Nine Deuce: A Flaming Cunt?

I’m sorry, everyone. I know that this blog is really descending into unexplored depths of self-referentialism (coining words is my new hobby), but I’ve had more free time than I’m used to lately, which has allowed me to have a look around at what people who read this blog and are too craven to comment here post about it elsewhere (hence this post). I know, I know, that’s ill-advised, but I can’t help it. Then, somehow, my recent post on rape laws ended up on Stumbleupon and 4Chan (gee, thanks for the info, Playermatt) and my post on MRAs was discovered by some cabal of MRAs who’ve linked to it and passed both it and the rape law post around to their buddies. The results have been… interesting.

I always hoped that this blog would reach a wide audience, that people who had yet to consider the things I write about would end up being exposed to them and thinking about them. That’s why I try to avoid jargon and try to write things out in simple language. That’s why I cuss a lot and make stupid jokes. I’m hoping doing so will engage the random thoughtful people who happen upon my page and get them to thinking about what I have to say.

But I forgot that, when we’re talking the general public, there is about one thoughtful person per 1000 unreflective jagoffs. There are an awful lot of people who will never, ever consider the fact that the way things are might not be the best we can do. There are also a lot of people who have convinced themselves that their sorrows in life are all the fault of some group of people whose existence and success they see as a threat to their own.

When I started this blog, I planned to patiently respond to every comment I got, to make an attempt to be as much like Jesus as possible without growing a beard. I thought that if I was calm and tolerant enough, I might plant some seeds of reason into the heads of commenters, that I might bring some people closer to, if not into complete agreement with, my point of view. And, I thought, if I couldn’t do that, at least I could use the commenters who displayed a complete lack of reason as entertainment for my other readers (BUTTKICKER 69, we love you).

That all worked pretty well for awhile, that is until a few of my posts ended up on Stumbleupon and started getting serious numbers of hits from the general public. Once that happened, I started getting a lot of comments from women who thought I was “just as bad as men” because they thought I was trying to tell them what to do (wrong). I got a lot of comments from pro-porn dudes who thought I was being unfair in my assessment that men who use porn are allowing their selfishness and sense of entitlement to override their humanity (also wrong). I got a lot of comments from people who thought my connecting Bratz with feminism didn’t make any sense (uber wrong). Most of these comments, although they were pretty stupid, were at least civil. I think they were civil because those posts, though they were pretty harsh in their criticisms of the beauty, porn, and girls’ toy industries, didn’t really propose any significant reductions in anyone’s privileges.

Not so with Deuce’s Law and my post on MRAs. I know that those two posts are inflammatory. I intended them to be. Women tolerate limits on our freedom, threats to our safety and security, and violations of our human rights as a matter of course. One of the determining factors in women’s inability to reach equality is the law, and so I decided, in these two posts, to point out the ways in which law serves men’s interests better than, and even to the detriment of, women’s interests and rights.

The point of the Deuce’s Law post was to illustrate by foil the injustices that women suffer under our current legal system, to point out that the presumption of a default state of consent is just as unfair as the presumption of guilt. I never made the claim that Deuce’s Law would be feasible or even the most desirable alternative (I pointed out in the introduction that cultural attitude changes that would eliminate rape would be ideal, which is my entire goal in writing this blog). It was SATIRE, though I do think that the logic of the entirety of the law is intellectually undeniable if taken as a counterpoint to the current system of laws. (I don’t know that I’d ever really advocate doing away with the presumption of innocence, but I would most certainly advocate the punishments I outlined in the post, especially for repeat offenders.) The point of both posts was to make people aware that the system we now operate under has faults, that it does not serve all citizens equally (as those who created and defend it would have us believe). It is taken for granted that our legal system is the most perfect incarnation of a system of laws that can be hoped for, and that to me seems a little silly. (But not as silly as the idea that our legal system privileges women over men, as the MRAs seem to think.)

