Dude with awesome name saves woman from UFC fan.

Jezebel has an article up today about a waiter named Colt Haugen, who I’d like to nominate as Dude Who Isn’t A Total Shitbag of the Day. He apparently saw some guy drop a Valium into his blind date’s drink while she was in the pissoir at Ruby Tuesday, where he works as a waiter, and decided to word his boss up about it, which led to the would-be date rapist’s arrest. I wonder how many times that day a waiter, bartender, or fellow customer saw the same thing and didn’t say anything. Colt is a cool guy with a cool name, and I’m glad he exists. He deserves a 22 of Cool Colt as a reward.

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6 thoughts on “Dude with awesome name saves woman from UFC fan.

  1. That’s something that I don’t understand about feminism. I consider myself more feminist than most of the people in this state (Utah.), but I’m not so much as to say that “Not all guys are bad guys” like it’s a surprise. Yes there are alot of assholes out there, but there are also a lot of guys who are good guys. Stop sounding so surprised when you say “not all guys are assholes” because it’s obvious, not all of them are.


  2. If you can’t tell, I’m not that surprised. I’ve said in many places on this blog that I don’t think all men are evil. I’d say it’s about a 25/75 good guy/asshole ratio.


  3. i prefer to think of the good/asshole thing as a continuum rather than a binary. it can be dangerous to think of men, or people in general, in this good/bad dichotomy. example: a woman who is married to her husband, who she has decided is a good guy, and in many ways he is because he doesn’t beat her, doesn’t verbally abuse her, he cuddles with her, is not sexually selfish, talks to her during dinner, etc…. but then one day her daughter/son tells her that daddy molested them, and she’s all like “no way! not my man. he’s one of the good ones!”

    anyways, you probably already know this and understand why, but i’m just saying.


  4. anyways, it’s nice to hear stories like this. keeps me hopeful/sane. (tho some might argue hope is a form of insanity? hehehe)


  5. On the other hand, there’s the would-be perpetrator, Robert Psaty. I looked him up–WTF??? He was free on bail when the articles (this which links to that) were written, and the CBS article barely mentions that. He’d apparently resigned from the Florence City council years earlier after pleading guilty to locking up a nurse and harassing her while threatening her with a gun!! Seriously, someone should form an anonymous support group for rapists who’ve played their get-out-of-jail-free cards, so that we can get in there and shoot–er, their pictures…

    I still can’t believe this.


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