I left you guys because your skin isn’t radiant enough.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to tell you, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. No, I’m kidding. I’ve been in Malaysia and Indonesia since the 14th of July, and I just couldn’t convince myself to write instead of sitting on the beach, diving, or walking around the jungle looking for monkeys. I’ll be home on the 8th, but I have a feeling there’ll be posts before that date, since I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up mentally formulating a few posts. I suppose that means I’m ready to get back to real life, but I still have some vacation left to take care of, and I hear there are pygmy seahorses out in the ocean in front of my room.

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9 thoughts on “I left you guys because your skin isn’t radiant enough.

  1. OMG jealous. My last vacation was like a $20 poker night up on the rez and splurging $100 one night for a nice hotel with soft beds because I was too tipsy to drive 80 miles home.

    I want jungles and water and shit. Like water that comes from the sky and stays on the ground sometimes, just for funsies. It doesn’t do that anymore in Arizona.


  2. Are you in Lembeh Straits? Fuuuuuuun. Been there 3x now and can’t wait to return under the sea. Enjoy the rest of your time off– it will all be here when you get back!


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