Apparently people aren’t into uppity broads.

I remember, before I started this blog, reading about women bloggers being harassed, threatened, called horrible names, and just generally having to deal with the idiocy of puerile assholes who use the internet’s anonymity to pretend to be tough guys in situations in which they know they can’t get their asses kicked for doing so. I knew I’d have to deal with it eventually, but now I’m really beginning to understand what it’s about. I wasn’t all that surprised when some MRA called me a “femskank” and told me my “girly brain” couldn’t grasp the fact that feminism was an offshoot of Marxism (which, as an intellectual historian, I can tell you is utter bullshit), and I’m not all that bothered when someone tells me I’m a feminazi, but now I’m really bearing the brunt of these fucking weenies’ insecurities. In the last week, as this blog has gotten more hits, I’ve been called a kunt (not sure how that differs from a cunt; maybe the guy’s a Korn fan), a whore, an idiot, an ugly dyke, hirsute, fat, and so on ad nauseum. The funny part is that I couldn’t give less of a fuck what these renobs want to call me, but they still think they’re scoring some serious rhetorical touchdowns with this bullshit. I’m more than willing to argue all day with someone who thinks I’m wrong/crazy/missing something, but I just don’t get what the goal is with these guys. Is this the internet equivalent of shaking a fist in my face, saying, “Woman, you’d best learn yer place er you’ll git whut’s comin’ to yuh!”? 

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48 thoughts on “Apparently people aren’t into uppity broads.

  1. Such retorts are the first and last resort of the emotionally, intellectually, and imaginatively challenged. At any rate, if you’re upsetting them so much, you’re doing something right, don’t you think?


  2. I think when people are faced with a truth that they are unable to logically rebut (ie: when it shows something they believe to be incontrovertibly false), and they still want to cling to their beliefs in the face of that truth, then they usually turn to vitriolic and ultimately pointless attacks because they don’t have any other way to preserve their beliefs.

    Unfortunately, it seems that men do this much more than women – maybe it’s because we’re more stubborn and slow to change our views (and I’m sorry if that’s a huge generalization, but as a guy I stubbornly think I should be allowed to overly generalize in criticisms of my own gender, and will be slow to consider that I am wrong in acting as such).

    I’ve seen people go rabid in this way because of questioning of other closely-held beliefs as well, such as when people’s religious mythologies are questioned. I always chalk it up to some deep-seated fear, which whispers like a conscience to the rabid masses, and softly tells them how wrong they are. If this completely unverifiable hypothesis of mine is true, then when they yell at you what they’re trying to do is quiet their own self-doubt.

    And if you’re creating self-doubt in these people, then something you’re doing is working, so keep it up! The biggest difference is made when the minds of men like that are changed – because they’re the ones causing the most injustice in the first place.


  3. well it could be partly because your comment introduction labels half the human race ‘assholes’.. doesnt name calling beget MORE name calling? just look at our political process… gare


  4. Internet wanksters should go back to 4chan where they belong.

    I hate people using computers to make themselves feel tough, it’s just so pathetic.


  5. There’s some value in considering the source.

    It could be because people like “gare,” looking to start a ruckus, totally miss the point and go on to misconstrue every word you say. Heaven forbid people set aside their hang-ups, open their minds, and truly *gasp* listen. Entitlement is the is the most effective earplug, I reckon. What tees me off more is not the insults and funny looks I’ve received after having hanged up my alpha-prick hat, but the ignorance of the sources. I doubt I know the half of it, though. I don’t know about these other folks, but I read material like yours to be educated.


  6. LOLPLS @ gare.

    I really do think that at least 50% of the world are assholes (and that’s a conservative estimate!), but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to prove it to me (or Nine) by calling anyone “kunts.” Korn is soooo, like….never. Never hardcore. Never cool. Never intimidating. Changing a letter does not make vegetables more scary, just silly.

    I’m with Feminist Avatar with lovin’ me an uppity broad. Keep it real, yo, which is to say, don’t give in to teh menz and their petty intimidation tactics. (Not that I think you would, just reiterating your righteousness.)


  7. “I’m more than willing to argue all day with someone who thinks I’m wrong/crazy/missing something, but I just don’t get what the goal is with these guys. ”

    Well, they want to intimidate and harass you out of the blogosphere, for one. Because they are fucking misogynists.
    Any MRA or misogynist out there can kiss my radical feminist ass.


  8. Oh, I’ve been called a “feminist whore”, “feminazi,” “anti-Semitist” (yeah…it had to do simply with the fact that I was Egyptian), “man-hater,” “hysterical,” “ranting,” AND to quote some weirdo who sent me an email (have no clue of whether it was a joke or not, it was so ridiculous):

    “…reactionary, rabble rousing,
    revolutionary, boat rocking , agitating, acne-scarred, anxiety-ridden, outcast , confused , angry, borderline lesbian who wants to make a eunuch out of men.”