Here’s where the point of this post comes in. I have had literally hundreds of people tell me, after reading Deuce’s Law, that I am crazy, stupid, uneducated, retarded, silly, foolish, horrible, a cunt, a bitch, a flaming cunt, a dyke, an ugly cunt, etc. People have told me they hope I get raped, they hope I die, they hope I get breast cancer, and they hope women lose the right to vote. I’ve been accused of intellectual dishonesty, hypocrisy, sexism, and a little bit o’ fascism.

Instead of thinking about what I’ve said, people have reacted instinctively to what they perceive as a threat to what they consider the natural, correct order of things. There is a reason that our central beliefs are called fundamental, foundational. The belief that our socio-political system is just, right, perfect, and natural is so deeply ingrained in the average psyche that my raising questions about it is met with extreme anger. The idea that someone could question the reasoning behind male supremacy and institutionalized sexism begets disbelief, fear, and rage in those who are unwilling or unable to look beyond their own assumptions. There are untold numbers of men AND WOMEN out there that will NEVER consider the idea that justice might better be served by something other than a patriarchal social structure, that our lives might be more fulfilling if they weren’t dominated by the quest for more stuff, more empty sex, more power, and more attention for climbing a ladder to nowhere that someone else designed.

I wouldn’t much care if these people just dismissed me as a lunatic and went on their merry way. What bothers me is the vitriol, the absolutely blistering hatred that comes through in their responses. The women usually just tell me I’m crazy, but some of the men really let loose. I’ve noticed that the uptick in comments with the word “cunt” in them has coincided with my MRA post being linked to from a few MRA sites and 4Chan.

MRAs make a lot of arguments about the law being unfair to men, about women victimizing men, about the fact that women supposedly commit the same kinds of wrongs they do. They claim that all they’re after is justice. Bullshit. I am here to say, right fucking now, that these guys have shown, through their comments on this blog, that the basis of their beliefs is an extreme hatred of women.

None of the MRAs or 4Chan geeks save one or two has wanted to discuss the law, none of them has wanted to talk about solutions, they’ve just come here to talk shit. Their arguments are nonexistent, their points are unrelated to the issues at hand, and their comments are absolutely saturated with insults and blanket attacks on feminism, feminists, me, etc. They make ludicrous claims about the prevalence of false rape claims, about the criminal activities of women, and about the levels of discrimination they face, and then accuse me of intellectual dishonesty or faulty logic (or of being a cunt).

Saith reader Aaron Boyden:

I theorize that part of the reason MRAs think that men are actually disadvantaged and discriminated against is that they are such incredibly obnoxious twits that even the overwhelming majority of their fellow men can’t stand them. Thus, they do not gain those benefits of male privilege which rely on the sympathy and support of their fellow men, and so don’t realize that those benefits exist.

That’s certainly not the whole story; the typical MRA’s idea of how well he would have to be treated for it to count as “fair” also generally seems to be quite inflated, but most of the men with excessive senses of entitlement are still not MRAs. I think my theory may explain what more is needed beyond an excessive sense of entitlement to produce an MRA.

I couldn’t agree more. These guys have come to think that the world owes them not just a fair shake, but untrammeled success, and they fucking HATE anyone who they see getting in their way. Any inconvenience, any obstacle, any difficulty is a complete travesty in their minds, an affront to their rights as men, and that includes any broad, faggot, or foreigner getting anything they expected to get by sheer dint of their male privilege.

My point in all this is that I’ve had to come to the realization that many bloggers with more experience than me arrived at long ago: there’s no arguing with someone who thinks I’m less of a human being than he is about my right to be treated fairly and with respect. There’s no asking someone who considers women to all be potentially lying whores to concede to me the right to live without the fear of being raped. There’s no hoping someone who makes such free use of the word “cunt” will discuss something with me as an equal.

