Larry Flynt isn’t a political hero, he’s an asshole.

I recently heard a disgustingly fawning interview with Larry Flynt on a left wing talk show, with a female host no less, in which he was made out to be a champion of free speech, and that’s all. There was no mention made of the horrendous shit his company pumps out, no mention of the fact that the only reason he fought for his “freedom of speech” in the first place was because it would allow him to turn bigger profits, and no mention of the fact that it has been repeatedly PROVEN that the kind of misogynistic bullshit he publishes contributes to increases in the numbers of sexual assaults on women and children, not to mention the general piggish attitude of most men – and many brainwashed women – in this country toward women and their right to sovereignty over their own bodies.

Well, fuck that. I don’t give a shit if Mr. Flynt and I agree that Jerry Falwell was an asshole. Falwell’s dead, and I am much less threatened by religious fanatics who most people consider insane than the ever more pervasive and mainstream porn industry. Am I really supposed to forget that Larry Flynt regularly publishes cartoons in his magazines that revolve around rape (by donkeys, no less), incest, and child molestation because some other group of assholes I don’t like are opposed to him? I’m not getting in with any strange bedfellows. Flynt is coming from essentially the same position patriarchal religious assholes like Falwell are when it comes to women: we men decide what gets done with them women’s bodies. Fuck the both of them.

And that brings something else up. What the fuck are these women thinking walking around with Hustler T-shirts on? Have they ever seen a copy of that rag? I know that pretending that smut peddlers are culture heroes can help a “chick” gain the approval and attention of the average gross asshole, but is that really the goal? Is it enough for you to have a few disgusting dudes pretend to like you (but only just as long as it takes to get you to take your pants off) because you’re pretending to be too stupid (or too deluded) to realize your entire gender is being degraded for men’s titillation? A boner is not a compliment, no matter how many times you have been told that it is. The fact is, any dude who is into Hustler (or porn in general), even if he’s unable to admit it to himself, has a low opinion of women and their place in the world and thinks our desire to be treated like human beings with autonomy equal to his own is unreasonable. No thanks.

And don’t even get me started on the idea of the Hustler coffeehouse, which I unfortunately went to for some reason when I lived in LA. I think the mainstreaming of hardcore porn through stores like the fairly posh Hollywood Hustler store and its attendant coffeehouse is worrisome, not to mention a cheat. What I mean by that is that, in the past, anyone who wanted to buy porn or the kind of humiliating “lingerie” that the Hustler store sells used to have to endure the shame of being seen going into a shady-looking store with no windows in a dodgy part of town. That seems fair to me, or at least a little closer to fair — a little humiliation as payback for creating demand in an industry that banks on women’s humiliation. But now it’s fucking COOL to go to the Hustler store, and all the same heinous shit is for sale there as at Dirty Dan’s Sex Shack, but with nice lighting, big windows, and lattes. But I digress…

Larry Flynt isn’t cool. He thinks a picture of a naked woman being turned into ground beef is funny, he thinks rape and child molestation are funny, he thinks women ought to be glad they have the opportunity to get treated like subhumans so that the kinds of shitbags who get excited by seeing people degraded can jerk off, he has no problem with the fact that most of his “models” (prostitutes, come on) have been sexually abused and/or have drug problems, and he thinks it’s intellectually honest to argue that any feminist (i.e. woman who doesn’t like to see other women abused) who dares to point out the noisomeness of what he does is “pro-censorship,” a bad word as far as he and 2 Live Crew are concerned. He even molested his own kid, for fuck’s sake.

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18 thoughts on “Larry Flynt isn’t a political hero, he’s an asshole.

  1. I suppose it’s not a surprise that porn-obsessed men would assume a woman wearing a Hustler shirt would be open to their more piggish advances. It’s unfortunate, though, that any kind of clothing should garner that kind of treatment.


  2. I’ve seen some awful novelty t-shirts. Like “no means no… unless I’m drunk”

    What does that say? Drunk girls are fair game for rapists?


  3. Patricia – That shirt seems to reflect the trend among boys here and in the UK (probably elsewhere, too) who think it’s OK to rape a drunk girl. I can’t count how many surveys I’ve read in which 35% or more of the young men they talked to said as much. Disgusting.