    Hahahahaha! I laughed so hard the second time I read it over. ;P


  9. maybe if we could mutually define ‘asshole’. and if the assholes think WE are assholes, what then? locked in a mutual asshole embrace, what gets accomplished? i came here by accident thinking this was a rage agin the machine board, my son has been turning me onto the band and that guitar guy really can play! just seems like ‘asshole’ is an inflammatory.. now i THINK the board host here meant her intro’s to be slightly tongue in cheek, to challenge people to BE salvageable in a world gone britney. am i close? i admit ‘asshole’ gets my goat, and THAT was a good thing. what exactly was meant by it? the gare-chine


  10. gare – The only people I call assholes are sexists. If they think I’m an asshole, then it’s an all-around asshole party. You’re right, my writing is a little jokey and a little faux-extreme.

    People ARE salvageable, which is my whole purpose here. But really, FUCK someone who comes to my page and tries to intimidate me with name-calling and threats.


  11. Is that considered some sort of a compliment in the Radical Feminist sphere or something – ?

    I hate oppressive women as much as I hate oppressive men. I don’t think I’d ever identify myself as a radical feminist. I’m gender-neutral, and would feel too restricted if I based my entire identity around my sex and feminism. We are more than our ovaries, people.


  12. I don’t know what the guy meant. He said I was a cunt and an oppressor of men, so I’m fairly sure it wasn’t meant as a compliment. In some ways ‘m not really technically a radical feminist, either, although I identify as one for the sake of convenience (my about section lays out the details of where I differ from most rad fems). I’m looking for a way for men and women to both just be people and treat each other properly, which I know is an insane demand.


  13. Ugh yeah tell me about it, sometimes it’s so much easier to fall back on the comforts of gender-bashing than to deal with something as self-annihilating as the L-word, love.

    oh, and PS gare — the new internet insult is “asshat.” Hats, not holes.


  14. i have the environment ms deuce envisions at work, we just call the customers ‘asshats’. see, im adaptable to new phrasology. i have a really good supervisor, she’s great. i have a wonderful manager. she’s visionary. my district manager congratulated me on winning a trip to maui starting sunday. she’s super. all women management. and they nourish and challenge at the same time. no complaints. we are all equal. (this is a sprint store, yall need a cellphone, come see gare). people is people. i wish society was like that. oh and on your porn stuff? well written. but yannoo… after 50, i had a hard time remembering what went where and why .. its all been done before, it loses its interest. humanity is MUCH more rewarding. and my kid? going to the prom tomorrow night… a GIRL ASKED HIM .. he loves it. but, hes grown up with the internet, he says porn is a bore. it aint forbidden, so he doesnt want it. for what its worth… maui boy gare


  15. I found the most horrifying site on StumbleUpon. It’s for “truthseekers” and it’s called 100777. It’s pretty much Christian propaganda as far as I can tell, but there’s a section on feminism.

    And a consistent argument is that women are evil (we ate the apple) and God ordained that men rule over women and by pushing feminism and gay rights we are turning the world into half-men, (didn’t someone say, nine deuce, that you are having sex with men that are actually female lesbians?) which is totally against God and feminists are, in fact, doing the work of SATAN!!!

    There’s even a post about how evil the media is by portraying women as more intelligent. ?!

    Don’t know about you but… I can do without religion up in here. I’ll stick to my uppity broads and people that respect each other.


  16. didn’t someone say, nine deuce, that you are having sex with men that are actually female lesbians?

    Are these people on LSD and/or schizophrenic? Because we are talking about a SERIOUS break from reality here. They might want to see a professional about that.


  17. 92,

    I’m reminded of the term ‘feisty’, especially in reference to women who don’t take shit from people. (e.g. “I like me a feisty woman!”).

    feist-y [fahy-stee]

    1. full of animation, energy, or courage; spirited; spunky; plucky: The champion is faced with a feisty challenger.
    2. ill-tempered; pugnacious.
    3. troublesome; difficult: feisty legal problems.

    Origin: 1895–1900, Americanism


  18. There is one type of feminism that stems from Marxism, but anyone who actually knows anything about feminism knows that there atleast two dozen “types” of feminism.


  19. “I hate oppressive women as much as I hate oppressive men. I don’t think I’d ever identify myself as a radical feminist. I’m gender-neutral, and would feel too restricted if I based my entire identity around my sex and feminism. We are more than our ovaries, people.”

    Right, because we’re just living in a “gender-neutral” world, aren’t we chlorophyll? :/


  20. I’m gender-neutral, I never said the world was … although, if it was gender-neutral, it’d be too radical for my mind to grasp. A world without the MASCULINE/FEMININE dichotomy would be … ? A hermaphrodite’s utopia!