I might think these dudes are assholes, but I don’t wish them a horrible and painful death. That these guys think telling me they want me to die of breast cancer or that they hope that I get raped is anything but barbaric and obscene says a lot about who they are. They might say it’s barbaric that I would suggest castrating rapists, but I’m not a rapist. I’ve never victimized anyone. All I’m doing is voicing my opinion and putting a few ideas on the table for consideration and discussion. Why do I deserve to be raped and to die of a horrible disease?

That what I have to say upsets these guys enough to provoke such animus tells me that they can’t take what they dish out. They don’t like being treated and spoken about the way they treat and speak about women. They don’t like the thought of having their rights limited the way women’s rights are limited. But most of all it tells me that they have nothing to counter me with, which I suppose means I’ve won in some sense. What a cunt.

I promise, my next post will be on something that has nothing to do with my blog and people’s responses to it. Maybe I’ll write about Howard Stern or something.

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48 thoughts on “Nine Deuce: A Flaming Cunt?

  1. Hey ND, Sorry for the bombardment of comments today. You mentioned that you don’t like posting about personal stuff on your blog, but you should know that in the best possible way, it’s reassuring to hear this stuff from you. Like finding feminism helps many of us to realise that we’re not actually frigid stupid slut fat thick bitches, hearing the reactions you receive helps us as feminists realise that we’re not moanyhole victim right-wing feminazi cows or whatever other shit we get called by people. Solidarity rules, and makes life less scary and tiresome.

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  2. …and that illustrates why change will never happen. Too many stupid, spineless sheep. Good thing I’ve already lost all hope in humanity, or I’d be really depressed.

    All I know about Howard Stern is that I had a boyfriend whose mother was a dead ringer for him. Yup, “mother” is not a typo.


  3. Ever noticed how everyone who disagrees with you is a MRA/afraid of losing privilege/deeply saturated with the current system/anything that is an ad hominem instead of addressing points?

    Just sayin’.

    (PS: You didn’t get linked on a MRA site, you got linked somewhere far more influential.)


  4. @Me:

    Y’know, it could be just that some think we have made amazing strides recently and need everyone to get on the same page first before pushing forward, to avoid rash decisions made when still feelin’ like a revolution.


  5. Such measures are easy to circumvent and in fact, the very site I’m talking about actively circumvents referral tracking.

    Most of those hits that seem to come from directly typing in the URL come from there, I’d wager.

    No, I’m not going to tell what it is because I’m not allowed to.


  6. If you’re talking about that Nice Guy site, I’d hardly say it’s more influential than any of the other places I’m linked to from. Ameriskanks? So witty.


  7. There is some seriously sinister, cryptic shit going on here that makes the hair on my neck stand on end.

    Holy crap, the ovarian fortitude it takes to be a female feminist on the internet these days. Who woulda thought in 2008 that it would actually be (or at least feel) so dangerous to advocate human rights for women? Un fucking believable.

    Despite the recent hate infusion, please know that you are supported and appreciated and your words do make a difference.

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  8. Really, no. You’ve been linked somewhere *influential*. And I mean massively so. As in, more influential than the entire WordPress, all of it’s blogs combined.


  9. I am so naive, I’m completely stunned with the reactions you got, I seriously thought that all responses you got to your blog would be positive or at least intelligent or constructive. It’s so inspiring you see you keep writing week after week though because shit like this (this being all the emails your getting) makes me want to just throw in the towel and be like “fine, I give up, there’s no way I can win, I’ll be a mindless submissive Cosmo reading slut who gets “mani-pedis” every other weekend to “please my man” like everyone else because that’s what society wants me to be and will make me feel like shit until I am” … but reading your blog from week to week is really inspiring and I totally commend you for continually writing cause if it was me, first negative comment and I would be like fuck this, I don’t need this shit. But no, you’re awesome, kudos

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  10. MRA’s are complete assholes. They hate women, which is clear and obvious when they call you the C word and wish you harm.

