Just a quick thought on Spitzer

I’m hearing a lot of arguments about whether my state’s governor ought to resign. There are people saying he should because it’s ethically questionable for him to negotiate a plea from the governor’s mansion. There are others who say that his private life is his own business and that this is a witch hunt reminiscent of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Those arguments may have their merits, but what about the fact that we have a governor who supposedly represents the entire population of the state but has no respect for half of it? No man who sees women as possessing the same measure of humanity as himself pays someone to allow him to “do things” to her. And from what I’ve read he’s into some “unsafe” (whatever the fuck that means) practices, which is even worse. It’s the same concept I’ve read Robert Jensen writing about when it comes to porn: how is a woman supposed to expect to be treated like a human being by a male authority figure who was watching “Filthy Cum Sluts 23” the night before? And how is a woman to expect fair treatment from a guy who likes to pay to abuse women? He’s in a position of authority, a position from which he is to be expected to treat people fairly and equally. He’s proved that he doesn’t see men and women as equal, so he ought to resign. And his wife should tell him to go fuck himself and go to his little bullshit press conferences alone.

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2 thoughts on “Just a quick thought on Spitzer

  1. I agree!!!! And the press conferences. That wife of his. You couldn’t PAY me enough to stand beside a crap-weasel of a husband who does that!!!


  2. Totally agreed. Why do the wives of these jerks stick around and ‘support’ their husbands? I just don’t get it.

    And I totally agree with the notion that this guy, Spitzer, has no respect for women and is therefore unfit to be apart of the laws that abide females.


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