I’m back.

But I feel like I’ve been partying with Slash. Traveling for 40 hours straight sucks. I’ve got a few things marinating, but I’d rather not write something lame because I’m too tired to think straight, so check back for my take on flight attendants, bathing suits, and cultural variations in gendered beach behavior. Did I just write that? See? I’m in no condition to write. Back later.

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7 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. Welcome back; we (or at least I) missed you!

    Don’t blog after traveling, it never works well. Last time I attempted it after 36+ hours of no sleep, my drafted posts were just one long expletive and circular argument after another. I saved them though, for later amusement.

    I’m geared up and ready for some blaming, yo!


  2. Welcome back, Nine!

    How are you doing now?

    I hope you’ve had a great vacation, Nine.

    I know that you’re very tired now (after traveling) but have you had a good rest when you were on your vacation, at least?

    Have you had a good time where you were? Was that a lovely place?

    Please let me know.

    I hope you get a good sleep now, after traveling…



  3. 40 hours? Ouch! This is why I vacation fairly close to home.

    Although I know I miss a lot of great spots. Maybe someday I’ll have the time to venture out more. Are you going to blog about the trip? I love good vaca stories.


  4. Gayle–
    Ha. Whenever I see someone abbrieviate ‘vacation’ to ‘vaca,’ it always makes me laugh. Vaca is Spanish for ‘cow,’ and that’s always what I think of it as. So to me your sentence reads “I love good cow stories.”


  5. Hi, all. The vacation ruled. I got to sleep a lot, go diving and see tons of animals, and sit around eating awesome food and drinking fresh pineapple juice for absurdly low prices on one of the most beautiful islands in the universe.

    I’ll try to provide at least one vaca story of the peregrine variety and of the bovine variety.


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