    I don’t think there exists a feminist out there on the internet who doesn’t get hate comments from the MRA’s.

    Don’t google yourself. It’ll only make you hate the other half of humanity even more. Just bask in the glow of the all the female commenters here who think you are totally awesome.

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  11. Darling said:

    “(PS: You didn’t get linked on a MRA site, you got linked somewhere far more influential.)

    Most of those hits that seem to come from directly typing in the URL come from there, I’d wager.

    No, I’m not going to tell what it is because I’m not allowed to.

    You’ve been linked somewhere *influential*. And I mean massively so. As in, more influential than the entire WordPress, all of it’s blogs combined.”

    The words that spring to mind are “cheesy,” “lame,” and “who the fuck gives a shit.” You sound like a gangster moll or something. Sheesh.


  12. bonobobabe – Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    As for Darling, I’m not getting that many un-accounted-for hits anyway, so he’s tripping. But I’m glad he feels special for being a member of a super-secret club.


  13. Deuce — keep it up with the blog and the posts, I’ve found that the more intelligent and cutting your written thoughts may be online, the more hateful backlash that you’ll get simply because people (like men) are terrified of discovering that someone (like a woman) who has been hated and discriminated against for so long — simply because it’s acceptable and consequence-free — is actually smarter than them. I get the same shit when I post on Reddit (an upgraded, more political version of Digg), and it’s where I realize just what a minority a woman is in politics and academia. It’s not easy being a heterosexual feminist. Just know that you have a very strong support community here!

    Darling — you suck, go away, nobody likes you.

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  14. (coining words is my new hobby)

    Me too, but just last night I thought I coined “Westernality” but, in fact, Google shows 68 results when you plug it in the search engine. FYI, self-referentialism comes up with 3,970 results.


    I wasn’t going to say anything about the extra “r” in self-referentialism, but “disocvered” is something you might think about fixing.

    There are also a lot of people who have convinced themselves that their sorrows in life are all the fault of some group of people whose existence and success they see as a threat to their own.

    Umm… Isn’t that the main premise of some brands of feminism?

    Just sayin’

    plant some seeds of reason into the heads of commenters

    I like the Socratic approach of “mid-wifing” the ideas out of the heads of others.

    I got a lot of comments from people who thought my connecting Bratz with feminism didn’t make any sense (uber wrong)

    Wait… with the other examples it’s okay to clear up misinterpretations of your intent. However, someone’s thinking your post doesn’t make sense is not an assertion about your intent, it’s an evaluation of your logic. You can’t just state “uber wrong” i.e. it does make sense, without any further explanation in this case, you have to argue your point convincingly and win those people over so that they agree with you.

    I’ve been accused of intellectual dishonesty, hypocrisy, sexism, and a little bit o’ fascism.

    Congrats! Welcome to the club :lol:

    The belief that our socio-political system is just, right, perfect, and natural is so deeply ingrained in the average psyche that my raising questions about it is met with extreme anger.

    Well, depending on the brand of political philosophy we are talking about, some believe that the laws of the state are what make actions just and it is fulfilling one’s social duties that makes one morally right. I don’t follow that line of thinking, though.

    more attention for climbing a ladder to nowhere

    How do you know where it leads unless you’ve already been there and back?

    There’s no asking someone who considers women to all be potentially lying whores to concede to me the right to live without the fear of being raped.

    I think that some moderate skepticism is healthy when dealing with men and women. The uncritical and undiscerning people are just as bad as the Pyrrhonists. That said, I’ll not argue that human-beings have a right to live without fear of being raped, so there’s no need to ask me to concede.


  15. Touche on the typos.

    That isn’t the main premise of some brands of feminism. No brand of feminism claims ALL of women’s problems are the fault of men, or that men exist only at women’s expense.

    About the Bratz post making sense, anyone who doesn’t see the connection between dolls marketed to girls and women’s issues is willfully blind.

