On a lighter note…

Did you know that I’m actually a 5-year-old?

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9 thoughts on “On a lighter note…

    1. quoting christina:
      “Aw man, now there’s some S&M kink!”

      f’real. it’s called “age play”.

      enacting child molestation is subversive and liberating! hip, hip, horray!


  1. Google, “What, What, In The Butt.” The singer is ‘world renown’ and was interviewed by Tosh.O*. It’s ridiculousness wrapped in silliness, topped by pro-anal, pro gay greatness. It is an awesome experience!

    *Ok, Tosh.O is cringe-worthy for many reasons, but I stomach it for the occasional gem. “What, What, In The Butt” made my day. There’s nothing like it.


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