Steers, queers, and underage strippers

What the hell is going on in Texas? I’ve never deigned to set foot in the state (actually, I’ve driven hundreds of miles out of my way to avoid it – call it principle), and now I think I know why. Some strip club in Dallas has allowed a SIXTH-GRADER to strip, got caught, and is STILL IN BUSINESS. Apparently the local laws are written in such a way that a strip club found to be employing minors does not automatically lose its license. The law does, however, require that a club lose its license if it is found that the management knowingly allowed the use of drugs on the premises. Go figure.

How did a child end up on the pole? Apparently she had run away from home and was one day approached by a man and a woman, the woman being an employee of the strip club, who told her they would take her to a shelter, but that she would have to work as a stripper. They brought her to the strip club and she filled out an application. The manager of the club told her she could go ahead and bring her ID when she started work, and even helped her figure out what year to write on the application when she told him she couldn’t “remember” when her birthday would have been if she was 19 years old. Then she went to work, dancing completely naked for about $100 in tips a night, $30 of which she was required to hand over to some asshole who worked at the club.

I know that I’m shooting fish in a barrel here, but this episode points out some fairly serious problems. First, what is going on when the laws impose stricter and harsher punishment on adults making the free choice to use drugs than on people who prey on children? Each and every one of the people involved in exploiting this girl ought to be in prison, and that club ought to be burned down. The fact that the place is still in business, and will probably see a boost in revenue as this story spreads (which is why I’ve opted not to mention the name of the club), is a fucking travesty. Second, where is the news coverage discussing the fact that a 12-year-old girl was seen as such a desirable asset to the management of this club that they went out of their way to recruit and employ her? Doesn’t that point to some pretty disturbing tastes among the club’s clientèle? Strip club managers may be disgusting pigs, but they’re aware of where their audience’s proclivities lie, and these motherfuckers clearly saw that an adolescent girl would really tickle the collective pickle of the perverts that frequented the club. (Gee, I wonder if they made her dress up in school girl outfits when she went on stage.) Third, what had gone on in this young girl’s life that made her so susceptible to these sleaze bags that came and offered her the job? There is no information on her family background, but I don’t need information on the cultural background this girl comes from. She’s been inundated from infancy with the idea that her worth lies in whether men want to pork her, and using her fuckability to make a living seemed like a reasonable option to her when the shit hit the fan. This, my friends, is the end result of allowing Miss Bimbo, Bratz, and Britney Spears (or the men who created her hypersexualized image) to tell our daughters what it means to be a girl.

Texas. Too bad it isn’t really a whole ‘nother country.

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7 thoughts on “Steers, queers, and underage strippers

  1. I’m not really condemning the whole of Texas. It was more of a rhetorical/comedic device. I mean, hey, Twisty Faster lives in Texas, so it can’t be all bad! Plus, Dallas is an awesomely funny show.


  2. First of all, the establishment should indeed be shut down and the operators punished. I have nothing at all against strip joints in general but the minimum age for the “dancers” should be 18 and is in every instance I have knowledge of. These guys need to be in jail for some time.

    As for the rest of your site…your title says it all. You are simply into man hating in various forms. Too bad.


  3. I’m amazed at how many people miss that the title is a joke. I’ve made it clear in my About section and many other places that I don’t hate men, and FYI, almost all of my friends are dudes. I just hate sexist men.


  4. Well, now that Alan’s laid it out all for us (child porn=bad, man-hating Nine Deuce=also bad), I can die happy! Condescending douchecornet.
    But Ceiling H Cat, that strip club is sick. I’m surprised Captain Faster hasn’t posted about it (that I know of).
    Can I secede from this society?


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