    I’m not really a fan of legal positivism, either. Is anyone these days (I mean besides the current administration)?

    I’ve been there and back.

    Moderate skepticism is cool, but assuming women are all lying whores until they prove otherwise is not so cool.


  16. N.D., my heart is sad and I am despairing that you’ve been getting such hateful comments and emails.

    “…these guys have shown, through their comments on this blog, that the basis of their beliefs is an extreme hatred of women.” ~ N.D.

    This is the heart of it, I believe. People tend to hide these blatant hatreds and fears behind group-based “causes,” like the MRAs. But the “causes” are only cloaking the real issue – these men who are writing these comments hate women. To hate a group of people that much, you have to fear them; you have to believe that they are a threat to your very survival. Perhaps these MRA types are terrified, in a live-or-die way – and the only thing that will ease their terror is the death of all women who won’t go along with the patriarchy.

    Al Gore’s book “The Assault on Reason” is really excellent. He explores this subject in great detail.

    Nine, there are a lot of people out here in the blogosphere who, as you know, love you dearly and respect you immensely. You’ve put yourself out there. I wish the rest of us could protect you, shield you from this, but just know that we love you.

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    1. Waaaay late to the game here, but had to say something.
      I concur 1,000% w Windstorm.
      Love is stronger than hate. Women are stronger than men. Strong men know this, respect it and US, and power-SHARE.
      I respect & admire your oves of steel and that you kept/keep on truckin – your work and your brillz mind/heart/soul are SO.APPRECIATED.
      Peace & Luv

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  17. It saddens me to think about the women these MRA’s must come home to. Hate of this kind has such tragic ramifications.

    Dumb men will always add to the momentum of the feminist movement.
    Selfish idiots don’t want their privileged days numbered. Too bad so sad.

    Goddess Speed Feminist Bloggers! (you too Nine)


  18. Nine Deuce–
    I appreciate the obvious intelligence and thought that you bring to every post–whether or not I agree with what you are saying. I am so sorry that you’ve been personally attacked–gotta love how ad hominem has become the standard response for any disagreement…


  19. Let me catch my breath. I am laughing so hard I’m crying.

    Playermatt, who some of you may remember claimed my blog has nothing to do with feminism, has sent me a comment telling me that Darling is talking about me being on 4Chan, where he claims I’m the joke of the day. That would really hurt my feelings, were it not for the fact that I couldn’t give less of a fuck what a bunch of puerile anime fans think of my ideas. Like I expect the fucking idiots on that site to be able to understand anything beyond porn and video games.

    Darling – Congratulations. You and your 4Chan pals are even bigger, dumber assholes than MRAs.

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  20. Oh, but that stuff is BIG TIME, right? Really elevating the discourse on gender relations in America. *snort*
    Let ’em flame. If they had any type of intelligent rhetoric, they’d display it instead of resorting to threats and nonsense. If I talk louder than you, I must be right.

    The OTHER funny part of all this, if I understand StumbleUpon correctly, is that in order to stumble you, they must have, in their SU preferences, “feminism” as one of their interests (if that’s one of your tags, which it should be). So anyone who finds you and flames you from SU deliberately seeks out feminist blogs to flame. But that could just be speculation on my part.


  21. Nine Deuce – I have a wiener and I totally support your blog and your ideas – also, far from having a sense of superiority, I am jealous (not angrily so) of your skill in writing.

    The responses you’ve been getting from the MRAs are completely fucked up. I wouldn’t dream of saying anything of the sort to any woman (or man) no matter how vehemently I disagreed with them, or no matter how I feel about their position.

    Your writing has really helped open up discussion between my wife and I about how we both have been affected by porn culture and misogyny in society.


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  22. On the subject of victimhood, I found this quote, by Cynthia Heimel:

    “There is nothing worse than a man who thinks himself a victim, because victims think it is within their rights to fuck everyone else over.”