  4. I hadn’t herd of Larry Flynt or what The Hustler was (I live in the UK) until I read this, and wanted to find out more about him, so I wikied him(and we all know wiki is always truthful), and I was just sickened by him. I can’t even begin to describe how disgusted I felt when I read about the cartoons depicting children being molested(by a man who molested his own child, went to prison and was then re-hired by the hustler after being released) and pictures of women posing as if they’re being raped.

    How the hell is his magazine still being published? It’s just so… Argh. (Ok, so not so eloquent, but you get my drift)

    Thanks for brining to my attention Nine Deuce.


  5. Yeah, he’s pretty much the worst person in the world. I wish that religious fanatic who shot him, although I disagree with his mindset, had had better aim.


  6. I don’t think he’s the worst person in the world, I think people like the Austrian dude who kept his daughter in a celler and fathered 6 of her children (you hear about that?) deserve that title more.

    But what disgusts me most is that his magazine is still being allowed to be published, and that he’s not in jail. I mean, as the girl in mean girls says : there are two types of evil, people who do evil things, and people who see evil things being done, and don’t do anything about them.


  7. I don’t mean to sound too polemical, extreme, whatever, but Flynt, that guy in Australia, and every other pervert and rapist out there are just examples of our culture’s deep-seated antipathy toward women taken to extremes. I don’t want to say all men hate women, and I won’t, but a lot of men have some serious subconscious anger toward us.


  8. I know what you mean, I’m still trying to convince my best friend that it’s offensive when he says “you look really nice with make up on”.

    And tbh, if flynt wasn’t disabled he’d probably be raping women left right and center. So I’ll agree with you again. Are you always right? :P


  9. Hey, this is the first time I’ve seen this post.

    I have been waiting for a comment about the new documentary about Hugh Fucking Hefner and what a cultural revolutionary he is. The amount of air play this piece of shit film is getting is horrifying. It’s has been a Special Feature – TWICE – at Canada’s large Women’s film festival this year.

    This shit really makes me want to leave this planet.


  10. I re-read this article just now because I needed to remind myself why Larry Flynt is not a “Free speech activist” like he claims. Seriously, it’s in big letters at the top of his blog. I noticed that an LGBT website linked to his page, and I was like “WTF, no.”

    About a month ago, I don’t remember why I brought him up, but I asked one of my male friends, “You’ve heard of Larry Flynt, right?” and he said, “Yeah, he’s one of my personal heroes.” FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Both my best friend and I agreed he’s one of those Nice Guys and it’s creepy as hell when he talks about how he wants to be a “dirty old man” when he grows up. You know how in a lot of anime series there’s always that perverted guy who hits on high school girls? Yeah, those are the kinds of guys he thinks are totally awesome.

    So yeah. Fuck Larry Flynt.


  11. Exactly Rachael! It’s so bloody depressing when I talk to men who I think are ‘sorta normal’ but then say something like that! I had an ex once, who also seemed to admire Flynt as some sort of champion of free speech. As he was a lawyer, you’d think he could get his head out of his a$$ and away from his balls for 2 seconds to think objectively. But NO! Apparently that is an impossibility for the male of the species. Baboons are more refined than human males.


  12. I remeber my friend’s dad was a big Hustler fan when we were kids. This guy kept a copy of Hustler (along with Playboy, etc.)on the coffe table like it was Good Housekeeping for fuck’s sake. We were also told not to look at them. WTF? Being kids, we were curious. Of course, we were going to look at them. Anyway, I remember some really disturbing pictures of naked women, articles, and cartoons about women in a brothel. My friend’s dad was a big drug dealer, drug addict, and wife beater. He beat my friend’s stepmother for sleeping around (even though my friend caught her dad in bed with another woman when we were in second grade). My friend, her sister, and her stepmother (who divorced this asshole a few years ago) all have a lot of emotional problems. This guy lived in a house full of females, and I’m surprised he never molested his daughters (that I know of). My friend’s mother ran off on her when she was a baby, and we aren’t sure why. I sure her father had something to do with it big time. I’m sure that Hustler didn’t make my friend’s father such a mysoganist asshole, but I’m sure it contributed to the atmosphere of that household. I always thought my family had problems, but we were the fucking Brady Bunch compared to what went on at my friend’s house.


  13. That sick bastard Fritzl was Austrian not Australian, minor mistake but we want nothing to do with him.

    Its disheartening to hear his daughters claim of abuse to be disregarded, I doubt many of the readership is aware. But of course she made it up and is crazy or so they’d like to beliveve. Honestly having him as a father it’d hard not to be crazy.


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