest and most trusted male friends that I was bisexual, BEFORE my close female friends, and they went totally and utterly batshit insane.

    The two guys reacted by telling me I was brave for coming out, and that I probably have more confidence with girls than they ever will. The girls responded with a short ‘oh’ and a nervous giggle. See the difference?

    If you’re actually bisexual, you get your sexuality questioned due to the inordinate amount of ‘fakers’.

    Equally, most of the guys haven’t been to plesant about it. I’m still in a same-sex school right now, and we have to go down to the boys’ campus to do art and graphics. We also spend our break there. It’s utterly shit to have people screaming ‘OI LESBIAN, LESBIAN, GET YOUR TITS OUT FOR US’ and ‘HEY, YOU, WANNA THREESOME WITH ME AND MY GIRL’.

    Sometimes I utterly give up on humanity.

    Girls think I’m a whore and a faker. Guys see me as nothing more than some exotic sexual beast; ready to fuc anything that moves. I’m not tarring everyone with the same brush; but isn’t it time we just accept people on who they are, in terms of personality?



  25. Regarding the seemingly real feelings they develop- its a well known phenomenon in psychology that people often do what they feel they should be doing when surveillance is imposed on them. You know those entertainment hypnosis shows where people are made to act like assholes on a stage under the guise of being hypnotized? That is why those things work- most people aren’t hypnotized, but they think they are or should be, and that the audience is expecting them to act like they are, so they do. On reality shows what people feel immense pressure to do is be entertaining, which usually means acting dramatic or crazy or weird, and the booze helps out a lot.

    I post about charlie brooker’s series on television a lot, but it is invaluable in understanding how shitty things actually are and it is HILARIOUS. He does a specific episode about reality tv but I am having a hard time finding it. Enjoy this segment on advertising:

    The whole series is on youtube for free because bbc doesn’t seem to give a shit if we rip off their programs in the us. Enjoy.


  26. The thing is, capitalism is democracy of goods and serveses, through individual owners of these goods and serveses. So their is just a enormous percentage of People out there, that are just plain and very simple. These people deciede through capitalist democracy of goods, which kind of Stuff we all will see. This is the revolution of the simple minded People, the tyranny of the brainless masses, through massmedia. This the combination of Bad education plus capitalism, leads to violent populism and regression.


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