    That about sums up MRA’s attitudes, doncha think?


  23. Ah, 4chan. People who post on boards like 4chan and SASS are just little brats who can’t accept that women would want to be anything other than decorative beasts of burden. And if we’re not ‘hot’ or don’t want to do everything they say or both, then we’re worthless to them. Change the world, eliminate the assholes.


  24. Ha. I got EXACTLY the same reaction to my posts about Joss Whedon. And Months later I am STILL getting linked to by morons on Live Journal. It is bizarre. But I actually think it is really funny. I’ve really enjoyed reading their comments about me and the speculations about my childhood. One site (the posts have been linked to on many, many forums) had a poll. Something of the order of allecto is a) a crazy bitch; b) really screwed up by her horribly abusive childhood; c) privileged women’s studies student; d) completely right. Needless to say option A was the most popular and there were NO votes for option D. LOL!!! But hey, I LOVE it that I have made so many men so very very angry. And they are so angry. So many of them have written whole posts in reply to me. Trying unsuccessfully to post them to my blog, they email them to me, desperate that I must read their wisdom and discover that I am helplessly wrong about everything I write. You know cause hoping that I will dies horribly, get violently raped etc. really proves that men actually love women and that crazy radical feminists are SO wrong it isn’t funny!!!

    Oh and at about the same time Dissenter published a post analysing the anti-feminism and homophobia and lesbophobia of slash fan fiction. The reaction to that was pretty bad too. But as it was mainly women who had been pissed off with that post, she didn’t receive death/rape threats. Sigh, men should just get over themselves and women should bloody WAKE UP.


  25. I might think these dudes are assholes, but I don’t wish them a horrible and painful death.

    Oh, Nine….you’re a much better woman than I am. Because I really, really do wish them a painful death.

    Ok, fine…maybe just a crowbar to the balls. Wouldn’t want anyone thinking I’m *unreasonable* or anything.


  26. Congratulations Nine Deuce.
    When the “influential” wankers descend upon you with their “Fresh Manly Wizdum” and demand that you submit, or die, it is a sign that you have challenged the myths their self worth is dependent upon.
    I thank you for it.


  27. Amongst dudes, cunt is a friendly term. “How ya doin’ me ol’ cunt?” etc. Plus men like insulting each other (see the film ‘White men can’t jump’), so we’re really including you in our super cool gang.

    What all these MRAs (I always assumed you meant Motherfucking Retarded Assholes) are trying to say is ‘hi’, just they haven’t figured out words like hello, please and thank you due to a stunted education.

    However it seems naive to assume that the people you are criticising would play nicely or even decently. And its not something that should put you off.

    As always me ol’ cunt, good shit, keep it up.


  28. I went over to one of your recommended sites the F-word which has an article for men on how to comment on feminist blogs. Then when you try and comment on the site it appears heavily censored and leaves little except people commenting on what great articles they write.

    You’re active lack of censorship is superb, its by far the most open blog I’ve ever read. MRAs won’t even consider the F-word site, they’ll come to yours instead. And some of them will change their opinions.

    Your willingness to reply and get involved in the comments is even better. The neutral observer gets to see why you write what you do from the comments that get left.

    Although it doesn’t stop the comments from being insulting.


  29. I try really hard to respond rather than censor, but I have to say that the comments I got from 4Chan dudes and MRAs on my rape law post were pretty gnarly. I deleted anything with the word “cunt” in it (except your last comment, a different deal) and let the rest go, but some are pretty heinous.


  30. I think I was being harsh on the f-word. What they are writing is mostly articles that aren’t designed to be commented on. I came across the tory rape policies article mentioned by Genevieve in a comment, and its very interesting.

    Apologies for using the word cunt so glibly, I forget how easily words can be taken out of context. Very frustrating.


