War on Terr’r Update: Terr’r on Madison Avenue

I’ll be getting to the terr’rism inherent in the advertising industry shortly, but for now, you may want to have a look at these:

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8 thoughts on “War on Terr’r Update: Terr’r on Madison Avenue

  1. Agreed, it takes courage to be able to stand up and say these things despite the negativity, belittlement, and condescension that accompanies any form of critical thinking by a woman on the subject of women. The arguments against the fashion advertising industry have been argued ad nauseam but continue to be belittled or simply acknowledged and then ignored. It certainly doesn’t help that the fashion industry is run by manicured, adept women who fully acknowledge the points that this lecture has made, but choose to dismiss them in lieu of economy. Feminism is an incredibly dirty word in the fashion industry, and any beauty or fashion editor who sincerely believed in the clauses of feminist thought would not be in the profession to begin with (I don’t think, anyway). What the fashion industry does, it seems, is to create the illusion of an upper class that has the luxury to live as unnaturally as possible with no external consequences. Unfortunately, this message still trickles down into middle and lower class women — women who realistically do not have the luxury to live a lifestyle based merely on looks and sex to get by. This is probably because middle and lower class men do not have the material resources to support women who are beautiful, sexual, but dependent and unemployed. Ultimately, only the richest of the rich can afford to live the lifestyles that the industry sells. Everyone else is required to live on common sense, it seems.


  2. It’s Jean Kilbourne. I’ll try to find another source for the videos, but it looks as if they’ve taken it down because it wasn’t supposed to be on YouTube.


  3. There is still this video, at least, which is the same as the preview I found on their website.

    I hope these links come out properly. ND, I know little about web design and hosting limitations, but I wonder: is it possible for you to put a “preview comment” feature on this blog? If so, I humbly request one.


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