Dov Charney thinks you’re stupid.

The American Apparel ad I posted about yesterday was so outrageous that I almost thought it was a joke, but Dov Charney is such a morally repugnant tool that I was 97% sure it was legit. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t think Dov Charney actually believes that most instances of domestic violence are women’s fault (fuck, I’m sure he thinks global warming, the demise of Crystal Pepsi, and his own impotence are women’s fault), but I’m not sure anymore that I believe that there was no self-awareness involved in the absurdity of the ad (UPDATE: it’s phony, though the quote was a real one from a Dov Charnety interview. Whoever made it is a satirical genius). Wanna know why? Look at this shit:

efficienciesThe text: “By relentlessly pursuing efficiencies in management and production, we aim to make use of exploitative labor tactics not only unnecessary but actually counterproductive.”

Get the fuck out of here. 

That, as you might have been able to pick up from the horrible diction and lack of sense and substance, was a quote from American Apparel’s head hipster sexual harasser, Dov Charney. You see, he (claims that he) hates exploitation when it comes to the manufacture of t-shirts, but he’s got no problem with exploitation in the form of using women’s body parts in quasi-pornography to sell his products. Riiight. 

This ad is so absurd and displays such a lack of internal coherence that I have no option but to assume that the logical contradiction was intentional, that Charney (and/or his ad team; I’m not sure he’s smart enough to have come up with this on his own), knowing what a broo-ha-ha his ruthless exploitation of women has caused in the media (feminist and otherwise), has decided to create even more obscene and glaringly hypocritical ads in the hopes that it’ll cause an even greater furor and garner him even more publicity. Dov mistakenly thinks that any publicity, as it were, is good publicity. 

He’s relying on the fact that the entirety of his target market is made up of stupid, cretinous hipsters. This kind of shit is hipsterism deluxe: empty, nihilistic, unironic irony with absolutely no point. Only a hipster could look at this ad and react with anything but a retch. Hipsters, you see, don’t actually give a shit about anything but whether they look like Urban Outfitters mannequins, whether their CD collections contain enough albums by obscure bands that are obscure because they suck (not because the world is lacking in people with good taste), and whether they’re making a big enough show of how “ironical” their taste is. As such, hipsterism, as the only visible “counter-cultural” movement in existence today, isn’t actually counter-cultural at all, but is rather founded upon nothing but  snarkery and a faux-burlesque embracing of the worst elements of mainstream culture. Hipsters, idiots that they are, still think being into midget porn and talking about shitting in public gives them iconoclastic street cred, which every other dumbass figured out isn’t funny/hip/cool/rebellious/whatever about a decade ago. 

So, Charney thinks he’s going to use bloggers and other media types to sell his ugly clothes to people who are too stupid to realize they’re being duped. He figures we’re all so dumb that we’ll react with outrage to the self-aware (though likely still sincere) hypocrisy in his ads and make a big to-do out of the whole thing, and that there are still enough fedora-wearing fools out there who will come running to his fluorescent-lit dork emporiums to buy hot pink leg warmers (in 2009) as a result of that to-do. 

The problem is, hipsterism is about dead, is it not? It’s all but over in New York, and I’ve even noticed a drop in the numbers of people I want to slap in Atlanta lately. The other problem is, Charney is banking on the fact that no one will take what feminists have to say about his company’s practices to heart. My posts about American Apparel have been getting more hits lately than anything else on my blog, and that’s from Stumbleupon more so than it is from other feminist blogs. That means that people are paying attention to what’s going on with American Apparel; and the comments I get from them tell me that they’re not stoked about what they’re seeing.  My (and others’ — word up to Womanist Musings and  Uncensored Feminista for taking up the cause) suggestion that readers boycott American Apparel isn’t falling on deaf ears. If we’re urging boycotts and people are listening to us, is that really “good publicity” for Charney?

We can all tell from the text in this and yesterday’s ad that he’s a fucking dunce, but Charney has really lost the plot. He’s made a serious miscalculation that shows just how out of touch and desperate he really is. His company’s in trouble because vapid, nihilistic hipsterism is over. As misogynistic as our culture may be, he’s still found a way to scandalize a large majority of his target market, and he’s too stupid to realize that more of the same isn’t going to save him.  This gynophobic, turgid asshole thinks he’s outsmarted us dumb broads, but it looks as if he just might have pissed in the chilli. 