  31. Being hated, and accepting you are hated, for doing the right thing is liberating.

    For example, a few years ago, I was active in what might be best called the “Anti-Implanted Chip” movement. Along with contacting the media and every politician I could get an e-mail or fax number for, I posted quite frequently on the Yahoo! message board for the parent company of the chip.

    I was deeply hated by the people who were looking forward to us being lined up like cattle and infected (I mean injected) with the slave chip. One of my favorites was when I was accused of having a “Jesus” complex. I replied I would rather have a Jesus complex than a Hitler one.

    To get to the point – it may be a bit scary to get threats. Considering I was accused of costing people thousands, even millions of dollars, it was at times frightening to think what some of the more whacked people wanted to do.

    But what you are doing is a noble thing. Keep it up, and good luck!


  32. 9-2, you rock. Please keep it up…
    Chai Latte, I think a crowbar to the balls is perfectly reasonable. Also I saw something on iCarly (yes, a grown woman watches that silly TV show) called “The Wedgie Bounce”. Name is self-descriptive. I think we should administer that to these 4chan guys too.
    As long as, you know, it’s *reasonable*. Wouldn’t want to be barbaric or anything.

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  33. Okay, I love the word “cunt”. I have a cunt, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, it sings show tunes. But I gosh darn HATE when men say it. It’s not an insult, it’s not an object that you can just use for a wank, it’s gorgeous and better looking than penises. So I win. *sticks out tongue* mwaa.

    Oh and I hope you don’t die or get raped, 9-D. You’re cool and no one deserves to get raped :). I also hope that your cunt doesn’t catch fire.

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  34. It always seemed strange to use the word “cunt” as an insult. After all, the vast majority of people came into this world via one.

    Not to mention heterosexual male porn enthusiasts that use it as an insult…???


  35. OK, I’m late to this too, but seeing the discussion of cunts=+ I must recommend this article on sexual cursing from a male philosopher (not Ezra Klein, a guest). He’s got a hilarious wide-eyed “what’s wrong with cunts?” attitude in it. Even the commenters are mostly nice and pro-feminist and so on.


  36. ND – Sorry you have to deal with MRA bullshit. I love your blog and I hope you keep posting. It really helps me get through the week. =)


  37. I’m totally floored at some of the comments you recieve and can only imagine the ones that you don’t allow to be posted.

    Actually, now that I’ve been scoping the internet for feminist info, I’ve been shocked and reeeeaaallly upset by the things that some men have to say about feminists and women in general. Violent, graphic and outright hateful stuff. They hate us so much yet I’ve never heard a woman/feminist say anything like THAT about men at all, ever.

    What freaks me out is how *common* it is. Agressive comments seem to outweigh those that agree.


    1. Two words: Anita Sarkeesian. A woman with an opinion launches a billion hormone driven emotional meltdowns.
      Oh but we’re not supposed to say we should cut the dicks off rapists. Of course not.


  38. Every single man who responds by calling you a cunt or wishing you death or disease or wishing rape and other atrocities on you only serves to prove right everything you have ever said about men. They are weak and can not STAND any sort of opposition. It’s like taking a rattle away from a baby. It wants that rattle, the rattle comforts baby. Take it away and baby will have a meltdown. These men are simply babies in man-suits. They are the masters of the “hissyfit”, the hormonal mood swing (for testosterone is a 24/7 “period”), the childish tantrum, the kicking and screaming for their toy. There are no better words to describe these men’s behavior than absolutely batshit HYSTERICAL. From their clutching at their pearls to getting the vapors to hyperventilating with anger (the only emotion a man has besides lust), they have no control over themselves. Therefore they are the truly weaker sex. Unable to cope, to reason, to use any logic at all. Their emotions take over. It’s almost amusing to watch them because every single word they say puts them deeper into the quicksand of their own making. The fool makes himself known.
    And each one of them was born of a cunt. The cunt is the most powerful of all, bringing life into the world. Men defy logic when they both screech about the evils of the vagina yet prove to be slaves to its power.

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