The War on Terror Part Deux

After writing my post about anti-choicers being anti-American and my post about the subtle fear tactics used to keep women in their place, and after reading L’s description of a Colorado group’s attempt to limit women’s access to abortion as a form of terrorism, I’ve come to the conclusion that women around the world are victims of terrorism of one form or another on an almost daily basis. I think I’ll start my own little one-person War on Terror (which should be about as effective as the one our government is waging) via this blog. It may take a few days, but stay tuned for a series of War on Terror blogs. I may even come up with a cool graphic to go with them (if I can figure out how).

* Update: I’ve been without internet access for a few days. I’ll be getting on this War on Terror ASAP.

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4 thoughts on “The War on Terror Part Deux

  1. Is the porn series seriously done? It can’t be done. There must be more.

    Though I think I will like this one better, mostly because “War on Terror” is a phrase that makes me giggle every single time.

    Dear Dubya: You can’t wage war on a concept! KTHX.


  2. I so look forward to your War on Terror blog series. This is going to be good.

    “…women around the world are victims of terrorism of one form or another on an almost daily basis…”

    Yes, that’s it exactly. It’s a daily, world-wide, common practice on all levels – some more noticeable than others. But even the subtle levels are harmful.


  3. The porn series is done for now, not that I’ll never have anything else to say about porn. I’m working on some serious graphics for the War on Terror.


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