Check it out, yo.

L is doing humanity a good one. She’s got a radical feminist forum going, which I highly recommend all y’all check out and get on board with. Get over there and sign up. Don’t fuck this up.

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13 thoughts on “Check it out, yo.

  1. Joined ^_^

    Oh, and ND, I’ve been meaning to ask, what’s with the lil smiley face at the top of your page? On the right? It’s really cute, but I just wondered why it was there…


  2. why do i continually read feminist websites where the person they are attacking has his full name revealed, but they (like you) are hiding under pseudo names? is your revolution that shaky? why do i see feminist site after feminist site (yours included) hedge against all posting? in the name of equality? why do sites like yours typically take the easy way out and publish shit they dont like (usually under the name of the author) and then anonymously tear it down>? this is no way to build a revolution.

    how can you scream tear the house down when you are sitting in it? blog o spheres create a culture that really is sort of dangerous … you think twistys minions are going to go out and change the world, when she deletes her boards just because it was too much trouble? the millions of women arent reading your blogs .. deuce. hello? they arent reading your blogs. they have brothers and dads and husbands and they arent goiing to start castrating people. . radical feminists are almost a group that need reaching out to . like some forgotten people in africa .. its like we know you still live in a world where one kind of human is evil and another is not. come into the light peoplel. the more i read, the more i see that so called ‘radical’ people are the ones who are isolated. twisty demonstrated this recently.. after leaaving her ‘devoted following’ leaderless all summer, she hastily dumped a couple TV posts (like deuce does – when all else failse, watch a tv show or cut and past some guy who actually has the balls to use his real name, unlike you) for evisceration. ANYbody WHO claims they understand this kind of privelege unbalance ought to be out working it. not blogging. deuce? im sory, but a 30 yearold woman has bigger fish to fry than this YOU GONNA HAVE SOME KIDS? .. or dont men want to marry you. im sorry that was WWRONG. i never come back to check so im sure i never get published. gare


  3. I know that millions of women aren’t reading my blog. I don’t care. Millions of people used to think slavery was cool and that abolitionists were weirdo radicals. It’s called being invested in the status quo. I don’t want to castrate people, that post was meant as a thought exercise. I have more men in my life than women, but that doesn’t change the fact that I see the fact that our society is inherently misogynistic. I’m not Twisty. We have fundamental disagreements over some things. In fact, I don’t even consider myself all that radical, in the grand scheme of things. What makes me radical is that I don’t think feminism is simply a matter of closing the wage gap and giving white women with money the chance to decide whether to be into porn or not. What, might I ask, is the bigger fish to fry? I’m not going to have kids, and I fry plenty of big fish in my daily life. Jesus Christ, dude, what are you talking about?


  4. I have men that I love, and lots of male friends. But let’s face it, and I’ve talked with them about this, men have been “in charge” of the world for a good long time. It’s turned into a big mess. They’re not doing a good job as a whole. For me personally, radical feminism means that they need to let go and let women run things for awhile.

    There’s no need to attack individuals, Mr. Gare. We simply need to feminize the world so that ALL individuals, you included, can live in a global society where fear, brutality, rape, murder, slavery, hunger, joblessness and war are not a daily part of people’s lives.

    And I often sign my name, but I just don’t feel like it today.


  5. “For me personally, radical feminism means that they need to let go and let women run things for awhile.”

    I was under the impression that feminists stressed, continually, that feminism wasn’t about creating a “matriarchy”.

    Are you saying it is?


  6. “i never come back to check so im sure i never get published.”

    Pretty much sums it up. You damned well better listen to me, but I’ll be the right buttock of a goldfish if I’m going to listen to you. In fact, you damned well better listen to me while I yell at you about your opinions that I haven’t even bothered to listen to in the first place.


    Windstorm, was that essentialism? You believe that if we lived in a matriarchy, there wouldn’t be any of those awful things?


  7. Black Thirteen –

    Sounds worth a try…put some radical feminist women in power and let the chips fall where they may. Shit, can’t be any worse than the current state of things!

    Oh, and no one here owes you an explanation for anything. I don’t understand why you keep asking for them.


  8. I sometimes wonder if those people (peoplel?) like Gare are for real or just taking the piss.

    I have an inherent distrust for anything on the Internet with bad spelling and grammar, since I’ve trained myself that it’s probably spam, or written by a preteen.

    I struggle to believe that there are that many people DELIBERATELY misunderstanding the issues. But maybe I’m just naive.


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