Does this look familiar to anyone?

Plagiarism is pretty uncool isn’t it? (See this if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

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10 thoughts on “Does this look familiar to anyone?

  1. Christ, I can’t believe you made read something about “bratz.” Anyway, yep, plagiarism is uncool. Did you just add that CC thingy at the bottom, or has it always been there?


  2. I like the part where she’s not only jacking the pictures on your server, SHE LINKS TO YOUR ARTICLE. Copy & Paste FTW!

    You should change those graphics to say “I stole this article from Rage Against the Man-chine!” and rename the files you use in your post.


  3. Who cares 92? I just hope you live to be 92, so you can actually be nine deuce, like ocho cinco. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about. its because im the only real person who posts on man-chine, the rest of these people are whackjobs. Nobody here follows sports. I dont see any football posts. Why not? HUH. They are nice though. I see you changed HOW NOT TO GET BANNED to THE RULES.. still seems harsh .. this whole blog screams. Its gotten better though. 92 has shown growth.. or something,. Still dating the guy with the daughter? HA i read THAT somewhere

    The blogosphere is masturbation. Admit it. Jessica Valenti is the only star, and she writes books with false titles like ‘Americas obsession’ with stuff nobodys obsessed with. Feminists in the blogosphere are writing for each other and their enemies. And I feel for you, because if you try to mainstream it you run into the dumb-down machine. You cant get anywhere in the ‘digital wasteland’ anymore. Nobodys getting famous. Gender warfare is obsolete. Men are damaged, they were bad enough before THIS .. but now we are totalled F’ed up as it is from our non existant shadow-fathers.. you tear down whats left of our masculinity? but fear not, its Only IN PRINT.. nobody lives like that. Most couples I know the woman wishes the man would take more charge. Only you beat the man down so he doesnt. Men are REAL damaged. I go to mens conferences. I know. Let men be men.

    Women are screwed up too though, so its equal. Half the feminists say screw the bedpost, and half say wait! and the third half say CHOOSE CHOOSE which covers every occasion… palin is championing downes syndrone babies, and i hope prez obama makes her head of that area in his admin. IF he gets elected.. Im still not sure if he will mind you. McCains guys will FAKE an osama bin laden video tape on Nov 2 if they have to, just watch … the republicans have WAYS to get elected

    I dont know why I come here, other than the fact I like 92.. I cannot comment on plate people – just get a union .. if you work as a plate (DO NOT take that last piece of pizza!) you better have job security.. look what happened to the silverware) .

    But 92 stole her rape thing from i blame the patriarchy, so HA karma sucks. I like all the writing here. Im just trying to keep up. But if you are gonna right on social issues its all been said before

    gare, commenting on everything, and nothing at all
    just skip over me, im an old southern baptist guy


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