  21. Get back in the kitchen, woman!
    …just kidding, of course. ^^
    Like Abra said: if you’re upsetting them, you’re doing something right!


  22. hmmm well that’s a hard one. it seems like ‘assclown’ connotes homosexual ass play, and would be better suited for anal-retentive, closet-homosexual types. ‘Assface’ seems to connote poor personal hygiene and ugliness, and would be best reserved for the uglies and creepers.


  23. Every generation since “IT” has been terrified about clowns. So no matter how you feel about your ass and the amount of play it gets, you don’t want no clowns anywhere near it. Mmhmm.


  24. The anonymity of the internet encourages people to say things that we would never dare to say in public. I write a womanist blog and this week got my first few racist taunts. It dawns on me that these idiots, racists, sexists etc actually think that they are brave by spreading their vile spew over the net. I am actually amused by the fact that they think others would find their hate threatening in this format. The idiot that messaged me didn’t even have the courage to make up a “fake” name to attach to his/her post.


  25. Check out this asshole from Stumbleupon:

    So… you’re being successfully trolled? Welcome to the Internet. And by “Welcome to the Internet,” I mean “Get off my Internet.” By the by, if you’re one of those “sex-positive” chicks, I do oral. Look me up.


  26. I’m curious if anyone knows the demographics of trolls? I can’t remember ever seeing a bona fide troll (not just a disagreeing idiot) using a female handle, and part of their modus operandi is sexual harrassment (see Nine’s comment directly above), so it seems pretty clear, at least anecdotally, that the vast majority of trolls are male.

    Which is really scary, because it makes it that much more obvious that men hate us. How many of these dudes have wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, coworkers, etc, etc, etc, that they think of this way? How obvious is it that men believe they have an inherent RIGHT to say anything they want, whenever they want, and be obeyed (especially when talking to wimminfolk)?

    And–what? “HIS” internet? Was the comment signed “Al Gore”?


  27. My girlfriend of 4 years is an uppity broad. I think its hot. ;) Thats right, Ill say it. I have a feminist fetish. Smart women turn me on.


  28. I’ve been objectifying female intelligence for a while now. It’s pretty fun. I mean, you’re still enjoying the old digs, only valuing somebody for what they are, but you get the bonus of appearing to be a nice guy.

    They never catch on, either. I imagine, one day, somebody will be onto me. In the meantime? Stupid broads are still in their place. It’s just that intelligence replaces breast size.


  29. Does Chris think he deserves a medal? He certainly isn’t smart enough to figure out why that isn’t exactly something that’ll endear us uppity radfem types to him….but maybe that line works on someone, somewhere.


  30. I don’t know how revelant my comments are to this page but here goes anyway.

    Why do SOME men think we are trying to tear them down when we try to elevate our societal status to equal to them. I don’t want to make men my bitch, I just don’t want to be theirs.

    I want my opinions, work, art, etc to be valued as much as theirs is on its own merit not devalued through its creator’s gender.

    I want a life partner that respects me as I respect him. I don’t want on any pedestal that he is not by my side. The embrace is sweeter if you’re standing side by side.

    Also as a side note, the largest ingredient in the concrete on my atheism is the mysogyny in the bible and the mysogyny that seems prevalent in religious views. Women shall submit to men? NO, Men and Women should submit to each other.

    A man should be strong enough to embrace a woman’s strength and enjoy it.


  31. I haven’t read all the comments, so sorry if someone already said this, but to me it seems it’s all about power and privilege.
    These attacks are not merely about disagreement or emotionality, there’s this whole different dimension of trying to put the writer down, bring her back to “her place”.
    It’s the last resort of powerless and pathetic (pathetic not because their powerless, but because they don’t reject the whole “power over” culture) men, who feel their last and only privilege is threatened, and so they lash out trying to regain their power.
    In their eyes they do actually regain that power – they showed you, they had the last word, and you are now safely back where you belong.


  32. All I can say is I find “douchecornet” a new and fun insult. Better when written than spoken. For a spoken, I use “doucheweasel”.
    LOL damn us uppity bitches with our vaginas, thinking we can be human and shit.


  33. I point this shit out to people whenever they pull the whole “well women CHOOSE to allow themselves to be subjugated (stripping, Playboy, housewivery, being anti-choice, etc.), so misogyny is totally a-ok because you broads perpetuate it yourselves!” card.

    Like, it’s not fucking easy to be a feminist, guys. Are we really THAT surprised that the majority of women choose survival via complicity? What sounds more fun? Being socially ostracized for fighting for human rights or earning yourself a nice patriarchal head pat for wearing high heels and giggling? Flashing your tits so a bunch of frat guys like you beats the pants off of rape threats and being called a fat dyke for, like, 90% of women.


  34. What freaks me out about all these people who are against feminism is how MANY of them there are and how plainly they communicate their hostility towards women trying to better themselves.


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