Everyone Wins!

I can’t be asked to make qualitative distinctions between my many commenters with regard to the levels of awesomeness they exhibited in their entries in my recent contest. I’m just too postmodern for that (though I have been calling people porndogs and phallocrats). So, everyone wins. Send your address to my e-mail address (posting it here probably isn’t a good idea) and I’ll fire off a few stickers that you can use to vandalize misogynistic ads and whatnot. 

I’m absurdly busy with school right now (teaching takes a lot more work than I realized), so it may take me a week or so, but I’ll get to it. I’ll also be getting to some posts about Halloween costumes, the woman-as-sushi-plate trend in reality TV (please, don’t snipe this one), and my theories as to why dudes tend to like horror movies more than women do (it’s not what you think).

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10 thoughts on “Everyone Wins!

  1. I want to know why dudes tend to like horror movies more than women do, especially if that isn’t what I think. :)

    My ideas so far:
    a – it’s nicer to imagine frightening situations sometimes, if you don’t have to deal with them in your RL. That way it looks like fantasy, not imagining something that can happen to you tomorrow.
    b – In most horror movies women are victims, waiting to be saved by valiant Real Men. Thus men not only don’t suffer insult to their masculinity, but can imagine themselves as heroes.
    c – If somebody likes to see women hurt, horror movies are the genre to watch!

    Have I missed something? I hope I did and will be surprised by your post. :)


  2. Humanity comes to Man-Chine. ND awards prizes, I say this not knowing if some of my rants went beyond Myspace.

    Horror movies. Dudes like THIS better than Dames like THAT. Yes Dames.. Why is it Dudes is OK but Dames is long gone? Everyone contributes to the Dude Nation. Even though Dude in itself is a sexist term. Isnt it? What meaning do we inject into ‘dude’. I saw a national mag ad today … when dude meets dad..

    Thank you ND for honoring your contest. Thank you for attempting to create a warm inviting ‘community’ instead of a radical shoutfest that ultimately is left wondering when the train pulled out

    I was in a So Baptist mens conference this morning. They mentioned feminists as promoting ‘sameness’

    They mentioned todays men being caught between leading and following, and it just showed we communicate differently – men are waffles .. we box things and visit boxes or not .. and women are sphagetti.. pull one noodle and they all shift places

    I went to Fireproof last saturday night. Its a christian movie on how to save a marriage. Both man and woman were to blame. Not just the dudes.. actually the woman was about the have the affair.

    I know I dont fit in here. Thats why Im still here! gare


  3. They mentioned todays men being caught between leading and following,

    Yeah, cuz that’s all there is. Either/or. You know, there is actually a third option. Think outside the box, buddy. There doesn’t have to be a leader and a follower.


  4. I know I dont fit in here. Thats why Im still here!

    Yeah, it’s called being obnoxious and not letting women have space away from men for five damn minutes.


  5. I think gare has Sort of the right idea, although a little simple.

    Gare- exactly, there are more differences in group than between.

    and sorry but, duh, all men are not evil. not one is positing that. maybe if you looked just a liiiiiiiiiittle deeper in yourself you’d see that you’re just acting defensive because for once in your life you encounter a group of people that aren’t programmed to think that you’re the cat’s pajamas just ’cause you gotta weenie.

    think about it.


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