Further evidence of Bill Maher’s assholery

For some reason I’m watching his show, and he just said the most insane thing. He was talking about urban problems and he said to Congresswoman Barbara Lee, “‘Urban’ has been a codeword for ‘black’ lately, which is ironic considering the fact that they were brought here to work the fields.” I told you he wasn’t cool.

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3 thoughts on “Further evidence of Bill Maher’s assholery

  1. Short post.

    Bill Maher reminds me of Bill Hicks. I remember Hicks hated advertising & the idead of being brainwashed and controlled etc etc, yet he loved pornography. For someone who seemed smart he sure was stupid.


  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! But…Bill Maher is definitely not as much of a douche as you make him sound. The only thing douchey about him is that he seems uber against monogamy and pro sexual freedom to the point where it seems like he just wants a personal orgy. When ignoring his bro-ness, he’s extremely intelligent and funny. I did think he was an asshole at initially, however.


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