Fuck yeah.

Too bad Dove is owned by the same company as Axe.

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11 thoughts on “Fuck yeah.

  1. I appreciate the wit of your site–thanks for the encouragement, sister.

    A note on the Dove/Axe parent company thing:

    It’s not necessarily hypocrisy.
    The truth is,
    their parent company, Unilever, is enormous, and both Dove and Axe are very small divisions of this.
    They are run by completely different management teams, and their ads are approved by completely different producers/directors/creatives.

    In other words,
    Axe and Dove have nothing to do with each other–
    they are separate companies, whose stock is owned by one large company.

    Would it be better if Unilever paid more attention to their products?
    Made sure that these ad messages weren’t in such conflict?
    Of course–Axe’s ads are horrifically sexist, while Dove’s are poignantly truthful.

    I’m just saying–from an insider’s perspective (I work in a post-production house for commercials), it’s not really surprising or hypocritical for such disparate ads to come out of a parent company.




  2. Drakkar – I suppose so, but I think I like that the ad brings attention to how pervasive and influential the beauty industry is.


  3. The video’s been removed, but I was able to find a duplicate by searching for “campaign for real beauty.”

    Even though Dove is far from perfect, I loved their “real beauty” campaign. And this was a great reminder of the ideas girls are hit with at such a young age. Thank you for posting it.


  4. Though, the “campaign for real beauty” is just another gimmick to sell more stuff. The fact that what they are saying has truth in it is almost a coincidence.


  5. Good morning everyone (or whatever it is in America right now)!
    I’ve got some new and refreshing “Axe effect” for you! Be sure to watch until end!

    Yeah, that’s what I call an axe effect!


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