An honest banner ad

I was over at the IBTP message boards today and found this link, posted by phio gistic. Some of the fake banner ads are fairly funny, especially the one for Snorg Tees, but I thought the final one was worth posting here.

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3 thoughts on “An honest banner ad

  1. Er, I know this post is verging on 2 years old, but I am reading through the archives and this is SO SAD.

    Wish we feminists could make a ton of similar ads and plaster them wherever porn is sold. Might have a slight chance of turning on a lightbulb in someone’s head.


  2. Hey, I am really glad someone brought attention to this post.

    I say more truthful banner ads! Yes, it is sad, but not nearly as sad as the porn banners that invade our cyber space all the time.

    Just a couple of days ago, I Googled NSFW – because, naive little me actually did not know what that meant, and I got a pop-up page called “Make Teen Gape about anally raping “teens” who actually looked about eleven or twelve.

    I would much rather the banner had stated “We are raping children on camera so you can pretend to” instead of claiming that “these horny girls are begging to have their assholes reamed and left gaping so that they never return to their original shape”, which is a direct quote.


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