Just in case anyone missed my point, here it is: if you continue to buy clothing from American Apparel, you’re a fool and most likely a complete dick.

If you feel like contacting them and letting them know where to stick their ads, click here or write/call the following:

747 Warehouse St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
United States

Tel. +1 (213) 488-0226
Fax. +1 (213) 488-0334

** UPDATE: Now that I know that the other ad is fake, I suspect this one is too. That may invalidate my argument that American Apparel is trying to use media outrage for publicity (or maybe not — their ads are outrageous as fuck, and there might be some self-awareness involved in that), but it doesn’t change the fact that the company’s marketing strategy is inherently hypocritical; their purported appeal is that they don’t condone the exploitation of workers, but their ads are based on nothing but the exploitation of women. And Dov Charney is still a fucking miscreant.  If these do turn out to all be fakes, please, PLEASE, help me find the genius who made them.

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15 thoughts on “Dov Charney thinks you’re stupid.

  1. I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that there are two of these in one week. Yet somehow, I am.

    My hatred for this store grows more and more every day.

    But please, let’s be fair to the hot pink legwarmers. Those never go out of style. I just wish AA didn’t have to degrade them by selling them. :p


  2. I’m right there with you. Whether that ad was true or not, it doesn’t make any difference because the truth of the matter is that this guy is a massive dickwad who doesn’t practice what he preaches. He’s just as bad as Peta, Hugh Heffner, and all them other shitheads that think that in order to sell their products they must exploit women.

    I’m opting out, and in truth, as much as I’d like to think that contacting them and telling them as much is going to make a difference, it’s not. He can keep his clothes, I’m going to shop somewhere else.


  3. I can’t imagine ever shopping at American Apparel, but I do love Threadless. Maybe we should also get in touch with Threadless and tell them that we don’t want them working with American Apparel anymore.

    By the way, if you want to talk about American Apparel and feminism, you might want to pick up on the fact that size 12-14, the average size for a female, is an XL. S is 0-2 and they also have XS and XXS.


  4. Oh, Threadless has plenty for women, and it all sucks.

    I’m embarrassed to say that I bought a couple of American Apparel shirts from Threadless one time because they were on clearance. Yeah, I’m lame, I know. I usually just buy shirts in dude sizes, but curiously, the dude sizes were mostly sold out. I ended up getting all of my shirts but one in “girly XL.” So my shirts come a few days later, and all of the girly XL shirts just barely fit. I swear I had bigger t-shirts when I was in elementary school. And the lone dude-sized shirt I got (an L)? Fits okay. My boobs aren’t totally smushed by it, and you can’t see the outline of my spleen through the fabric or anything. The sleeves look ridiculously huge relative to the rest of the shirt, though, I suppose because I haven’t got sexy rippling hipster dude muscles with which to fill them out!

    So in conclusion, thanks for nothing, Dickweed Charney! At first I thought it was just MY fat ass that you hated, but now it’s obvious that you’re just a jerkwad tool who hates all women. Fabulous.


  5. ‘The problem is, hipsterism is about dead, is it not?’

    Oh, sweet Jesus, let this be true!

    Happy to join the boycott although I never shopped there!

    That ad might be fake but the MRA -sounding quote was real. So, many kudos to the genius who created the “Meet Dov Charney” ad. I suspect the same person created this one and I’m equally sure this quote is for real.


    1. Hilarious. What do you do when you’re not out kicking ass in defense of fashion? Protest the removal of trans fats from snack foods? Fight for your right to not floss? Rage against the sunscreen industry?


  6. LOL @ ND’s last comment – you are my hero.

    @ Sadie: You are rude and also obviously hate women. I am a small girl and even *I* feel dismissed there because I have hips. I normally wear a XS/S and in AA, I feel fat because their L barely fits my hips.

    PS *whispers* The contention here is not about being skinny or fat…It’s about rampant misogyny…


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